Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Saturday, April 14, 2012

One Drink...Several Offenses


Driving down to meet with Professor this morning, I was more nervous than I had ever been before meeting with him. I knew I was in trouble. I knew I was going to be punished.....hard. I've attributed this unnerving hesitation I am feeling to a couple things: #1: Professor & I haven't talked much at all this week.....only a few quick emails or IMs, no phone calls, no lengthy discussions....he has been immersed in his work, trying to complete a huge project. We normally talk A LOT more than we have the last week and because of this decline in communication, I am feeling really distant from him. #2: I blogged about this earlier in the week (This Sucks) and I've felt horrible all week for what I did. I ordered one drink when my mood was off on Monday.....but that one drink was the one drink I am not allowed to have, period. So not only had I broken a rule, it was a rule put in place to protect my health.....and I intentionally disregarded it. I thought twice and then silenced that voice in my head and went ahead and did what I wanted to in the moment. I knew I'd have to answer to him for it.......but not until after I had the drink did I realize that this was no small slip up. Barring the serious health ramifications, this was still HUGE. I deliberately disobeyed Professor.....and I have never done that. I was intentionally defiant toward him and a rule he had set for me. And by doing that, I had disrespected him.

Yeah, so safe to say this is an enormous slip up and it was done deliberately. I have felt horrible all week. I love seeing Professor and spending time with him, but I am dreading this meeting more than any other punishment session. My stomach is in knots. Tears spill out onto my cheeks as I drive. My mind is racing and my heart equally rapid. I *hate* to disappoint this man. I respect him immensely and I am so ashamed of myself for making that one ignorant decision. I know he is not happy with me and I know I've let him down.....and that hurts.

Paying attention to the speed limit along my drive, being careful to ignore incoming calls & texts so I dont do anything else stupid along the drive to face him. When I finally arrive at the hotel, I check in and then text him the room number. We have met at this hotel before and my carelessness during that session was of epic proportions and oh my goodness did I ever pay for it. So, this time, I am focused to make sure history doesn't repeat itself. I get an extra key and leave it for him on my windshield. Carefully lay out all of my implements on top of the dresser for him. Then, still extremely worked up into a panic, I try to calm myself down by studying for the huge exam I have in about 6 weeks......that I have neglected to study for until now.

I turn on my MP3 player on my smart phone and lie on the floor, with my legs stretched up the wall in a relaxing Yoga position that helps (normally) to calm the mind and body. Darn aint working today.  I scan the study guide in my hand and attempt to absorb any tiny piece of the information, all the while my mind drowning in a panic knowing he is on his way and I am in big trouble.

I had thought he would text when he arrived, as he usually does, so I continued to read and jam to my music. I am so caught up in my own flooded mind that I hadn't even heard the door be unlocked. I am made aware of his commanding presence when his deep, steady voice shakes me from my reading. Still lying on the floor, I turn my head and see him standing just inside the door. I fumble for my phone to turn the music off as he addresses me. "Stand up." I rise to my feet and steal quick glances at him, as I fumble with my phone, scanning his body language, facial expressions, rate of breathing. He is *NOT* happy with me and the air in the room feels suddenly thick enough to cut with a knife.

"Turn it off, now." I quickly press the power button on my phone as I respond, "Yes Sir, I am. I'm sorry." I sit my phone, now off, down on the dresser and stand in the middle of the room, clasping my hands together in front of me. I feel so small, so incredibly small. Professor has that effect on me, and he knows it. Typically a loud, bubbly, out-spoken, confident, social girl.....when I am with him, and I am in trouble, all of that confidence flees and I feel so very small. My eyes darting around the room......floor, walls, drapes.....anywhere but his face. I do not want to see that look on his face.

"So, Natalie Lynn, I had to come over here today, in the middle of this project that I should be working the entire weekend on to finish, I had to come here today and take time away from my work to address what you did Monday. You couldn't behave yourself this week. If you had been good, I could have been focusing on my work this weekend, as I should be, and seen you Monday. But, you had to misbehave and what you did was serious enough that it required my immediate attention. Why dont we start by you telling me what it is I am referring to, young lady." I am nervously chewing on the corner of my lower lip and fighting to hold back the tears I am certain are going to escape at any time. He is standing about three feet from me, his hands on his hips in that typical angry paternal stance.

