Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Oh Joy...Anonymity


"I posted before and don't think my comment ever got published/responded to. So you *do* get into trouble on purpose to get your "fix." Besides what would Daddy need with you if he couldn't spank you? He has a wife and kids already. If you never got in trouble, what would you two have to do?"

I found this lovely little heartfelt comment hiding amongst the others awaiting approval today for my latest post ('A Part of Me'). And apparently, according to the ANONYMOUS author of this comment, I have overlooked a similar post from him/her in the past. 

{{Wishes I had a violin so I could play a sad, pitiful, 'poor me' song}}

Naturally, my first reaction as I read this was to delete or spam it, chalk it up to ignorance regarding the complexities of Dominance and submission, or respond in the comment section directly below this comment on the prior post and unleash my wit & anger. However, such a reaction would be less than ladylike and fall short of my father's expectations for my behavior.....though according to this commenter, I should have responded as I initially & impulsively thought to do, since I simply "get into trouble on purpose to get my 'fix'." 


Clearly the author of this comment felt 'neglected' by my lack of publishing and/or response to his/her first comment of this nature......and leaving a reader feeling neglected is certainly not a nice thing to I will correct that now, and surely win over his/her approval by not only publishing their comment on my prior post, but *also* by responding in a public fashion, giving this person an entire post devoted solely to them and their 'concerns' and/or 'observations'........sweet, aren't I?   :)

  •  So you *do* get into trouble on purpose to get your "fix.?" 
No, I truly do *not* get into trouble on purpose to "get a fix." Yes, I am a masochist and/or a pain physical pain does turn me on. Yes, I can and do often 'enjoy' being spanked. However, my feelings toward the spanking are directly correlated to the reason behind the spanking. 

I in *no* way enjoy displeasing, upsetting, angering or disappointing my Daddy. Just as the recounts on this blog of the spankings themselves are accurate, the underlying emotion is likewise an accurate depiction. My discipline is not a game, to me or to my father. I have said many times that when I have let my Daddy down I do want or need my spanking.....and that is absolutely true.....but I want and need the spanking at those times as a means to an end. It is an exchange of emotional pain, shame & guilt for the physical pain of my spanking, strapping or my body is marked, my heart is healed. Where I begin a punishment knowing my Dad is disappointed in me, I end those sessions knowing that I am forgiven, loved enough to be held accountable, once again my Daddy's good little girl with a 'clean slate.'  

There is also the HUGE aspect of understanding that the offenses I am punished for, are things that I truly struggle with and *want* to change in my life. I have asked to be held accountable, asked to be punished, asked to be given tangible consequences as a motivating tool to help me make those changes. I get into trouble because of my lack of self discipline, my mouth, my impulses, my anger.....*NOT* to "get a fix."

Not to mention.......if I were running around intentionally causing trouble to provoke a would be a bit like a man running around all day with whipped cream on his cock simply because he wanted a may work out the first few times, but after a while, it would get old and patience would wear thin.........don't ya think?  ;)
  • Besides what would Daddy need with you if he couldn't spank you? 
If my father were injured in a horrific accident tomorrow and became a quadriplegic, unable to ever again spank me, he would *still* wake up every day for the rest of his life with a red headed little girl who absolutely adores him. 

Our relationship *began* as a simple spanking arrangement. He is a disciplinarian with a penchant for sadism.....I am a naughty spanko girl with a masochistic pain-slut streak.....we were a match made in spanko Heaven. For the next several months, we were exactly that.....a spanko couple.....and completely content as such. Be it luck or be it fate, we became much more than that over the following 2 years. We bonded over many things.....sports, politics, parenting. We became closer to one another, and quite possibly closer than either of us had ever anticipated that we would. A friendship was born. 

When his mother passed away, I was his 'welcome distraction.' When his children have been injured, I am medical advice just a quick call away, day or night. When I've been hurt and faced urgent trauma surgery, he was the calming last voice I heard being rushed into the OR. When I've been stressed by circumstances beyond my control in life, he is my rational sounding board. When I've been confused as a parent, he is my child advice guru just a quick call away, day or night. His expertise voluntarily shared with various legal & investigative channels was critical in the man who murdered my mother being finally held accountable. When our Bruins lost the Stanley Cup, we were one another's chosen ear for venting. 

He met needs for me on a level that I had not ever experienced before with another person, needs that I quite frankly didn't even know existed, or perhaps just wouldn't allow myself to admit they existed. He earned my trust, my respect and my absolute submission. He opened my eyes to the depth and strength a relationship could consist of if I simply gave it a chance. He allowed me to completely relinquish control to him, and he took care of me as I did. He became my father in quite literally, every sense of the word other than biologically.

Over the last 2 1/2 years we have spent a ton of time in one another's person, via email or instant messenger conversations, daily phone calls, etc........only about 25% of that time has been devoted to spanking. We have laughed, cried, shared.........we have built an absolutely amazing relationship with one another that I wouldn't trade for anything else in this world. 
  • He has a wife and kids already. 
Thank you, Captain Obvious. I am as aware and respectful of his wife and children as he is of my family. 

You seem to be reading more into this than there is........we did not seek one another out for marriage and reproductive purposes........we had each already had that whole white gown & loving vows sort of day, we had each already had that "it's a boy!" day.........what we sought was a consensual spanking relationship.........what we ended up finding in one another, was so much more. 
  • If you never got in trouble, what would you two have to do?
There have been times, though limited simply because of our hectic schedules, when we have been with each other and I am not in trouble.......and I've shared those here on the blog as well. 

What would we do? Well, we have had lunch dates........taken back road drives........enjoyed a beer and watch our Bruins play hockey........I've simply sat and watched him coach his sons' & their teammates win soccer games........hiked along gorgeous cliff walks........thoroughly enjoyed office canings in his office on campus.........I've watched him speak publicly at symposiums.........etc.

And naturally, as we are both spankos with deliciously creative imaginations, we can *always* script a perfect, impromptu role play scene to enjoy with one another. Then again, we don't even have to put that much thought into it.........he is a sadist, I am his masochistic pain slut.........he is my Dom, I am his submissive.........there never has to be a "reason" for him to give me a long, harsh spanking. I am *his* property, my ass is his and his alone so he may spank me any time he wishes to do so........I do not have to be 'in trouble' or being Daddy can, has and will blister my bare bottom for no other reason than it pleases him to do so........and pleasing him truly pleases me. 

Did I answer your inquisitive comment satisfactorily? 


  1. "Not to mention.......if I were running around intentionally causing trouble to provoke a would be a bit like a man running around all day with whipped cream on his cock simply because he wanted a blowjob....." and "Thank you, Captain Obvious." are two reasons I enjoy your blog.....those demonstrate your smart mouth, which leaves me in stitches. Thank you for the laugh today.

  2. His slut.......Thank you dear :) See, I attempted to be a good girl answering this, but somehow some way, my tiny lil temper always shines through in my writing and/or ranting :) What's a girl to do?