Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ecstasy of Pleasure

09/30/2014 very insightful and dead-on accurate.

Love this.

It comes so very close to verbalizing the driving force of my inner masochist.

Sunday, September 28, 2014




I can absolutely relate to this sentiment. It felt like a hopeless search, a never-ending journey, a pure waste of time when I was searching for my "perfect Dom."

So many prospects.

So many delusional egotistic men.

So many who over-promise and under-deliver.

So many self identifiers who shouldn't have control of a Chihuahua, let alone a human being.

I wondered if perhaps the issue was mine. Maybe I needed too much. Perhaps my expectations were skewed. Maybe I was unrealistic in my pursuit of perfection. Maybe my Dom just didn't exist, anywhere other than my creative spankophile mind.

But then it happened. I stumbled right into Mr. Paddle-My-Bottom-Perfect when I wasn't even actively looking. I was caught off guard and left unbalanced by his entrance into my reality.

His demeanor was intriguing. His dominance absolutely overwhelmed me. His eyes and voice pulled hard at my inner submissive core. His touch melted me, made me swoon, tamed me. It is as if I had dreamed this man into existence. Our needs, our expectations, our incredibly complimentary. And he arrived.....exactly what I needed......exactly when I needed him the most. 

When the time is right, your effort will pay off. Never give up and never settle, ladies (and gents).

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Little Miss Attitude


Who me???

You could not possibly assume the title of this post was in any way, shape or form a reference to yours truly!

I am an angelic, demure, passive creature....

With manners and morals and all that other crap.  :)

Oh and a few other vital accessories, such as:


Eye rolls.......check!

Dismissive, passive-aggressive gestures.......Check!


"I can't hear la la la la la la".......Check!

Scrunched up "you are the dumbest person on the planet" expression......Check!

Whiny, pessimistic attitude when told "No".......Check!

Naughty words and gestures.......check!

Sad, little "you don't love me anymore" puppy dog pout.......Check!

Loud, obnoxious, must-have-the-last-word tantrums.......Check!

Now, some of these tactics are utilized regularly and others only on incredibly rare occasions. One might think that I would seek to find alternatives to attempt to get my way since the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior.......and every single time I have utilized any of the aforementioned techniques it has always ended in the same unpleasant way........

Friday, September 26, 2014

Gentle And Rough


Oh yesss!

How incredibly accurate a statement. :)

I am the kind of girl who can appreciate both his gentle and rough sides.

The contrast between the two is quite mesmerizing.

On one hand I have my loving, tender, doting Daddy who can envelop me in an embrace that I long to stay in forever. The amazingly warm man with a sense of humor and the most amazing smile who softly tussles my hair, opens the door for me, and calls daily just because he knows it puts a smile on his little girl's face.

On the other hand I have the strict, stern, rigid disciplinarian. The formidable Top that holds me to the highest standards and accepts no excuses. The physically imposing Dom who will pin me to a wall, yank my face up to meet his by a firm fistful of my hair, and strap my naughty ass raw for hours on end. The man with the dark, steely eyes and penetrating glare that stops me in my tracks. The man whose voice, regardless of volume, causes my heart to race and my eyes to well with tears.

Such polar opposites. But both equally important sides of the man I love, adore and offer my submission to. Simply intoxicating. Mmmm.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Guilty As Charged


Though typically speaking, once my Daddy has said I am to be spanked for an infraction, that promise is as solid as stone and I know it.

I won't waste his time or my energy putting on a dramatic display of protest because I know it will get me absolutely no where and will likely earn me more unpleasant consequences. He has earned my absolute submission and I will comply, regardless of whether or not I agree my behavior warrants a spanking.

But.....naughty girls never just resign themselves to their fate.....nope, we use every tactic in the naughty girl manual to try and slip by unscathed.

I will say that I am absolutely guilty of attempting each of the following, on at least one occasion.  :) 

1. "I'm sorry, Sir"

Endless, heartfelt apologies to try and gain empathy. From the second I confess all the way up to the moment I am going to be taken to task (or the woodshed) for the infraction I am apologizing. This isn't simply a naughty tactic, my apologies are absolutely genuine......I truly *am* sorry and want him to know there is no need to make me sorrier.  :) 

2: The Pout

The most pathetic, "I'm really very sorry, Daddy" pout on the planet. If he hasn't given in to the verbal remorse, perhaps utilizing a visual will help me out of a sticky spot? Men are visual creatures, after all. I should have probably earned a couple dozen rewards for this by now, well pleasant efforts are *always* 'rewarded'....just not necessarily in the most comfortable of ways. Though it never helps me out, I continue practicing in hopes some day it might......hell I have perfected this fine art of pouting!

