Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Spoiled Lil Brat :)


Yep......that's definitely me........a spoiled little brat.......and Ssshhhh......I kind of like it........a lot!   :)  

I'm also a very happy girl right now.   :) 

My Daddy Dom is away on his annual family vacation.....he's been gone 10 days now & still has a couple weeks before he will be back home. Last year during his vacation, I struggled with feeling disconnected. We had very limited contact.....primarily just a few emails a week. To some people, that's not too bad......but compared to our "normal", it was restrictive. I was used to emails every day, Yahoo IM chats, calling him almost every day......that is our "normal." 

This year as his vacation approached, I started preparing myself for the same experience as last year.......but hoping to behave in his absence this time. This past 10 days has had ups and downs.......I miss him a lot and our contact is less than is "normal"'s no comparison to last year. 

So far this time, Daddy has come onto instant messenger to check in with me a handful of times. My disciplinary emails are consistent. just this first 10 days of separation......Dad has tried to call me 6 times.  :)   That's an up and a down.......4 of those times, I missed his calls because they were spontaneous and I hadn't known to be available.......and seeing I had missed a chance to talk to my Dom puts me in a pretty awful mood. 

Today, was one of the days I got his call.  :)  And I was available. We talked for about a half hour. Caught up on stuff, laughed a lot, lectures thrown in for good measure.  :)  Just hearing my Daddy's voice puts a smile on my face. He sounded great. I miss him but it is tolerable this time around.........

He definitely does need & deserve his time away........but it makes me pretty darn happy to know he is thinking about me & making sure to give me what I need/want regardless of how far from home he is.  :)  

I am a lucky girl.....

A lucky, happy, spoiled Daddy's girl.......

And I love it!

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