Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Monday, May 18, 2015

Balancing Act

May 18th, 2015

All of life is a balancing act, no?

When I sit quietly and reflect on my D/s relationship with my Daddy Dom, I am often pleasantly surprised at how well the man balances. Us. His personal life. His professional life. The headache that is His Imp. :)

Truly, there are days I am not sure how he manages to do it. I always have him, physically or not, I always have access. He is simply always there for me. Amazing, I can not recall even once in the past 3 1/2 years of belonging to this man when I have felt anything less than a priority. That is saying something considering he has a full time career, wife and three growing children whom he is also, always there for.

Even the balancing within the context of our relationship is remarkable. We, the both of us, walk a fine line between friendship and discipline. Business and pleasure. We've somehow built an amazing friendship on top of an unequal foundation. He is dominant, and I, his submissive. He is the only authority I willingly heed, and yet my best friend as well.

He knows what I need when I am simply caught up in what I want. There are times I do or say things I naturally regret with time and what I *want* is for him to be as hard on me as I am myself.......and yet, he won't. Because part of his balancing act is deciphering my behavior and making sure my needs, not wants, are met.

There are times I've done ridiculous things, under a certain amount of stress, and while I stay hung up on the fact that I did or said such things.....he sees past that. Behaviors that at any other time or under any other circumstance, he would come down incredibly harshly on me.....he simply doesn't.

Even the times when he does choose to come down on me for my behavior, it is always measured, balanced. Sometimes I need reasoned with, because I am so damn hard headed and stubborn that I have convinced myself that I am right. Sometimes my mind is running a thousand miles a minute and I need slapped across the face to stop it. Sometimes I just need to curl up in his arms and hide from the world for a while. 

There are times that a simple disapproving look will drive the lesson home. Other times I need the intense scolding and harsh corporal punishment to get through. He knows what I need, often before I do, and I love that.

It is an incredibly secure feeling to know that your Dom truly does 'get it' and really does understand you.

My Daddy has mastered the Imp tight rope walk. :) I'm a lucky girl.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Defined By the Other


Oh how very true this is.

Complimentary of one another.

Defined by one another.

Two confusing single puzzle pieces that when put together, combine to make a masterpiece.