3. Negotiation

I know it is absolutely a futile effort to try to negotiate consequences with my Daddy Dom but occasionally the good rational girl takes a backseat to the award-winning debate team captain and I will give it a whirl. This is probably the item from this list that will get me in the most Daddy expects the apologies & pouts, he has zero tolerance for trying to negotiate or barter away my repercussions....and calls me on it almost immediately.

"Oh I see, now you'd like to add negotiating and telling me how to do my job disciplining you to the list...keep it up little girl."

Cringe....back track....apologize some more....shut up and pout.  :)

4. 'You couldn't possibly spank someone this adorable' look

The last ditch pleading glances at him from over my shoulder as I bat my eyelashes and try to look every bit the innocent, distraught, scared little girl.

Using this "deer in the headlights" glance is especially beneficial when handing an implement to your Dom.....note I say "YOUR DOM".....mine *never* buys it. Oh I have still tried this several dozen times, but it has never earned me a reprieve.....though I will say I believe I have heard him stifle laughter from it as he beats my ass.

***Try the above at your own (bottoms') risk!***

Monday, September 22, 2014



Oh so very, very true.

Personally, I think if you don't truly grasp this statement then you have no business dabbling in D/s, DD, BDSM or TTWD.

It is this very statement that is the reason I could never "scene" with random Tops/Doms/Masters at a scene club or event. I simply could never be one of those lap-hopping brats that entrusted complete strangers with spanking me. I am not judging those who do, just saying it isn't for me. I must trust a person to be able to even contemplate submitting to them.......and I trust incredibly rarely.

I did not envy the work my Daddy Dom had to put in at the beginning of our relationship to earn my trust. Thankfully, he understood the importance behind this statement as well and was willing to do the work necessary to begin breaking down the walls that kept me so well-guarded for so long. Getting beyond my defenses to see the vulnerable little girl within took time, patience and care. I am so thankful that my Dom knew that and put forth the effort he knew would pay off.

I am almost dumbfounded when I see girls, naturally submissive or not, engage in intense scenes with brand new faces they have just met.

How on Earth could you possibly trust this person?

How can you offer your submission so freely and without prerequisite?

Mind boggling! Ughh!

