Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Exactly What This Naughty Girl Did

And that is exactly what this naughty little girl did.
I've been out of sorts lately. Stressed. Angry without a credible target, per se. I saw my Daddy for a punishment session just 2 weeks ago but my mood has sucked since 4 days after that spanking and I just needed another. Daddy discovered a few things he decided I deserved to be punished for, I disagreed. I simply wanted an intense "just because" spanking.
We arranged to get together this past Friday and my wonderful Daddy even gave me the option to choose: be spanked just because or be spanked for the new offenses he added to my Punishment List. He knew the answer before asking the question; I truly believe he just wanted to hear me say it since he had given me several days to contemplate my predicament.
I *wanted* a "just because" spanking, but I *needed* and *deserved* a punishment spanking. I'm not the kind of girl to avoid consequences, whether or not I agree with them, within my D/s relationship. He knew, given the option to choose, I would ask to be punished so there were no unresolved issues between the two of us.
And that is exactly what this naughty little girl did.
I stood quietly in the corner, lost deep in thought, contemplating whether or not I truly felt this punishment was warranted. And before even the first of many, many harsh swats found their mark...I agreed with my Daddy that I did in deed deserve to be punished. I apologized for my misbehavior and I asked him to punish me. He held my glance for several moments, searching my eyes for sincerity and his handsome face softened into a smile momentarily. He was proud of his little girl. Not long after, his jaw tightened, his eyes darkened and he went back to focusing on the task at hand...punishing his errant little girl.
It may not have been the spanking I initially wanted but it absolutely was the spanking that I needed and the spanking that I deserved. And at the end of the day, as I drifted off to the first restful sleep in days, I slowly traced my fingertips across my fresh welts and smiled...this man rocks my world.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

So Much for Being a Good Girl


I do, in deed, need to be spanked. In fact, I alluded to that point just days ago in my blog post "Again. Hard. Again."

Perhaps my Daddy Dom is lurking on my blog?

Perhaps a spanko birdie whispered it into his ear?

Perhaps he just knows his little girl so well that his Dom-radar started squealing in high-pitched tones alerting him to this building need?


I believe I made it perfectly, crystal clear in that entry that I need spanked for a number of very specific reasons! Those being: stress, time with Him and simply because it is a part of who I am and what I need to keep me balanced and happy.

I also incredibly clearly noted that I had *not* been naughty! I had not crossed any lines! I had not added any new offenses to my spotlessly clean Punishment List! I had not pushed any boundaries!

I, this evening, was told that I am going to be getting the spanking I so desperately need.......BUT it is NOT the spanking I want! Hmph!

During casual conversation with Daddy tonight via phone, I gave him some detail about something I had done/said a couple weeks back. I could quite literally hear his blood pressure sky-rocket. I knew immediately by the drastic drop in his tone that he was upset with me. His next sentence confirmed it..... "my hands are literally clenched into fists right now."  :( 

I was quiet and listened intently as he chastised my choice, tears slowly trickling down my face. My little heart was breaking; I truly hate when he gets this angry with me. It is rare that my Daddy calls me "stupid."

He mentioned nothing of repercussions and our call ended as positively as it could have, given the content of the discussion. Now, more than 2 hours later, he sends me an instant message to tell me I now have a new entry to add to my Punishment List for what I had done. Just as I begin to softly, respectfully protest this.....he slaps me across the face with: "and a 2nd entry for not telling me prior to now, also a repeat offense!"


I tried to explain to him that the basis of this offense is something we covered in it's entirety at my punishment session just last truthfully, though he didn't yet know of this particular instance, it really has been covered and I really have been soundly spanked for it and I really did learn that lesson and he really does not need to repeat it again.

He doesn't agree.

So now we remain at the sucky impasse of agreeing to disagree.......with the caveat that whether or not I agree, I am still going to get my ass beat for it. Literally.

I haven't even had my nice, clean, empty Punishment List for double digits yet! Seriously, I am at only 8 days since my last punishment. I typically last much longer before soiling it again. And what really infuriates me is I truly *have* been a perfectly behaved good girl since my punishment......this incident happened weeks ago!

