Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Spanking Survey


**I was sent this survey by a blog reader & asked to take it. Finally decided to complete it & post since my mind is on my Daddy & spanking but he is away on vacation now. Enjoy**

#1: Were you spanked as a child?
A handful of times.......nowhere near as often as I probably should have been.

#2: Do you like to be spanked?
Um.....yes, I clearly fit in the spanko category.

#3: Are you spanked over clothes, panties only or bare bottom?
Bare bottom......aside from a few quick swats on my pantied bottom before they're pulled down.

#4: How many people spank you now?
One.......only one.......*my* Dom/Daddy

#5: How many people have ever spanked you?
Truly spanked me (not counting play scenes, parties, etc) four

#6: Are you spanked for fun or punishment?
Both.......though most often punishment/discipline.

#7: Are you scolded during your spankings?
Most often, yes I am scolded throughout the entire scene (before, spanking, corner-time, etc)

#8: How frequently are you spanked?
Not nearly often enough.  :)  My Dom & I don't live together, so spankings are scheduled. Once or if I am luck, twice a month.

#9: What are you most often spanked for?
Driving offenses, my attitude, swearing, disrespect toward authority

#10: How much does your average spanking hurt on a 1-10 scale?
On average......probably a 7.5 or 8......effective but not overwhelming. Though I have earned a few 10+ sessions.

#11: What are you spanked with? Hand? Implements?
Daddy's hand, my wooden hairbrush, Daddy's belt, leather straps, rubber straps, oak bathbrush, paddles, cane, wooden spoon, cord. 

#12: Is your bottom red & sore after a spanking? For how long? Dom is good at what he does. I can usually still see his marks on my bottom & thighs for 3-5 days post-spanking and the tenderness lingers 3-7 days. 

#13: How many swats do you get?
I have no clue. Occasionally my Dom will make me count a specific number of paddle swats but most often there is no set number I am to receive.......Daddy simply spanks me until he is certain I have learned my lesson & have been sufficiently punished. 

#14: How long does a spanking usually last?
My punishment sessions with my Daddy are usually 2-4 hours long. Including several spankings with several implements, corner time, holding after, etc.

#15: Does your spanker yell when spanking you?
My Daddy very, *very* rarely raises his voice at me. He will elevate his voice to emphasize a certain word or phrase, because he knows it will get my attention & make me jump......but he doesn't necessarily "yell" at me......he has never punished me when he was angry, so he is always measured & mild-tempered by the time he is taking me to task for an offense. 

#16: What's your favorite implement(s) to be spanked with? Why?
Hand.....I love the skin to skin contact & the closeness of the OTK position usually used for hand spanking. Daddy's Belt.....I love to hate my Dad's belt.......leather is appealing (sight, sounds, smells, feel) and the sting produced is intense......I also love that it is *His* and removed from his body to punish me when necessary. My isn't overly heavy wood but it is solid and packs a is a perfect implement for OTK spanking and my Daddy gave me my hairbrush as a gift :)

#17: Do you cry from spanking?
I have, yes......but it is incredibly rare that I will cry from the spanking itself......physical pain is a trigger, but not necessarily the cause. Most often when I cry during a spanking it is because I know I have truly disappointed my Daddy and that hurts me......the spanking relieves me of that guilt and the tears provide the emotional release I need to "let go."

#18: Have you ever asked for a spanking?
Yes, I have asked my Dom to spank me.......or told him I felt I deserved more than he originally administered. 

#19: Were you ever spanked in school?
As a, never. I have however, as an adult, gotten caned in my Daddy's office at the university he teaches at.  :)  

#20: Have you been spanked in public?
By my Dom......not yet (aside from his office). In a prior relationship......I was spanked outside if that counts as public. It's definitely on my "bucket list" of things to do with Daddy.  :) 

#21: Does spanking only pinken your bottom or do you get darker red or bruised?
A spanking is barely beginning when my skin is I am Irish so I have finicky day I will mark extremely easily & other days I could be spanked for hours and be nothing more than red. Typically I will bruise from wooden implements and welt from leather.......but I find having my Daddy's lingering marks on my bottom & thighs a HUGE turn-on. 

#22: Have you ever been able to talk yourself out of a spanking?
No.....never. If Dad says I am getting spanked.....I am getting spanked.....period. 

#23: What position are you spanked in?
That depends on the implement being used. For hand, hairbrush, wooden spoon I am most always OTK. For paddle I stand pressing my hands to the wall and sticking my bottom back & out. Laying over pillows on the bed for a belt whipping, strap, cord. Bent over back of a chair for paddle, rubber straps. Pressed against & tipped over Daddy's outstretched thigh for brush, wooden spoon, small paddle. 

#24: Are you punished with anything other than spanking?
Writing essays, writing lines, restrictions/grounding, corner-time, mouth-soaping to name a few. My Dom is a creative & resourceful man and he has mastered the art of discipline.  :)

#25: Are you looking forward to your next spanking?
In one way I am......I want to see my Daddy & I have felt guilty for weeks now and long to resolve that issue. But on the other hand, I am *not* looking forward to it.......I know it will be incredibly hard both physically & next spanking is for deliberate disrespect (swearing at, talking back, arguing with, disobeying) my Daddy which is not ever acceptable......I feel horrible & know I was wrong so I do want it addressed.....but I am not looking forward to the look on my Dom's face, his tone during the scolding, or the severity I know is waiting for my disrespectful ass. 

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