Sunday, September 21, 2014



Which part/phase of a spanking is your favorite and why? Before, during or after? mean I have to pick *just* ONE?
Personally, I have an obsession with each phase of the process and all of the little sub-phases that exist within them. I am, obviously, a true spanko at heart. So I couldn't possibly select *just* ONE. But since the question was posed, I will divulge some of what I find appealing about each.
Immediately following my spanking I will be sent back to the corner. I am not allowed to rub or soothe my burning bottom during this time. I will stand there crying softly, shifting my weight from foot to foot as my Daddy watches me intently. I can literally feel his eyes on me and it makes my head spin and my heart skip a beat.
As I slow my breathing, I am to be thinking through each offense I was just held accountable for and how I will correct that undesirable behavior going forward. Daddy will question me during this time and failure to answer him audibly, immediately or to his satisfaction will result in swift, harsh paddle swats to my bruised, battered bottom.
Thinking of anything aside from the pain is incredibly difficult right now. I have been punished, harshly and thoroughly. Being a pain slut comes to my detriment when it is time for true punishment because in order to insure it is a deterrent, it must be severe.
My body hurts, my mind is in free fall somewhere between subspace and reality. My bottom and thighs are throbbing and begging to be soothed. The skin stretches taut with even the slightest movement causing me to wince.......a precursor of the days to come.
I was a bad girl. I displeased my Dom and he punished his errant girl. He tested my limits, he pushed past my threshold and made his point.......and now he spends his time ushering me back from that place safely, securely to him.
He will call me to him and scoop me up into his strong arms, pulling me close to his chest. I will rest my head against him and listen to the rhythmic beat of his heart as I sob softly and express my remorse. His touch is tender now and it completely melts me. The same rigid hands that mere minutes ago were so harshly assaulting my naughty bottom will now cup it gently and massage some of the residual sting away. The guilt, anger, frustration and doubt are gone now and for a moment in time I feel whole again. Complete. Content.
My punishments are long, harsh events and even the slightest touch to my bruised bottom or thighs hurts insanely now, despite that I will press back to meet his touch. He will hold me tightly and assure me of his forgiveness as he runs his fingers through my flowing red hair. If it was an especially severe session, he will slowly guide me down across his lap again and gently apply lotion to my bottom. His touch during the aftercare absolutely melts me. I love the way he loves me.
We will spend the next hour or so together like this. A daddy holding his little girl and reassuring her that the slate is now clean, all is forgiven. There is not a place in this world where I feel more safe and secure and loved than in my Daddy's strong arms. It is an amazing sort of small feeling that I have absolutely come to love and adore.
The next several days will be memorable. The pain will radiate and remain a constant reminder of my chastisement. I will sit, walk, lay very gingerly for the next week. Daddy and I talk daily and he will inquire about the state of my bottom often.
The marks....oooh the marks  :)  I truly adore wearing my Dom's marks upon my flesh. I have spanko girlfriends who will want pictures within the week now that I have been punished. And I, myself, will look at the welts and bruises several times a day and beam from ear to ear with pride. At night as I curl up in bed, I will gently trace my fingertips across the very prominent welts and smile as I think back to how intoxicating my Daddy was in scene.
Though I know my misbehavior or lapses in judgment precipitated the spanking, now that it is over I can smile looking back on it. Naturally I would prefer a harsh spanking for absolutely no reason at all so the emotional baggage was not present. Even so, my punishment spankings are truly a gift from my Daddy to me. I hate to let him down or disappoint him and having a way to pay for those errors rather than having unresolved issues between us is a beautiful thing. The pain is incredible but the true deterrent will remain the knowledge that I let him down. I will move forward now knowing I have been held accountable, my Daddy has forgiven me and I am still his good little girl. I know the spankings and the discipline fuel our kink but they also are helping to improve my life and happiness. At the end of the day, even the worst punishment, is still an amazingly wonderful experience.
Ahhh.......the minutes, hours and days after a good, sound spanking. From the immediate aftercare that transforms my sadist into a doting father once more to the fading marks & tenderness but long-lasting lessons......there are too many reasons NOT to love the after phase of a spanking. All of the aforementioned are simply a handful of the reasons that the After Phase is one of my 3 favorite parts of a spanking.  :) 

Thursday, September 18, 2014



Which part/phase of a spanking is your favorite and why? Before, during or after? mean I have to pick *just* ONE?
Personally, I have an obsession with each phase of the process and all of the little sub-phases that exist within them. I am, obviously, a true spanko at heart. So I couldn't possibly select *just* ONE. But since the question was posed, I will divulge some of what I find appealing about each.
Once my in person lecture has ended and Daddy has scanned my Punishment List of offenses, likely with me in the corner, then it is time for the next phase of my punishment to begin.......the actual spanking.
 Being that I am a spanko girl and a masochistic pain slut, truly punishing me physically in order to create a deterrent can be some what of a challenge; but a challenge my Dom has never shied away from. I do not receive "warm-up spankings".....ever.

I am typically in the traditional OTK position at the start of a punishment.  I absolutely adore the closeness and intimacy of this position. Daddy can use any number of implements from his large, powerful spanker's paws to my hairbrush or a small paddle. My breath hitches in the back of my throat as he firmly grasps me by my wrist and guides me down across his waiting lap with my pants at my ankles. Once there he will often slide his fingers between my lace panties and skin himself as he yanks them down to join my bunched up jeans. These little things always make my head spin and leave me feeling incredibly small and helpless.