It is both frustrating and disheartening to see new offenses added to my list in such a short time following a hard punishment. It makes me feel like a failure.

Makes me question myself (i.e. "will I ever be good enough?").

Immediately impacts my entire outlook on my behavior (i.e. "you're already in trouble again, so no need to work toward good behavior, it's ruined now anyway.").

Makes me want to censor and want to edit. If I hadn't been so god damned honest during a casual conversation, I wouldn't now be in serious trouble.

Ughhh! I could just scream! Not that it would matter much any way, since he decided our conversation was over without even informing me, leaving me alone and upset and talking to my damn self!

So much for being a good girl.  :( 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

His Touch



Oh how I love his touch.

His hands both administer the pain I crave and deliver me from it.

My Daddy has large, strong, "spanker's hands." They, on their own, can deliver quite a punishing spanking. I, quite clearly, love them when utilized as an implement on my naughty upturned bottom; but it is all of those other little touches that absolutely make me swoon.

When his massive hand encircles my wrist or grasps the nape of my neck.

Mmmm. Takes my breath away every single time.

When he gently tucks loose tendrils of my long, flowing red hair back behind my ears and then scoops it up at the base of my head when he leans in to whisper into my ear.

I love feeling his hands on my body. It always makes my nerve endings come alive as they try to anticipate what kind of touch will follow the last.

The way he cradles me to his chest as I cry after I've been punished.

The way he lovingly runs his powerful hands oh so tenderly over my scorched bottom and thighs.

The way he softly brushes the tear drops from my cheeks.

The way he envelops me in an embrace and holds me tight to him.

They may not always be gentle, tender and soft.......

But they're not always rigid, harsh and unforgiving.

I think I have the perfect, delicate balance between the two.......

And at the end of the day, I always know my Daddy loves me.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Again. Hard. Again.


In the grand scheme of things, it really hasn't been that long since I have been spanked. In fact, I was seriously punished just days ago. My bottom and thighs still wear his marks and I am still cautious when sitting down.

And yet....

I need to be spanked. Again. Hard. Again.

I haven't done anything wrong necessarily. I have no new entries on my Punishment List that need addressed. I have no harbored guilt or remorse which seeks an outlet. I have broken no rules. Crossed no lines. Pushed no boundaries.

And yet....

I need to be spanked. Again. Hard. Again.

I'm stressed. My life is still not resting in a 'comfortable normal' pattern. I am overwhelmed. I'm alive but not living. Independent but not free. Content but not happy.

And naturally, aside from the mounting stress for which I seek release, I am quite simply a spanko girl.

This is who I am.

It is as much a part of the fabric of my being as my quick wit, my emerald eyes, my red hair, my stubborn Irish nature.

I also, though I saw him just days ago, miss my Daddy. Our session late last week was the first time I have gotten to spend quality time with him since my birthday back in July. Though we speak every day, nothing quiets and balances me more than being in his presence. His eyes, his silky smooth voice, his touch, his smell, his undivided attention.....bliss.

Perhaps, if our schedules allow, I will have another Daddy daughter date with him in the next couple weeks. I simply need to be with him. To quietly kneel in front of him and gaze up into his chocolate brown eyes. To be draped across his capable lap as he peppers my upturned bottom mercilessly for no reason other than I am his and he can. To bury my face in a pillow while he whips my bare bottom and thighs hard and then bury my tear-streaked face in his chest as he holds me after the last swats find their mark.

I need to be spanked. Again. Hard. Again.

Monday, October 6, 2014

I Got Mine


I got mine!  :)

Do you have yours?

October is National Kink Month, so make sure you spend lots of time indulging in your fetish, kneeling beside Him, draped OTK, and pushing your limits in your own unique D/s dynamic.

What life would be worth living without passion?

How does your D/s relationship impact your day to day life and overall mood?

Could you even imagine your world now without this special connection? Without his steady presence? Without the release your kink provides?