Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Friday, July 26, 2013

Missing & Daydreaming


Ahh.....what a perfect way to spend an afternoon.   :)

Love this particular photo. I have no idea who it truly belongs to or the story behind it's origination, but I've seen it dozens of times and always pause to think & smile. 

I love the academic or intellectual feel of the picture......I have always been very attracted to my Dom's intelligence. 

Perhaps more than that though, I love the inequality of this photo. The man & woman pictured are a stark contrast to one another. He is well dressed, she wears nothing. He's leisurely reading, she simply content to kneel at his side with her head resting on his knee. 

I also find the intimacy touching......his hand in her hair & the smile on her face speaks volumes. I personally love when my Dom runs his hand down the length of my hair. 

Of course as I came upon this photo today, it naturally just made me think of & thus really miss my Daddy. He is on vacation & our contact is limited compared to our "normal." I miss him terribly.......but definitely feeling the separation more today. 

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