I swallow several times and try to find my voice before replying. "I umm, I drank a Long Island Iced Tea, Sir." He sighs audibly and speaks again, his voice unmistakable frustration mixed with disappointment and a pinch of anger for good measure. "Look at me when I speak to you. Tell me, Natalie Lynn, why would that require my immediate attention?" I blink back tears and hesitantly glance up at him. His jaw clenched, his eyes....those dark chocolate brown eyes, not their typical warm & inviting....those eyes are deep, cold, penetrating. "Because I am not allowed to drink them Sir." He interrupts me before I can continue, "Who is over there? We have been together to address your behavior several times, this is not new to you little girl. You *will* look at ME when I am speaking to you, got it?" I look at him as I whisper, "Yes Sir. I'm sorry."

"Why are you not allowed to drink them? Who's said it is not allowed?" I fight the urge to turn away from him, his gaze when I am in trouble is all business....firm, intent, unnerving....I hate knowing I have made him look at me like that, and I want nothing more than to turn away to escape it, but his tone of voice with that last warning tells me he is not going to remind me again to look at him, so I fight back the urge and look up at him as I speak. "I am not allowed to drink them because it is dangerous with my heart medication Sir. And you, Sir told me that it is not allowed again." He narrows his eyes at me, "I did.....hmmm.....tell me Natalie Lynn, did I say you could have just one?" I shake my head and answer, "No Sir." He sighs, "Did I say if you were in a bad mood then it would be okay to drink one? Or that the rule I set for you was in any way optional or open for interpretation?" I shake my head again and whisper, "No Sir."

He crosses his arms across his chest and begins to pace, slowly circling me as he speaks. "So, Monday, knowing it was dangerous and knowing if you did it, you would be deliberately disobeying me. You would be defying me. You chose to order that drink. You chose to drink it. You knew what the right thing to do would be and you ignored it and did, YET AGAIN, what Natalie wanted to do in the moment. Correct?" I jump as he raises his voice, emphasizing the point that I have again intentionally done something wrong. I nod my head and offer a "Yes Sir." He stops directly in front of me, and stares down into my green eyes, "I see. That is indeed a very good reason for interrupting my work. Go put your nose in the corner."

I slowly walk to the corner and lock my fingers together behind my head, elbows on the wall, closing my eyes to hold back the tears filling them. He is walking around behind me, I hear him grabbing and testing the sting of several implements against his strong hand. My mind filled with regret and self lecture as I stand there. I wonder why I did this, what is wrong with me, why would I ignore his rules, why would I test him, why would I risk so much. I knew he was busy with work, and I had wanted only to help him and here I was making it worse. Taking his time away from his work, upsetting him, worrying him, disappointing him. I wish so hard that I could just go back 4 days and have a do-over. I wish I hadn't ordered that drink, I wish I had listened to that voice.

"Turn around and look at me young lady." His voice startling me, only inches from the back of my head. I turn and am face to face with him. I nervously pull at my fingers, cracking my knuckles.....and slowly look up at him. "I wonder if we have a bigger problem here." I'm confused and not sure to what he is referring, but I listen intently as he continues. "We have spoken multiple times about you translating what you know is right in your head to doing what is right in your actions. You have been punished for it several times. I had thought perhaps Monday was just another slip up on that front. But thinking about it now, knowing you did think twice but then chose to ignore it. You knew it would be disobedience, you knew it would defy me, you knew I'd be upset, you knew it would be disrespectful.....but yet you did it anyway." He pauses and narrows his eyes at me. I blink several times but do not turn away. "Knowing you thought about all of that and did it anyway makes this worse. Far worse. It makes me wonder if you truly do respect me and what I say to you at all. I could very easily take that defiance as you not respecting me and thinking this is some sort of a game to you. I am not unreasonable and I dont give you many rules at all. The rules I do give you are for your own good and well thought out. I dont dictate arbitrarily or without concern for your happiness. But when I set a rule of this importance, you chose.....YOU disregard it and disregard me. That could very easily say to me that this is a game to you, that you do not take me seriously, that you do not respect me and that this is not going to work. Do you see that?"

