Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Okay, well I have heard from Professor. He is happily lost with his family in the middle of no where.....doing fun family stuff.  :)

He tells me to behave.

I tell him not to work too much while he's away.

Topping from the bottom? Maybe just a little bit, but I kinda have to at times. I prefer to say I am looking out for him......sounds less like it will get me into trouble and more like I'm being sweet. :) What? Why are you all laughing? I don't strike you as the 'sweet' type of girl? Lol! I am not.....but I can be for the right people.....Professor fits into that sweet I am. :)  

Now, back to his "behave or else".....who votes I ask what the 'or else' refers to? Yep, nope, not that stupid.....I know damn well what 'or else' means from Professor......and it's not nearly as sweet as I am. Lol! :) 

So I suppose that leaves me with the option of behaving myself. I think that might be the best course of action. And I think it is a reasonable request since Professor did make sure to schedule a last minute session for us last week so I could see him before he left. I'm kind of spoiled, right? Three weeks sounds like such a long time when I feel like a million miles away from my 'normal.' But realistically, it is only 21 days.....and 3 of them are gone now, so only 18 to go! Maybe I can behave the whole time.....right?

I think I can, I think I can.........

 I just hope this determination lasts for the remainder of his absence.......because I THINK the 'or else' would really sort of suck. 


  1. I have the utmost confidence that a woman of your superior intellect, to say nothing of discerning taste, can become a shining example of angelic behavior. No, I was not giggling as I typed that, how could you even think such a thing!

  2. Susan.....your comment proved that my laptop is waterproof. I spit out my cranberry juice as I read the word 'angelic'. LOL! If I became angelic, Professor would demand I go see my doctor because something would definitely be wrong with me. :) Well, then again, I suppose even hell needs angels right? Oh wait, no, those are biker babes....I don't do the leather thing, well aside from handbags and boots, but thats another story. Lol.

  3. Oops!

    You redecorated your blog. It's so very pink. Doesn't it clash with your hair, though?

  4. definitely clashes with my red hair.....which is why I put it on my blog now, because I can't often get away with wearing it. :)