Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Shut Up.....Shut Up!


A recent IM conversation between my Dom & I:

Him:  "What part of, 'be nice to Brandon', did you not understand young lady?"
Me:  "Why do you ask?"
Him:  "Don't answer my questions with questions."
Me:  "Then stop asking questions that inspire questions."
Him:  "What?!?!"


I really need to learn to THINK before I speak.......and tailor to my audience.  :)  Particularly when the only offense on my Punishment List is my intentional disrespect (whining, arguing, back talking, swearing, etc) toward Daddy. 

My flippant response made about as much good sense as if I were to say any of the following to him:

"Make Me Sir"

"Oh wait....the spanking started? Is that all you got? Did you eat you Wheaties this morning?"

"I aint standing in this corner thinking about how naughty I was......I'm planning how to get away with it next time."

"Would you kindly shut the hell up, Sir?"

"I wasn't trying to be a brat......I was simply providing you an upper body workout.....I'm a selfless girl."

"Why was I wrong? Hell if you don't know, why are you asking me?"

"Fuck off, Sir."

"Isn't it your job to teach me to behave myself? I think YOU deserve the spanking."

Shut up self.......Shut up self........Shut up self!



    Oh, sorry, sir, what I meant was ROFLOL. Really, I did.

  2. Thank you for your response about my inquisition of your vanilla relationship, etc. (I know, I need to make an acct, I just can't creatively think of a name or blog title).

    This particular blog has me laughing. I have read through a few of yours, and realize our thought process is very much a like. Especially the lovely over analyzing characteristic. One that gets me into trouble.

    Anyway, your smart ass retorts are exactly how i would respond. In fact, i had the pleasure of seeing Sir tonight. He gave me a rule, i am to stop my smart ass comments, bitchiness, and witty come backs. i failed. i caught myself half way through the smart ass comments & comebacks, but he made me continue my train of thought. Not a good girl was i. So yes, shut up self is great advice. One day, i'm sure that ridiculous concept will become second nature.

  3. Anonymous: If you enjoyed this one because of "Are You Kidding Me?" or "Twisted? Hardly. LOL" :)

    1. I did get the chance to check them out. I laughed and applauded you about the Wal-Mart encounter. Laughed at your smart mouth and applauded how you parent. Then again, I parent the same way. I'm sure at the sake of sticking up for your stellar parenting style your Dom may have let your desired behavior go unpunished. Then again, the way you handled it demonstrates to your son that often being the better person is the right way to handle an unpleasant situation.