Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Most Common Punishment Topics

Seems to be a trend constantly repeating itself in my punishment topics. I'm an intelligent girl but somehow don't seem to learn easily in these few areas and require the "How many times do I have to tell you....." and "Why are you making me repeat this lesson......" lectures. **Sighs**

#1: My Mouth-----Whether it is my vulgar language, my abusive & condescending dialogue or my constantly being confrontational.......the Imp's naughty mouth is constantly harming her naughty bottom.

#2: Temper/Attitude-----I actually just argued the need to separate these two issues into their own individual entities......the argument was unsuccessful at best. So, as with the Marine, my Professor is not going to tolerate bratty, bitchy,defiant or disrespectful behavior out of his naughty girl.

#3: Driving-----If you were passed on the interstate today as if you were sitting still by a driver flying by at super-sonic speeds in New England.....yep that was likely me :) I somehow ignored the word 'limit' in driver's education and honed in on the 'speed'. BTW....that logic when used as a defense only got me spanked even harder for sass. At least I took that lesson to heart & haven't attempted to use the argument again.....not sure I could argue that point with a straight face to

#4: Safety-----All kinds of things fall under this topic and unfortunately any one of them can earn me a very serious punishment spanking. My risking my health and/or safety was at the top of the severity list with my Marine & it is at the same level with my Professor. Ok ok ok boys.....I got driving impaired, no road rage, take my meds on time, no binge drinking.......I got it.

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