I break eye contact with him for a moment and look down while registering the magnitude of what he has just said to me and searching for the right words. I look back up at him, my eyes swelling with tears, I open my mouth to reply but nothing comes out. His eyes again narrow and he speaks again, "You intentionally defied me. Just figured oh well it is just a spanking. I'll do what I want. It would be very easy for me to take that as you not caring and this not going to be able to work. But..." He pauses a minute and stares into my eyes, tucking his hand under my chin and raising my face before continuing, "I think that you do respect me. Am I right?" I speak, barely audibly, "Yes Sir." Our eyes locked with one another's, he folds his arms across his chest again and speaks, "I believe you do respect me. I am going to chalk this up to you being set in old habits and not focusing enough or working hard enough to break those habits. I am going to believe that we do not have a serious problem right now with you playing a game in defying me and disregarding the things I say to you. I will see this as a slip up of an old habit, or tendency to be naughty and not as outright disrespect and a game you're playing. are going to be punished for what you is going to be a very hard lesson.....understood?" I nod my head and offer a, "Yes Sir. Thank you for understanding that it is hard but I am trying. I *do* respect you Sir." I am on the verge of breaking down, until he started this lecture, I hadn't thought at all that he could take what I did as me intentionally being disrespectful and playing a game with him. Though I know I was deliberately disobedient when my mood was off, I hadn't even realized the disrespect it would shown to him until after I had finished that drink. I dont ever want to disrespect him, ever. I respect him immensely and look up to him. I want to please him, make him proud of me. I replay his words again and again in my head, letting the severity of the implications register in my mind and in my heart. I think he could see the worry on my face, the sincerity, the regret......his eyes softened for a brief moment. Less than a second, but I saw it. He believed me and he knew I felt truly awful for disrespecting him. Until I saw that quick flash of his eyes, I was scared......truly scared that he wouldn't believe me, that he questioned my respect for scared.....but when I saw his eyes soften, if even for a split second, I knew it would be okay, I knew 'we' would be okay and able to move past this.

His eyes immediately returned to that cold, demanding, determined stare of a resolved disciplinarian, here to hold his little girl accountable. "Pants down to your knees now." I stood to his left side and slowly unbuttoned and slid my jeans down as he sat in the chair and began to slowly, methodically roll up the sleeve on his left arm. This has become as much a ritual in our sessions as corner time or the spanking itself. It knots my stomach every time I see it, but in some strange way, perhaps deeper than nerves, it is almost reassuring to me. 77% of all communication is non-verbal......Professor is a very thorough lecturer, but it is the moments like this when he says so much more to me. The moments in time when Im standing to his side, a sorry little girl about to be soundly spanked.......when he is rolling his sleeve, or patting his lap, or reaching for my arm to guide me across his is all of this that communicates on a much deeper level. Though I am nervous about the punishment itself, these little non-verbal statements somehow almost soothe me. It tells me that though I have been bad, though I have screwed up, though I have let him down.....he loves me anyway, he wants better & will teach me better, he cares enough to hold me accountable, I am *his* little girl and he will not allow certain behaviors from *his* little girl.

"Over my knee young lady" He instructed as he reached to take hold of my wrist and guide me across his lap. He rested his hand on my panty clad bottom and spoke again as I laid there staring at the floor, my hair blanketing the carpet beneath me, my bottom tingling at his touch. "What you did Monday was bad for three reasons and you'll be punished for each of them. Number one, it was dangerous to your health and you being cavalier about your safety is not something I will tolerate. Clear?" I nodded my head and answered him, "Yes Sir."

It still surprises me every time how quickly his hands do this transformation.......the same soft hands that stroke my hair or gently rub my bottom so quickly change to hard, heavy, stinging implements when he is spanking my bottom. Much like the change in his eyes or his face from the kind, caring man with a great sense of humor to the determined, resolved, grim, penetrating stare of an irritated Disciplinarian intent on correcting his girl.