From the first swat, he is supplying adequate force to show me his displeasure with my actions. As every spanking is bare and I have no warm-ups, the first several punishing minutes can be difficult to take. The times when he is particularly displeased he will make sure to use a formidable implement, such as our oak bathbrush or lexan paddle, on my unscathed bottom first which immediately overloads my senses and very quickly finds me squirming across his lap trying in vain to avoid the relentless barrage.
Between implements and/or lessons there will be more scolding and likely corner time. By this time, he has long ago captured my full attention and I am focused on nothing aside from Him. Though his gaze is steely and all-business, I will maintain eye contact. I can easily get lost in his deep chocolate brown eyes now as my bottom stings from the first of many assaults on it today. I find it incredibly sexy and intoxicating to watch as that mysterious, dark wall rises in his otherwise warm, inviting eyes. His jaw will clench and he will narrow his eyes at mine as I fight not to turn away. At times he will remain completely silent and simply allow his eyes to further chastise me. It is during these heart racing moments that I am acutely aware that my Daddy has left the room and I am now in the hands of his creatively sadistic inner self. The realization will occasionally catch me off guard and always provokes an almost dizzy sort of headiness that leaves me speechless.
I know, now, that regardless of how genuine my apologies are, my punishment spanking is not going to be over any time soon. Nothing I can possibly say or do is going to help me now. I will inevitably reach my physical pain threshold and desperately want this spanking to end.......but it will not. Not until He says so. Every word and action from him now is to convey only one message to me......He is in charge. He has 100% control. I am his property. He will do with me what he wishes and I will be rendered helpless to stop or change or dictate any of it. As anxious as this makes me, it also is insanely reassuring to me at the same time and I love it.
He may raise his voice causing me to jump as he scolds. He will fire off question after question as he interrogates me regarding my offenses. He will physically handle me roughly during this session in everything from the actual swatting to marching me across the room by my upper arm or ear to harshly jerking my face up to his by grabbing a fistful of my flowing red hair. This in unison absolutely terrifies me and turns me on like nothing else can. His dominance overwhelms me and leaves me breathless. I could beg for the pain to stop in one sentence and beg for more in the next.
I have *never* been punished by my Daddy Dom without receiving a proper whipping.......never.
The man is incredibly skilled at attacking a naughty bottom with a thick strip of leather and almost literally whipping it raw. From the moment he orders me to lay over the pillows, my stomach sinks. I will cry softly as I follow his instructions, hoping my willingness to submit will make the duration less severe.......though that has not ever happened. Manipulation is not an option and even an attempt will be seen as a challenge of is not wise to challenge a sadist.
Many times throughout, my Daddy Dom will pause punishing me to inspect my bottom. His strong hands will caress, firmly massage and knead my bruising skin. He will apply vitamin E oil to prevent my skin from breaking and also to intensify the sting of my whipping. I will teeter on the edge of subspace during this time.......the harsh strapping combined with his firm yet gentle touch is phenomenal. I will raise my bottom up eagerly into his paws, hungry for his touch on my burning skin.
I am completely in tune with my body during a punishment. I am taking in very word he says to me, every sight I see, every sound I hear, every sensation I feel. My bottom and thighs, at this point, are on fire and I know we are far from finished as I prop my hips up over the pillows and bury my face in the blankets. My heart is beating wildly in my chest as I hear him approach me and then the distinct jingle of the belt buckle. I can not help but peek back over my shoulder now and watch in dreadful anticipation as he rolls his sleeve neatly up his left arm and pulls the belt free from his waist. He will watch me closely now, intensifying his mind fuck. I will turn away precisely the moment he raises his arm back to deliver the first of many, many searing lashes of the belt.
It is now during this phase that I will most often reach my limit and want the spanking to stop, but that is not a decision I am allowed to make. We do not and have not ever used a safe word.......we simply rely on trust. I know I will be pushed past this point and I know my Dom will safely deliver me from it. It is at this time, as I approach my threshold, that I feel most vulnerable. My ass and thighs are a bruised, welted mess of inextinguishable fire. My heart is aching with regret for disappointing my Daddy. The physical pain is too much hurts and I want to escape it. Despite it all, this is also the point that my struggling will cease and I will lay limp, fully submitting to every swat delivered.
Daddy is always in tune with my body and physical cues.......many times during this phase he will sense my need for reassurance and gently run his fingers through my hair or cradle my face in his massive hands as he speaks softly to me. Though I know my punishment is not yet over, I suddenly feel relief wash over my body.......these tender little moments during a spanking mean so much to me.
If I have been especially naughty, this is when the most severe implements (strap, cord, frat paddle) will be used.......with just as much force as every one before them. I will cry uncontrollably now as wave after wave of pain falls onto my flesh and with it the guilt, anger and self-doubt slowly escapes my body. I will dip in and out of my subspace now as my Dom finishes my punishment.
