Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Standing In The Corner

When I am sent to the corner before, during or after doesn't look much like this.....but oh boy does it *feel* like this! I feel small...guilty...nervous...remorseful. Just hearing Professor's deep voice saying, "Go put your nose in that corner, young lady" , completely shifts my mindset. I feel like a scolded little girl....soon to be punished. 

I actually have never sat in the corner.....I always stand in the corner. Typically with my hands on my head, fingers interlocked and elbows touching the wall. If I am not in this position, then my hands better stay perfectly still at my sides. 

Professor has sent me to the corner before spanking between spankings......and after a spanking. 

He typically will have me stand in the corner multiple times in a session; usually between lessons. 

My time there is to be spent thinking about why I am being punished and what I can do to make sure I wont need this lesson repeated. Professor will ask me questions when I am in the corner and if I can't answer him quickly enough or to his satisfaction, then I am punished again. Needless to say, I take advantage of my corner time and think like a good girl so I can answer immediately and correctly.  

I have not ever had a punishment session with Professor where I haven't been sent to stand in the corner. Actually, come to think of it, the *only* time I have been spanked by Professor and *not* stood in the corner, was when he caned me on campus in his office. :) That wasn't really a punishment, so I suppose that's why I had no corner time.....either way I didn't complain....I mean Hello! I got caned in my Professor's office....yep I'm spoiled like that. Lol. :) So aside from that one time, every single time I spend the afternoon with Professor for punishment, I can almost guarantee myself some solid corner time. 

I kind of like it for a few reasons. Obviously it is easier to think about an appropriate answer to a question when I am able to focus in the corner, rather than upended across his lap getting my bottom soundly spanked. I love the ritualistic subtleties of a scene......always have. Being sent to the corner, the slow rolling of sleeves, the lecture, etc. 

Anytime I am in the corner, the longer I am left standing there, the more anxious I get. I can hear Professor but I can not see him. So my mind begins to wonder, worry and panic......what position next? what implement? what's he thinking? where's he at? what's he doing now? Occasionally, Professor takes advantage of this and will move chairs around or select implements......I personally think he likes to watch me struggle to stay still the longer I am standing there as my panic rises. Darn sadist! :) 

I've heard several women say they hate corner time because it makes them feel like a child; I think I have accepted it and grown fond of it for the exact same reason. It makes me feel small, vulnerable, submissive, completely void of control or choice......I love feeling this way with Professor because I trust him completely and whether it is corner time, the lecture, the spankings, the looks, his body language, those dark eyes......regardless of the tool used, the man continues to get deeper into my head......and my heart, as well. :) 


  1. see now if i could be left alone to think in the corner then i wouldnt mind it at all but im never left alone, he sends me to the corner and then tortures me when im there by pacing around behind me and making noises to get me anxious because i can hear him but not see him. dumb doms

  2. Anon...Lol...I can't agree with the "dumb Doms" comment because mine occasionally reads this blog. :) I can say that Professor does move around and make noise when I'm in the corner as well....the key for me is not to give in & turn around or ask about it because then I get paddled in the corner :(