"You will not endanger your health or safety. Clear?"  SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK
"Yes Sir." I answer and hold my breath in anticipation of the next round of stinging swats. "Up, bring me the bathbrush." I slide off of his lap and walk over to the dresser to retrieve that darn brush. I know from his selecting the bathbrush instead of my hairbrush that he is very serious and equally determined to give me a damn good reason to not repeat this offense.

I extend my hand to offer him the brush and then lay back over his lap. He moved his legs further apart, leaving me barely touching the floor with my toes and lifting my bottom up to the perfect OTK paddling position. SWAT SWAT SWAT  The first few swats take my breath away, hard swats delivered close together, giving me no time to brace for the next. "I will not tolerate dangerous behavior out of you."  SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT  I bite my lower lip to keep from whimpering. I hate this brush. It is heavy and packs an amazingly powerful punch. SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT  I cross my ankles to keep from kicking as he continues to paddle my bottom with that awful brush.  SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT  I start to whimper out loud and fight to remain still because I know I deserve this.

"And I will never tolerate blatant disrespect or deliberate defiance from my little girl." His choice of wording is deliberate and has the intended heart now hurting as much as my quickly-reddening bottom. He rests the brush on my lower back and slides his fingers under the waistband of my panties and pulls them down to my knees. Then just as quickly he started rapidly spanking again with the brush, this time not only covering my bottom, but paying attention to my upper thighs as well.  SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT  I close my eyes to keep my tears from falling to the floor below me and tense up trying to brace for each swat and fighting the urge to kick or squirm free. "You disobeying me after thinking about it disappoints me and made me wonder if you respect me and what I say to you Natalie Lynn." I lay over his lap and try to slow my breathing and continue to blink back the tears that keep filling my eyes as his words again reach deep into my heart. "Kneel down here in front of me."

I slide off his lap again and kneel directly in front of him, my eyes locked on the floor. "Look at me Natalie Lynn. I believe you do respect me and I believe you are sorry for what you did Monday, but I need to hear that from you." I slowly raise my face and look up into his eyes, hoping I can speak without breaking down in sobs. I've wanted to apologize over and over since he came through that door and I saw that look on his face. I wanted to run to his arms that second and hug him tightly and apologize for what I'd done. As badly as I'd wanted to say I was sorry since we began, I'd also told myself I couldn't....not yet. I needed to submit to him, I needed to accept my punishment as I know he expects of me and I knew that meant biting my tongue no matter how difficult it was because I am not allowed to speak unless I am spoken to when Im being punished. I can answer his questions with 'yes Sir' or 'no Sir' but nothing more and I can not address him unless he has given me permission to do so. Now, finally, he had given me that opportunity and I struggled to find my voice as I looked into his steely, determined eyes.

"I am so sorry for disobeying you. I truly do respect you Sir. I'm so very sorry." My eyes locked with his, pleading silently that he believes the sincerity of my words. "Back to the corner." I stood and shuffled back to the corner, hands on my head, elbows to the wall, my jeans and panties bunched at my ankles now. I feel him behind me and press my face closer to the wall. His strong hand touches my head, then slowly rubs down the length of my hair. Again and again, softly stroking as I tilt my head toward his touch, my eyes closed, breathing slowed. "I believe you. I know you are sorry and I'm pretty certain it wont happen again. But I'm not nearly finished punishing you for this." His voice somewhat softer, but still a markedly firm tone. "Thank you Sir." My mind somehow more calm, I didn't care in that moment if he whipped me all day long....I knew I probably deserved it anyway.....but as long as he believed me, as long as he knew I was sorry and I do respect him.....that was all that mattered to me. His words and his touch had reassured me in that moment that we were okay and he knew I was sincere in my apology.

"I want you to put the pillows in the center of the bed and lie over them." I turned from the wall and quickly walked to the bed to do as I was instructed. After placing 2 pillows in a stack, I crawled onto the bed and laid over them. I could hear him walking behind me and waited to find out what implement he had chosen. I did not hear that distinctive jingle of his belt buckle which made my mind begin to drown in a panic, knowing if not his belt then the only other implements he used with this position were rubber straps. I laid my head down on the back of my arms and waited for the first of what I knew would be many swats.