Occasionally if an offense was directed at my Dom or he felt disrespected by it, I will actually ask him to whip me again. Though I am allowed very little input regarding my punishment, on the occasions I have asked for additional punishment.......he has obliged me. Typically this portion of spanking is not as harsh because he feels I have been adequately punished now but is doing this for that I will feel sufficiently punished and be able to forgive myself and move past it. His doing this also means a great deal to me because I know he cares, he loves me and he is doing this for me. As much as I long to please him, I know he also longs to meet my needs and that is a wonderful feeling. The security it provides can not be measured.
Ahhh.......during the punishment.......the sights, the sounds, the sensations. His voice, his eyes, his touch. The contrast between a leather whippy implement that stings and a heavy wooden implement that thuds and radiates pure pain. The moments where I want so desperately for it to stop but would be disappointed if it truly did. Needing and even wanting the intense pain combined with the anxiety and trepidation it elicits. These are just some of the many, many reasons that the During Phase is one of my 3 favorite parts of a spanking.   :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Which part/phase of a spanking is your favorite and why? Before, during or after? mean I have to pick *just* ONE?
Personally, I have an obsession with each phase of the process and all of the little sub-phases that exist within them. I am, obviously, a true spanko at heart. So I couldn't possibly select *just* ONE. But since the question was posed, I will divulge some of what I find appealing about each.
I am *very* rarely spanked immediately for an infraction. As my Daddy Dom and I do not reside together and both manage to juggle our relationship alongside busy family and professional lives. So, most often, I misbehave and am scolded and sentenced to a punishment spanking to take place at a later date and time. From the moment my sentence is passed down, I am acutely aware of one bottom!
From the time I have transgressed until the time I am held accountable can vary from days to months, schedules depending. I always confess immediately, and Daddy often calls me relatively soon after to begin the first phase of my punishment.....scolding. My Dom is a professor, so the man is a verbose lecturer, both inside and outside of his lecture halls. I always hesitate in even answering his call when I know I am in trouble. His deep, steely voice has a way of invading every essence of my being. Many times, his tone alone has rendered me breathless.....and we could well be miles apart.
A metallic tasting lump will appear at the back of my throat causing me to meekly whimper out any response he may solicit. My heart will race almost as much at this time as it will when I am about to go over his strong, capable lap. I will listen closely as he chastises me and nervously chew the corner of my bottom lip. My eyes will inevitably swell with unshed tears if I detect even a hint of disappointment in his voice. And throughout it all, my bottom will tingle in anticipation.
When the day finally arrives that I am to be held accountable for my actions, I will be a mess of emotion. Ecstatic that I am to spend my day with my father, nervous about the looming punishment, guilt-ridden about whatever offense I may have committed, anxious to pay for my mistakes and be forgiven.
I always arrive hours ahead of time and prepare.....myself, the room, the implements. I pace nervously and will cry several times before his arrival ensuring I apply my eyeliner at least 4 times that morning. My bottom is centered in my mind as I drift back to my last punishment session. I will replay a broken record of self lecture in my head for whatever misdeed earned me this sorting out. And I will wait.......a nervous, anxious, emotional stomach turning, my heart fluttering and my bottom tingling. It is a deliciously mixed feeling of anticipation combined with pending doom that literally seeps into my very pores and pulls at my inner submissive core.
Though my initial lecture has taken place some time ago, when Daddy arrives, I will not be spared having to endure it again, this time.....face to face. He will insist on eye contact and immediately reprimand any attempt by me to look away from his penetrating glare. My Daddy is a physically imposing man and he will utilize this to pin me to a corner, his body now mere inches from my own as he whispers his discontent in my ear, his breath hot on my neck rendering me again breathless. His voice, his eyes, his body language all project his overwhelming dominance and I am awestruck and helpless in his presence. This feeling of helplessness and complete adoration consumes me and turns me on like nothing else.
He will pace around the room as I watch helplessly. He will scan my list of offenses and test the sting of waiting implements. Though I am a ball of nervous energy teetering on panic right now, I will not be able to look away. He is absolutely intoxicating to me when he is all-business and at his sadistic best. I am but a moth to a flickering candle in these moments. He is incredibly attractive but put a strap in his hand and he is mesmerizing. I am still anxious and nervous but a sudden inner calm has come over me now, I know I am safe, and I can not resist taking in every sight, sound and sensation of this moment in time with this man to whom I belong.
I could and have lost my train of thought or purpose behind motion many times when I catch a glimpse of Daddy preparing to blister my naughty bottom. All of the little triggers for me like his removing his belt, flexing a cane or switch, folding a cord, running his large hand over a paddle, slowly unbuttoning and rolling his sleeve neatly to his elbow on his left arm.......they quite literally stop me in my tracks and hold my attention captive.
I dread the coming punishment and welcome it at the same time. To me this is a part of "us" and there is little in this world that I treasure more than "us." Every nerve ending in my body is in over-drive as I await my well-deserved punishment. I am focused on Him and nothing else during this time. I anxiously await the intense pain I know is on the horizon as much as I long for the resolution it will bring and the tenderness that will surely follow.
For all of the aforementioned reasons........BEFORE is one of my 3 favorite phases.  :) 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mean, Horrid, Dastardly Dom Creation


