Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Monday, April 2, 2012

Please Not Here! (My 1st Public Spanking)


"I like it." he says after giving me the once over. Sighing audibly as I stomp back into the dressing room and slam the door shut behind me. "Like is not what I was going for dear." I unzip the gown and step out of it as he tries to reassure me through the door. "Baby, Im a man....not one of your girlfriends. When I say I like it, I like it. That is a good thing." Im irritated and snap back at him in a whiny tone, "No Jason....if a man says he likes something then he thinks it is ok. The tramps you screw when you're 20 are girls you liked....but they arent the girl you're taking home to mom and planning to marry.....right?" I open the door and look up at him, he has the most confused look on his face as he again tries to talk me down. "Huh? This is a gown for the Marine Corps ball baby, not a future spouse. How can you compare the two? Wait dont answer, I know how, youre a woman. Listen baby, men arent that complicated, if I like it then I like it."
I roll my eyes and walk off to continue my search. "Im not stopping until we find one you love." I snap. He walks along side me as I search several more racks of gowns. I turn but dont see the employee; a bit annoyed I actually snapped my fingers and shouted, "Hey lady, need some help over here." SWAT His large hand connects with my jean clad bottom and I spin around to glare at him with that 'dont you even think about it' stare. His eyes narrow slightly at my glare, he obviously sees this as a challenge.
The employee rounds the corner, "Yes ma'am, what can I help you with?" I practically throw the four gowns into her arms and say, "Id like each of these in a size 10." She smiles and says, "I'll put them in your fitting room ma'am." His hand is on the small of my back and he leans down to whisper into my ear, "You better lose your attitude little girl or I will spank your snotty little ass in this store instead of waiting until we get home. Clear?" I roll my eyes at him and swipe back, "Sir yes Sir, crystal freaking clear Sir." He runs his hand from my lower back to my bottom and pats it as he speaks again, "That wasnt disrespect now was it Lynn?" middle name.....not good. I turn and wrap my arms around his waist and squeeze him in a tight hug, placing my head to his chest and pouting up at him. "I just want to find the perfect dress honey and you dont like any of them."
He smiles down at me and then kisses my forehead, "Baby I have liked most of them. Youre asking me to ascribe the emotion of love to a piece of clothing. Personally Im not concerned with what you wear to the ball, youll look great regardless and youll look even better when you're wearing nothing but my white cover (hat) and a smile after the ball." I smile up at him and silently praise myself for pouting my way out of this one. :)
Back in the dressing room again sliding into the next gown and walking out to spin for him. Apparently the Marine doesnt know much about women's clothing the fitting room area there are mirrors on every wall. When Im spinning and my back is to him, I see him checking his watch when he thinks I cant see him. Dumb ass! There are mirrors everywhere!!! You'd think being a sniper, the man would be aware of his surroundings at all times! Sheesh.....does the Imp have to teach him everything???
"Thats it! Im not even going now!" I storm off into the room and slam the door. "What in God's name is wrong with you?" he asks, clearly ignorant to the fact that he has just insulted me. "What is wrong with me??? I saw you looking at your watch! Not me, not your wife....your damn watch!" I yell out to him. "Watch your mouth and lower your voice. We have been at this for 4 hours now baby and I was simply checking the time to make sure we weren't going to miss our movie. Calm down." The employee obviously heard my shouting so she pokes her head into the fitting room waiting area and asks, "Is everything alright?" Im pissed, fuming, on the verge of tears and somehow have convinced myself that if we are in public then I am safe from being corrected. I know when we get home I am really in for it, so figure what the hell, why not atleast make it worth the spanking right. I yell at her, "Im perfectly fucking fine lady! Other than the fact I cant find a gown and you wont mind your own fucking business.....perfectly fucking fine."
"Ma'am I am so sorry. I need a moment with my wife please. Thank you." I hear him apologizing from the other side of the door. He knocks on the fitting room door. I aint way in hell I am opening this door. In fact I might just camp out in here like forever. "Lynn, open the door." Im curled up on the bench now, my arms wrapped around my legs, face buried on my knees as I reply, "No, Im not coming out. Just leave me alone. Go away." Trying to sound as heart broken as possible on the off chance it will melt his heart and he will somehow forget what has just happened......yeah freaking right.
I hear nothing now so I peek up from my pouting state and see him coming in under the door. Damn it! The man is 6ft tall so this would be rather amusing if I werent scared to death. I bury my face again and start to cry. His hands quickly lifting me up from my seated position and he stands me up, then sits down himself and start searching through my purse, he says nothing. Im in panic mode now and turn to walk out but his hand grabs me by the wrist.
