Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Monday, September 22, 2014



Oh so very, very true.

Personally, I think if you don't truly grasp this statement then you have no business dabbling in D/s, DD, BDSM or TTWD.

It is this very statement that is the reason I could never "scene" with random Tops/Doms/Masters at a scene club or event. I simply could never be one of those lap-hopping brats that entrusted complete strangers with spanking me. I am not judging those who do, just saying it isn't for me. I must trust a person to be able to even contemplate submitting to them.......and I trust incredibly rarely.

I did not envy the work my Daddy Dom had to put in at the beginning of our relationship to earn my trust. Thankfully, he understood the importance behind this statement as well and was willing to do the work necessary to begin breaking down the walls that kept me so well-guarded for so long. Getting beyond my defenses to see the vulnerable little girl within took time, patience and care. I am so thankful that my Dom knew that and put forth the effort he knew would pay off.

I am almost dumbfounded when I see girls, naturally submissive or not, engage in intense scenes with brand new faces they have just met.

How on Earth could you possibly trust this person?

How can you offer your submission so freely and without prerequisite?

Mind boggling! Ughh!

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