Scrolling through a search engine full of results this evening to quench my ever-exacerbated thirst for spanking related material.......and THIS is what I found.


Exactly where would this public service announcement be appropriate to display?

Better question, who created such a thing? A Dom, no doubt, if I am judging by instructions alone.

Nice variety of implements displayed across the bottom.......though my favorites (hand, feather & pillow) were left out. Likely more proof this is a Dom creation......a mean, horrid, dastardly Dom creation!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Not For Children






Unless you live under a rock, you no doubt heard this week about the NFL controversy regarding Viking's player Adrian Petersen and his "disciplining" his son. And, as happens so often mainstream media covers a story regarding corporal punishment, the insults and assumptions regarding TTWD pour in.

Allow me to express my opinion on the matter and differentiate child abuse from consensual adult spanking....okee dokee?

First, I have young children of my own and do not often tell other parents how to raise their child(ren); that being said, using a switch on a 4 year old is just wrong. I don't personally utilize corporal punishment in my parenting, though there are days I question that decision. But for someone to be brought up on child abuse charges in a state like had to have crossed the disciplinary line. And I don't think there is a sane human alive who could look at the pictures of the injuries to this little boy and not agree that his father was WAY out of line.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not saying a switch is a 'no go' implement overall. Quite the contrary, I think it is a wonderfully horrid implement......for grown naughty girls with strict daddies.

And pouting and whining will not likely help you out if you're sent to select your own switch.....particularly if you have a daddy like my own.

But again, I am in my late 20's so a switch is acceptable for disciplining me. A 4 year old.....perhaps take away his Sponge Bob?

Actually, now that I am thinking about it, being sent to cut your own switch is another of my love hate triggers in this fetish. I can easily distract myself in the process and drift off in my mind as my Daddy anxiously awaits my return with the dreaded implement.

But who could blame me for a few tiny stall tactics? As I run my hand over each option my mind will linger at the last moment in time I felt one bite into my flesh. I am constantly weighing my options, testing the flexibility, wanting to select a puny twig but knowing damn well I will be sent right back for another......or worse, he will take the task upon himself. Ughh. Decisions, decisions.......what's a girl to do?

Now, back to my reason for this post. If you have an errant 4 year old......parent them, nurture them and teach them right from wrong; that is your job after all. Remember at that age (before school) you are their *only* if you see undesirable behavior in them, perhaps you should take a closer look at yourself. You are also their role-model and right vs wrong compass......should you be teaching them that hitting in anger/frustration is acceptable behavior? None of us are perfect and I am not saying parenting is easy....far from it....but it is a responsibility you CHOSE!

On the other hand, if you have an errant grown daughter who definitely knows what is right but opts for what is wrong.....then by all means, send her to select a switch and wear it out on her naughty little bottom.

As with the switch, I also must admonish the use of any of the following on an errant child under the age of consent:


Beating 4 year old babies with switches because you lack patience.......bad idea.

Beating full grown brats with whatever implement is closest when they intentionally test your patience.......wonderful idea. (Do *not* quote me on this, Sir)


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Just Because



I would absolutely get this screen printed on a t-shirt.....if my Daddy would wear it.  :)

Thought of him as soon as I saw this.

Love, love, love it!

Friday, September 12, 2014

A Familiar Daddy Dom-ism


I laughed when I saw this today on Pinterest.

It is a version of something my Daddy Dom says to me routinely; though he typically phrases it:

"Don't beat yourself up over it, that is my job; and no one beats my girl, but me."

Either's cute and sweet in a strictly sadistic and possessive sort of way.

