Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Thursday, September 18, 2014



Which part/phase of a spanking is your favorite and why? Before, during or after? mean I have to pick *just* ONE?
Personally, I have an obsession with each phase of the process and all of the little sub-phases that exist within them. I am, obviously, a true spanko at heart. So I couldn't possibly select *just* ONE. But since the question was posed, I will divulge some of what I find appealing about each.
Once my in person lecture has ended and Daddy has scanned my Punishment List of offenses, likely with me in the corner, then it is time for the next phase of my punishment to begin.......the actual spanking.
 Being that I am a spanko girl and a masochistic pain slut, truly punishing me physically in order to create a deterrent can be some what of a challenge; but a challenge my Dom has never shied away from. I do not receive "warm-up spankings".....ever.

I am typically in the traditional OTK position at the start of a punishment.  I absolutely adore the closeness and intimacy of this position. Daddy can use any number of implements from his large, powerful spanker's paws to my hairbrush or a small paddle. My breath hitches in the back of my throat as he firmly grasps me by my wrist and guides me down across his waiting lap with my pants at my ankles. Once there he will often slide his fingers between my lace panties and skin himself as he yanks them down to join my bunched up jeans. These little things always make my head spin and leave me feeling incredibly small and helpless.

From the first swat, he is supplying adequate force to show me his displeasure with my actions. As every spanking is bare and I have no warm-ups, the first several punishing minutes can be difficult to take. The times when he is particularly displeased he will make sure to use a formidable implement, such as our oak bathbrush or lexan paddle, on my unscathed bottom first which immediately overloads my senses and very quickly finds me squirming across his lap trying in vain to avoid the relentless barrage.
Between implements and/or lessons there will be more scolding and likely corner time. By this time, he has long ago captured my full attention and I am focused on nothing aside from Him. Though his gaze is steely and all-business, I will maintain eye contact. I can easily get lost in his deep chocolate brown eyes now as my bottom stings from the first of many assaults on it today. I find it incredibly sexy and intoxicating to watch as that mysterious, dark wall rises in his otherwise warm, inviting eyes. His jaw will clench and he will narrow his eyes at mine as I fight not to turn away. At times he will remain completely silent and simply allow his eyes to further chastise me. It is during these heart racing moments that I am acutely aware that my Daddy has left the room and I am now in the hands of his creatively sadistic inner self. The realization will occasionally catch me off guard and always provokes an almost dizzy sort of headiness that leaves me speechless.
I know, now, that regardless of how genuine my apologies are, my punishment spanking is not going to be over any time soon. Nothing I can possibly say or do is going to help me now. I will inevitably reach my physical pain threshold and desperately want this spanking to end.......but it will not. Not until He says so. Every word and action from him now is to convey only one message to me......He is in charge. He has 100% control. I am his property. He will do with me what he wishes and I will be rendered helpless to stop or change or dictate any of it. As anxious as this makes me, it also is insanely reassuring to me at the same time and I love it.
He may raise his voice causing me to jump as he scolds. He will fire off question after question as he interrogates me regarding my offenses. He will physically handle me roughly during this session in everything from the actual swatting to marching me across the room by my upper arm or ear to harshly jerking my face up to his by grabbing a fistful of my flowing red hair. This in unison absolutely terrifies me and turns me on like nothing else can. His dominance overwhelms me and leaves me breathless. I could beg for the pain to stop in one sentence and beg for more in the next.
I have *never* been punished by my Daddy Dom without receiving a proper whipping.......never.
The man is incredibly skilled at attacking a naughty bottom with a thick strip of leather and almost literally whipping it raw. From the moment he orders me to lay over the pillows, my stomach sinks. I will cry softly as I follow his instructions, hoping my willingness to submit will make the duration less severe.......though that has not ever happened. Manipulation is not an option and even an attempt will be seen as a challenge of is not wise to challenge a sadist.
Many times throughout, my Daddy Dom will pause punishing me to inspect my bottom. His strong hands will caress, firmly massage and knead my bruising skin. He will apply vitamin E oil to prevent my skin from breaking and also to intensify the sting of my whipping. I will teeter on the edge of subspace during this time.......the harsh strapping combined with his firm yet gentle touch is phenomenal. I will raise my bottom up eagerly into his paws, hungry for his touch on my burning skin.
I am completely in tune with my body during a punishment. I am taking in very word he says to me, every sight I see, every sound I hear, every sensation I feel. My bottom and thighs, at this point, are on fire and I know we are far from finished as I prop my hips up over the pillows and bury my face in the blankets. My heart is beating wildly in my chest as I hear him approach me and then the distinct jingle of the belt buckle. I can not help but peek back over my shoulder now and watch in dreadful anticipation as he rolls his sleeve neatly up his left arm and pulls the belt free from his waist. He will watch me closely now, intensifying his mind fuck. I will turn away precisely the moment he raises his arm back to deliver the first of many, many searing lashes of the belt.
It is now during this phase that I will most often reach my limit and want the spanking to stop, but that is not a decision I am allowed to make. We do not and have not ever used a safe word.......we simply rely on trust. I know I will be pushed past this point and I know my Dom will safely deliver me from it. It is at this time, as I approach my threshold, that I feel most vulnerable. My ass and thighs are a bruised, welted mess of inextinguishable fire. My heart is aching with regret for disappointing my Daddy. The physical pain is too much hurts and I want to escape it. Despite it all, this is also the point that my struggling will cease and I will lay limp, fully submitting to every swat delivered.
Daddy is always in tune with my body and physical cues.......many times during this phase he will sense my need for reassurance and gently run his fingers through my hair or cradle my face in his massive hands as he speaks softly to me. Though I know my punishment is not yet over, I suddenly feel relief wash over my body.......these tender little moments during a spanking mean so much to me.
If I have been especially naughty, this is when the most severe implements (strap, cord, frat paddle) will be used.......with just as much force as every one before them. I will cry uncontrollably now as wave after wave of pain falls onto my flesh and with it the guilt, anger and self-doubt slowly escapes my body. I will dip in and out of my subspace now as my Dom finishes my punishment.
Occasionally if an offense was directed at my Dom or he felt disrespected by it, I will actually ask him to whip me again. Though I am allowed very little input regarding my punishment, on the occasions I have asked for additional punishment.......he has obliged me. Typically this portion of spanking is not as harsh because he feels I have been adequately punished now but is doing this for that I will feel sufficiently punished and be able to forgive myself and move past it. His doing this also means a great deal to me because I know he cares, he loves me and he is doing this for me. As much as I long to please him, I know he also longs to meet my needs and that is a wonderful feeling. The security it provides can not be measured.
Ahhh.......during the punishment.......the sights, the sounds, the sensations. His voice, his eyes, his touch. The contrast between a leather whippy implement that stings and a heavy wooden implement that thuds and radiates pure pain. The moments where I want so desperately for it to stop but would be disappointed if it truly did. Needing and even wanting the intense pain combined with the anxiety and trepidation it elicits. These are just some of the many, many reasons that the During Phase is one of my 3 favorite parts of a spanking.   :)

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