Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Guilty As Charged


Though typically speaking, once my Daddy has said I am to be spanked for an infraction, that promise is as solid as stone and I know it.

I won't waste his time or my energy putting on a dramatic display of protest because I know it will get me absolutely no where and will likely earn me more unpleasant consequences. He has earned my absolute submission and I will comply, regardless of whether or not I agree my behavior warrants a spanking.

But.....naughty girls never just resign themselves to their fate.....nope, we use every tactic in the naughty girl manual to try and slip by unscathed.

I will say that I am absolutely guilty of attempting each of the following, on at least one occasion.  :) 

1. "I'm sorry, Sir"

Endless, heartfelt apologies to try and gain empathy. From the second I confess all the way up to the moment I am going to be taken to task (or the woodshed) for the infraction I am apologizing. This isn't simply a naughty tactic, my apologies are absolutely genuine......I truly *am* sorry and want him to know there is no need to make me sorrier.  :) 

2: The Pout

The most pathetic, "I'm really very sorry, Daddy" pout on the planet. If he hasn't given in to the verbal remorse, perhaps utilizing a visual will help me out of a sticky spot? Men are visual creatures, after all. I should have probably earned a couple dozen rewards for this by now, well pleasant efforts are *always* 'rewarded'....just not necessarily in the most comfortable of ways. Though it never helps me out, I continue practicing in hopes some day it might......hell I have perfected this fine art of pouting!

3. Negotiation

I know it is absolutely a futile effort to try to negotiate consequences with my Daddy Dom but occasionally the good rational girl takes a backseat to the award-winning debate team captain and I will give it a whirl. This is probably the item from this list that will get me in the most Daddy expects the apologies & pouts, he has zero tolerance for trying to negotiate or barter away my repercussions....and calls me on it almost immediately.

"Oh I see, now you'd like to add negotiating and telling me how to do my job disciplining you to the list...keep it up little girl."

Cringe....back track....apologize some more....shut up and pout.  :)

4. 'You couldn't possibly spank someone this adorable' look

The last ditch pleading glances at him from over my shoulder as I bat my eyelashes and try to look every bit the innocent, distraught, scared little girl.

Using this "deer in the headlights" glance is especially beneficial when handing an implement to your Dom.....note I say "YOUR DOM".....mine *never* buys it. Oh I have still tried this several dozen times, but it has never earned me a reprieve.....though I will say I believe I have heard him stifle laughter from it as he beats my ass.

***Try the above at your own (bottoms') risk!***

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