CRACK  My body jumped as that swat fell hard on my upper thighs. It wasn't his belt......but it wasn't the rubber wasn't the rubber looped strap......what was that awful sting??? I knew it had to be leather because of the bite and then burning......but this was heavier than his belt. Then it came to me.......he had to be using the heavy leather strap. He had not yet used this implement on me.......actually, though I have had this strap in my collection for a few years, it had never once been used. CRACK CRACK CRACK  Each swat seemed to fall harder than the last. It hurt.....a lot. I grabbed the pillow in front of me and buried my face into it.  CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK  He walked from one side of the bed to the other, delivering a half dozen or so harsh, unforgiving swats each time.  CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK  Professor always whips me the same way, whether he is using his belt, a strap, the looped rubber strap.......very firm swats, placed one after the next, deliberately, methodically. He will pause for a few seconds to walk to the other side of the bed or inspect his work but then again start strapping me with purpose.  CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK  My knuckles white from the death grip I had on that pillow. My bottom on fire......every awful swat falling on already tender skin, placing angry red stripes up and down my bottom and thighs.  CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK  I crossed my ankles to keep from kicking........oh how I wanted to kick my legs every time that thick, heavy leather strap bit into my bottom.  CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK   "You will not ever get away with disobeying me young lady. Understood?"  CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK  I tilted my head to the side to answer him, "Yes Sir." My voice trailing off as I quickly buried my face back into the pillow.  CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK  Several more harsh swats found their mark before he spoke again. "Back to the corner."

I rested my forehead to the cool plaster and tried to steady my ragged breathing while concentrating hard on the awful burn in my bottom. "I want you to bring the chair over here and bend over the back of it, hands flat against the cushion young lady." Those words making my heart sink......I knew with those instructions that he was going to paddle me now. I fought back the urge to beg him not to paddle me but I knew it would be useless to whine, I knew I deserved it and I knew if I opened my mouth it would only backfire. I slid the chair to the place he pointed and then followed his directions, bending over the back of the chair and gripping the cushion hard. "This paddling is for you choosing to do something you knew was wrong. We have discussed this before and you have been punished for it. You knew what was right but refused to do it....AGAIN. Which means Natalie Lynn, that I have to repeat this lesson to you yet again, and we both know how much I love repeating myself. Obviously the last time we discussed this I did not punish you hard enough so now I will make sure you learn this lesson because if I have to repeat this to you again young lady, it will only get worse each time. Clear?" I sighed and whispered, "Yes Sir."

WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK  Four harsh swats ignited a fire on the right side of my bottom. Before I could catch my breath....  WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK  Four fell just as quickly on the left. I raised up onto my tippy toes hoping to escape the burn, apparently this position presented my sit spots as his next target  WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK  Four more to each side, biting into my sit spots and then.... WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK  my right thigh.....WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK  and my left. I hung my head down, dizzy with the pain, desperately trying to remain in position because I knew if I moved we would start again. WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK  Half a dozen harsh swats connected quickly with the right side. I whimpered and a half dozen quickly fell on the left. WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK  I wanted so badly to rub the sting out, to block those horrible swats, to move, to cry......but I could do nothing but stand bent over that chair as he paddled my naughty bottom. I have not ever been disciplined by a man who has complete control of my mind, my body and my heart in scene.....never. It is overwhelming. With my husband at times I would move, try to block a swat, cry out or wiggle away when the pain was intense........I can not do that with Professor. I want to at times but I simply cant. It is as if he is holding me there.......mentally restraining is something I love and yet something I hate. I can not explain it, the way I feel in a session with this isnt something I have ever experienced before. I have absolutely no control. It is intoxicating and at the same time terrifying.  WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK  Another half dozen hard swats add to the growing inferno that is now my bottom. I whimper again and drop my head, completely submitting to my paddling, giving up hope of escaping. WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK  My right thigh throbbing as he firmly places four more, then the left  WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK   "You will translate what you know is right from your head to your actions, am I clear?"  I try to speak while sucking in air. "Yessss Sirrr." He sat the paddle down and directed me back to the corner.

