Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Anchor's Away


Here comes August........There goes my Dom. 

Every year, Daddy takes his 3 week family vacation before his fall semester starts. He's not all that far away really, actually just a couple hundred more miles geographically. But it *IS* different. 

Our constant contact is limited. I ordinarily could call him every day if I chose to......but I can't while he is on vacation. 

Typically, I can IM with him most every day........but again, not while he is on vacation. 

Our contact while he is away with his family is basically just emails. Strange that would bother me, considering it is how the bulk of our original communication transpired in the infancy of our D/s relationship......long emails. But I suppose I've become sort of spoiled over the last 19 months or so, and gotten quite used to regular communication through any variant of being restricted back to just email is difficult to adjust to.

Last year while Daddy was away, we were still relatively "new", having only met one another 7 months before his vacation. I struggled a lot with feeling disconnected from him. I did my best to behave myself, and for the first 2 weeks he was away......I was a very good girl. That last week of his trip however, I went a little naughty-crazy. By the time he got back, I'd also relished in my independence and gotten quite an attitude.......particularly when he came home and began to scold me for my behavior. Oh what a mess. 

This year, as Daddy's vacation grew closer, I realized that while I have a building sense of missing him already, I'm not feeling disconnected and I'm not nearly as anxious about the brief separation. This makes no sense to me since logically with me being much closer to him emotionally now, I should struggle more with his absence, right? I'm not though.......I'm actually really sort of okay. I'll miss him......I always miss him......but I'm not feeling nearly as adrift as I did last year.

Over the last 12 months, as we've grown much closer to one another, we've also seen or faced some pretty ridiculous things. A lot of stress, worry, concern. Daddy has traveled multiple times for work and I spent the first 4 months of this calendar year stuck in a medical/legal hell 1200 miles from home. Regardless of where, geographically, either of us has been.......he has still *always* been with me. The physical distance hasn't been much of a match for the emotional connection we share. Any time I have needed him, he is always with me.......always supporting me........guiding me........restraining me........anchoring me. 

I'm sure I'll wain from assurance to disconnect and back again over the next 3 weeks as my Dom is away; but I don't seem to look at this vacation as nearly as daunting as it seemed last summer. And, naturally, since my Daddy is the world's best Dom, he made sure to call me last night for a half hour to give me my fix of his voice before he departed.  :)  And I know he will call me when he can over the next 3 weeks, which will undoubtedly make me smile.  

Daddy is always in my head and always in my heart because I am *His* and he is *mine*........and that's a pretty reassuring feeling. 


  1. 3 weeks. Yikes. I can already feel your struggle with surviving his vacation, and preparing yourself. To help ease the despondent feeling, do you think he would provide pre-approval for you to purchase an additional handbag during August?

  2. H.S............It wont be easy, but I'm definitely in a better place emotionally than I was this time last year. It also helps to know that this last year has been incredibly tough for us so the man needs his down time. Missing him sucks, but I know he will be back and our reunion *much* better if I behave in his absence. :) The additional handbag.......doubtful. I can almost hear him saying something about not "bribing me to behave or rewarding me for acting as I should in the first place." :)

    1. I'm glad to know you are in a better place than last year. I may be new to the D/s journey, but Sir and I started our vanilla relationship almost a year ago. He travels a lot, and has other obligations that it has been up to 8 days with no communication. To imagine 3 weeks would take a lot from me not too freak out. I'm looking forward to your thoughts and coping mechanisms during this time period. Maybe it will help my over analytical mind learn new coping mechanisms. I know He would be happy once I squash all self doubt.

      The extra handbag is not about a reward or bribe. It is a way to connect with him while he is unreachable. In other words, the extra handbag you choose will be about the symbolic meaning of your relationship. For instance, you picked x color because its his fav color, or you picked x style because the certain design and accessories made you think of new implements, etc. Get extra creative. Who knows, the creativity may pay off. At least, one could hope. Ha!


  3. On the days you start to struggle just remember how unhappy he was to come home last year with 4 repeat lessons on your list girl. Be good so you get a happy reunion :)


  4. Meghan........Definitely not planning to add ANY offense to my list while he is away this year....certainly not any repeats.