Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Implements #2

Two months ago, I wrote a blog post about the implements Professor and I have and use. And of course I critiqued every single one of :)  Anyway, a girlfriend emailed and asked, after reading that post, if there were any implements that we have *not* used......good question and now I'll answer it. :) 

I can think of a few implements that Professor and I do not yet have in our arsenal.....and I am so *not* writing this as a damn shopping list.....<----Take note, Sir! No need to find these items, I am simply giving the girl the information she asked for. Okee dokee? Good, so here we go.........

1. Tawse: As pictured above.....we have not used one together......I have felt one many years ago and didn't like it enough to add one to my collection. :) They are mean

2. Lexan Paddle: A friend threatened to send us one because I had sent her & her Top one as a gift 2 years ago.....either she forgot to send one or it got lost in the mail.....either way I am not complaining!

3. Rubber Paddles: Professor and I do have rubber straps.....but no rubber paddles. They sting quite a bit, I used to have one.....but my beloved wiener dog, Herman, ate it for me......though I still can't seem to get him to eat the rubber straps! Damn picky eating dachshunds!

4. Switch: Obviously, living in New England, there are *always* switches available up here.....I am a lucky Irish girl.......because as of yet, Professor has not used one on me. I promise you'll all hear about the first time he does.....particularly if he tells me to cut them will *not* be amused. :)  Sshhhh! 

5. Riding Crop: Again, I used to own one, but not any this one makes the list of implements we have not used together.

6. Feather Flogger: LMAO! This is the implement my girlfriend suggested in particular that I buy as a gift for Professor. I laughed hysterically when she said it to me because back in April when I was in trouble for something, I remember asking Professor if I could select the implement he would use to punish me, he answered telling me that it was not my choice, but he was open to suggestions.....I said, "feather flogger".....he replied back to me, "why would I want to flog feathers? *You* were naughty." LOL! Needless to say, Professor has never used a feather flogger on me....or any other flogger for that matter. :)

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen......Professor and I have quite a collection of brat beating implements, but there is a list of at least half a dozen that we do not have and/or use. 

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