Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Monday, June 16, 2014

For My Daddy


It may have taken me 26 years, but I found my daddy; and you were worth the wait. :)

Throughout every turn my life has taken for the last 3 years, I have always had you with me, along for the ride.

You've calmed me.

You've comforted me.

You've taught me.

You've corrected me.

You've loved me.

I absolutely adore being your little girl.  

Happy Father's Day, Sir.

My mother may have taught me to speak.......but my father has taught me to choose my words wisely; and for that matter, when to shut my mouth. 

Life taught me to fight......but my father has taught me to pick my battles. 

Giving in doesn't necessarily mean giving up & not every question has a logical answer. 

"No" means No.......and for no other reason than he said so. 

I may often times see the worst in others......but that doesn't ever mean I don't have to personally do my best. 

Patience is acquired not innate......I may not have been blessed with the virtue, but I am capable of learning it. 

Someone else being wrong does not necessarily make me right.  

"Fair" is a 4-letter F word......he defines it and my agreeing is irrelevant. ;)

Some things in this world I can not reactions to this world, I can. 

Beginning any conversation with "I love you Daddy" will *always* get the same response:   "what did you do?" 

Driving is a privilege, not a right......and traffic tickets are *not* appropriate "collectibles." 

There is not a fear in this world that his voice can not ease.......and no stressor that wont quickly dissipate when he wraps me in his arms. 

Every bratty action has an opposite & equal disciplinary reaction. 

Never settle.......period. 

"Most girls" may be vulgar, unruly brats......I am *not* 'most girls'....I am different because I am *His.* 

Ignorance is not pointing it out & getting angry, still ain't fixing the problem. 

A disapproving look can break my heart........the tone, not volume, of his voice can make me cry.

Loving & trusting may be difficult but it is essential to happiness. 

When life is hectic and I think I may go crazy, I can run to him and hide away from the world is his strong arms for a while and regain my sanity draped OTK.

Some lessons taught through his words......others through his actions......and several over his knee.......all equally important. Being a parent is the most difficult job in this world, but by far the most rewarding. The most incredible thing is this man never *had* to raise me.....he *chose* to. I learn more from him every day; his strength, his devotion, his a word: amazing.  

I love you so much, Dad, for everything you do, everything you are and everything you are helping me to become. I love the sound of your voice. I love your smell. I love the security I feel enveloped in your strong arms. I love your smile. I love your laugh. I might even love your incredibly intense penetrating glares and all-business tone of voice when I am in trouble. :)  I love your touch. I love your eyes. I love the way I smile when my phone sounds your ring tone. I love the delicious anticipation and my stomach tightening as I get ready to face you for my naughtiness. I love your massive paws. I love (to hate) your belt. :) If I left anything out.....I love it too.  :)  

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!
I love you. 

~~~Your Little Girl~~~

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Some Girls


So completely true.
A few lucky, naughty girls will find perfection in dominance like this.
I'm thankful to be one of them.