I stood in the corner, replaying his lecture like a broken record in my mind. I could feel his gaze upon me. I could not see him but I knew he was watching me struggle to remain still in the corner, fighting with myself and shuffling from foot to foot trying to escape the burning in my bottom but not stupid enough to rub. "You may pull your pants up and come over here so we can talk." I slid my panties and jeans back up very gently over my bottom and joined him at the table.

We again discussed the health risks of what I had done and he listened to my nonsense reasons for disregarding medical advice.....and then very quickly and sternly called me on the absolute lack of logic in that choice. I couldn't argue with him, he was right and I knew we have a new understanding of how I will accept and utilize the advice of my doctors and/or co-workers when it is needed. I gave him my word I would stop being so stubborn on this front, and I meant it. Then he mentioned the way I speak to my co-workers, among others, on a regular basis. Darn Yahoo Messenger has unfortunately sent Professor IM's filled with abrasive, vulgar and condescending messages intended for other people. I've always been just a bit confrontational and Professor will call me on it every time he sees one of those messages. I was actually fairly certain that I wouldn't ever care to change the way I speak to other doesn't bother me at all, especially if I know I am right, unless one of those IMs ends up popping up for Professor.....then I care. When I told him I hate that he gets the IMs, obviously me focusing more on the technical issue with Yahoo than my inappropriate conduct, he stopped me with, "A lot of the time you're right in what you're arguing but the way you say it ends up making it a fight. Then it is more about the fight, not the issue you are right about. Every time I see one of those messages I cringe and think, 'that is my little girl talking to other people like that' and it upsets me to read it." I looked up at him, our eyes again engaging one another's and his choice of wording again straight to my heart. "You can win by being right and being polite in debating your point." I shook my head and replied, "Yes Sir."

He smiled at me and then asked about my studying for my MCAT's. Uh oh! I explained to him that I have to take the test in 6 weeks and I haven't studied in the last 6 months I have had to do it. I knew this wouldn't go well.....the man is an educator. He looked at me and said one word, "Why?" I started rambling off every reason I had been using to procrastinate and somehow dropped in the phrase "I just haven't been motivated to do it." As soon as the words left my lips I wanted to retract them. He stood up and walked toward the dresser and I immediately dropped my head, my stomach knotting again. He returned and sat the rubber looped strap on top of my study guides. "Look at me." I swallowed hard and hesitantly looked up at him. "You are not being punished for not studying.....yet. Because I know you will be studying now, and I will make sure you are motivated to do it clear?" I bit the corner of my bottom lip and whispered "Yes Sir." He narrowed his eyes at me then spoke again.......his voice not angry but very firm. "Back over the pillows, pants down." I looked at him pleadingly but was met with a determined glare. I lowered my eyes and said "yes Sir" as I walked over to the foot of the bed. I slid my pants down again and crawled across the pillows, holding a pillow to my face and turning away from him so I wouldn't see it coming. "You need to take this seriously. You need to study, find out what you need to know and study so you're prepared for this exam. You set this goal and I will help you reach it. If you keep procrastinating and do poorly on the exam, you will be disappointing yourself and you will be disappointing me."  WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK  Ten fast, stinging, firm swats bit into my bottom and thighs as my body tensed up and I squeezed that pillow to death. "Look at me" I hesitantly looked up at him, his eyes meeting mine, "Feeling motivated to study?" he asked with not even a hint of sarcasm. I nodded my head yes quickly and muttered "yes Sir." He smiled at me, "Good. You may get up and pull your pants back up. I am going to be checking on you the next 6 weeks to see how the studying is going Natalie. If you start procrastinating again, we will be having a lengthy looped strap accompanied discussion about the importance of your studying, understood?" I quickly pulled my pants back up and said "Yes Sir, I promise I'll study."

 He smiled again and reached for me, "Come here" I rushed to him and hugged him tightly............that is all I had wanted to do from the second he walked into the room.........and now, after I had paid for my misbehavior.....after he corrected me......after I was properly punished and contrite.......finally, I got my hug.  :)

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