I look down at him and try to reason with him, "Im sorry, I didnt mean it. I'll apologize to her." He glares at me, "Oh I know you will apologize. Stand still." He releases my wrist and goes back to my purse. I could probably run now, he isnt holding onto me, but I cant move. Im frozen and Im scared. He finally finds what he has been searching for, my hairbrush. I look down at him, my mind drowning in panic, as I beg. "Honey pleaseee, not cant, there are people here...pleasseeee. Please wait til we get home pleasseeee." He reaches for me again and pulls me forward so Im standing inches from where he is sitting. He locks my knees between his and starts to unbutton my jeans and the just as quickly, yanks them down along with my panties and glares up at me. "There are people here and they are going to hear us....but those same people just heard my wife curse at an innocent woman and throw a temper tantrum in public, so Im certain they wont mind hearing her get her naughty little ass spanked for her behavior. Over, NOW." I pout down at him, searching for any sign of leniency and attempt once again, "Baby pleeasseeee. Im sorrryyyyy."
He sits the hairbrush down on the bench and starts to stand up, his hand reaching his waist as he speaks, "Fine, dont listen, be're practically begging for a belt whipping now arent you." I press my hands to his chest to push him back down and cry, "No Sir please. I'll listen, I promise, I'll listen." He grabs both of my wrists in his hands and stands staring down into my eyes, his jaw clenched as he scolds me. "Natalie Lynn Im ashamed of your behavior and I can not believe you'd protest being punished considering what you just did. You're getting your bottom spanked right here, right now. The only question in the matter is how bad and with which implement I have available at the moment. So you choose, do you want to do this the easy way? Or the hard way?" I lower my eyes away from his and sob as he sits back down.
I drape myself across his lap and lay there crying as he starts rhythmically spanking my bottom with that hairbrush. CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK! It hurts.....alot but I cant focus on my bottom, or the fact that an entire store full of people is hearing me get spanked like a naughty little only focus is the word he just said as he looked at me. Ashamed. :(  It breaks my heart to know Ive done anything other than please him. But the words 'disappointed' and 'ashamed' have got to be the worst. Hearing those words directed at me from a man I love and belong to.......torture. I'd practically beg for a spanking after hearing that word, anything to make amends.
Lucky me.....I dont ever have to beg for a spanking.....just display bratty, rude, disrespectful, defiant, naughty, unruly, wild, out of control or otherwise destructive behavior......yep thats it......ticket to a good, hard spanking if I display any of the aforementioned behaviors.
CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK! The swats stinging every inch of my upturned bottom and thighs and I cry into my right arm and hold onto his leg tightly with my left. He scolds me but I hear very little of it.....only catching bits and pieces of, "not from my wife" and "you know better" and "how dare you" and "just wait til I get you home".
CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK! The swats echoing throughout the fitting room area like gunshots at point blank range. Surprise surprise......not one person has bothered to come check on us, to rescue the poor damsel in distress getting her bottom soundly paddled by her brute of a husband. Upon later reflection I decide they must have all been enjoying this entertainment......the mall can be a pretty humorous place on a weekend afternoon, but this had to have been the height of many people's shopping trips.
The swats have stopped now and I lay completely limp across his lap, sobbing softly and fighting the urge to rub my bottom, trying to catch my breath and choke back my sniffles. He wraps his arms around my waist and pull me up onto his lap in a sitting position now and that only ignited another fire to my poor punished cheeks. I bury my face in the crest of his neck at his shoulder and sob some more as he rubs my back.
He squeezes me tightly and then stands me up and helps me pull my panties and jeans back up. Throwing the hairbrush into my purse before handing the handbag to me and he takes my hand in his and walks me out of the dressing room. Im embarrassed but more intent on earning redemption from Jason, I put up no resistance as he leads me out of the fitting rooms and into the store. Several people look at us but no one say a thing; they probably know better.....he is a big guy and he might just spank them too. :)
Firmly holding my hand, he escorts me to the counter where the young employee I had snapped at is helping customers. We stand in line, waiting our turn and then approach her. "My wife has something she'd like to say to you, dont you?" I swallow hard and try to speak without crying again, "Yes Sir. Im very sorry ma'am. I shouldnt have cursed at you, it wasnt your fault. I was way out of line and Im so sorry." I glance up at him, then her. She smiles at me and almost looks like she may feel sorry for me.....which is the LAST thing I wanted to see. "Thank you for all of your help today ma'am." He adds and we walk off together out into the hallway of the mall, making our way to the theater at the other end of the building. Just my freaking luck.....a 3 hour movie on a freshly paddled bottom. Ughhhh. Some days it just does NOT pay to be naughty! :(

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  1. I actually loved this post. It takes a lot of guts for the two of you. First him for the follow through with what he said he would do, many would have waited regardless of what he previously promised or threatened. And you for having to face up to the woman and apologize.
    Some learning moments are pretty tough! I know this is an older post but it is meaningful! I am pretty sure that this mistake never happened again!