Don't ya think?  :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Girl Just Needs Her Dad



110% agreed.

I would give anything in this world to be with mine now. Curled up in his arms with my hands balled up in his shirt, my head resting on his chest as the soothing rhythmic beat of his heart calmed me.

His strong arms holding me tightly to him, his left hand softly stroking & tussling my long, red hair. His deep, silky-smooth voice purring in my ear. His smell, his touch, his comforting embrace.

There is not a place in this world that I feel more loved, protected, secure & safe than in my Daddy's arms.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Could You, Would You, Sir


I've been contemplating going through with something that my Daddy Dom is *adamantly* against lately. Just the consideration has led to numerous sleepless nights. It is never easy for me to do anything that I know will displease him. And even harder still to ever consider doing something that would be outright defiance. And yet I linger, here, in this confusing headspace.

My Dom has never been one to dictate arbitrarily. He has always been more than open to discussing or explaining any boundary he has set. He takes my happiness into account in any decision he makes for me. And he will listen to any reasonable rebuttal I offer; note the word 'reasonable'.....he will not tolerate nonsense whining.

This particular issue we have discussed numerous times. Most often my reasons being lack of patience, frustration at the situation or impulsivity.....each of which he firmly calls me on. And again we go back to square one.....NO, because he said so. Well, truthfully there are a million other reasons for that resounding "No", but that one in particular is typically the only one I need. I am a daddy's girl and his word is law.

I am not a naturally submissive girl, that said, within my submissive self I long to please my Daddy. I work incredibly hard every day to behave as I know he expects of me and to stay within the guidelines he has set for me. Simply knowing I have been obedient and pleased him gives me an intoxicating sense of satisfaction. It is win, win.....Daddy is happy, I am happy.

Until now. I understand all of his reasons for forbidding me from doing what I want to do in this situation and I respect them all.....but I can not stop the train of thought. It is driving me insane. I analyze and then re-analyze and then over-analyze and drive myself insane over it.

I have mentioned to him recently my urge to simply do it and accept the consequences and beg his forgiveness after. The thought didn't amuse him. I know he loves me and I know he has always, thus far, forgiven my ignorance. I wonder, perhaps irresponsibly, how far that might go. I am wary to become complacent in simply assuming his love for me will erase all errors, or at the very least make them an achievable obstacle. He, too, has warned me against this. The "it's easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission" mindset does not please him the slightest. He continues to remind me of the "absolution" that drives my submission. That is what continues to force my introspection night after night as I analyze myself comatose. I truly *do* strive to offer him my absolute submission, to confidently follow his lead, to mindfully heed his advice, to be his 'ideal' as pleasing him truly does please me.

I worry that if I just go do this, against his mandate, that I could irreparably hurt our relationship. At the very least, there would be damaged trust. To me, that would be catastrophic.  If it were simply a punishment spanking I would face, it would be no issue, but there is so much more to it than that. I could likely endure any amount of physical pain he chose to inflict. The hypothetical worst punishment possible for me has nothing to do with would be his withdraw that would devastate me. My heart is not nearly as tough as my hide.

I pause to wonder though if his reservation is simply rooted in protecting his little girl.....then if I succeed, unharmed, perhaps all would be forgiven? Though, if the past has taught me anything, forgiving and forgetting are two entirely separate things. I did something similar to this once and it resulted in my first ever experience with my Daddy's temper (yes, he has one....incredibly well hidden, but it is there). The lectures and the physical punishment was harsh but even they paled in comparison to the look on his face, detached tone of his voice and sound of that door slamming shut behind him. I was incredibly scared, just thinking about it now makes me cry, and I genuinely fear causing it again. And somehow I am still struggling with this night after night.

It is an incredibly slippery, miserable slope when you consciously debate deliberate defiance. Trust me when I say if this wasn't critical, I wouldn't even contemplate it. I don't want to make the wrong decision. I don't want my Daddy to feel I didn't trust him or his decision for me. I don't want to hurt our relationship. I don't want to become complacent in the "I'll take the whipping & he will forgive me" thought process. I don't want to add a caveat to my absolute submission. I don't want to disappoint him. I don't want to see that look on his handsome face again. I don't want to feel the crushing pain and panic as he walks away. I don't want to lose my Daddy.  :(   

I'm stuck.....miserable.....stressed......overwhelmed.

Could you ever not forgive me?

Would you ever stop loving me?