Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

You Can NOT Be Serious


Excuse me for a moment while I have a "WTF?" moment and roll on the floor laughing hysterically.

My inspiration for said outburst? Ah, so glad you on:

"I love your blog and find you intriguing. Would you consider being a Pro-sub? Do you think your Dom would mind?"

I'm sorry, but this amuses me to no end......and I just have to reply publicly to such a notion. :)

First, do you reside on the same planet I do? 

If so, maybe we have a language barrier? 

There is NO WAY you are reading MY writing and thinking I would be an ideal "pro-sub." Really? LOL! 

Because I jump off the screen and strike you as so naturally submissive, right? 

And the phrase "yes Sir" comes as easily out of my mouth as utter bullshit seems to from yours? LOL! 

Would my Dom mind??? I promise if he doesn't die of laughter, reading this, I'll ask him......Don't worry, I won't let my Daddy die of a coronary (certainly not one I haven't caused any how).......But please don't hold your breath awaiting his answer.......Funny informational tid-bit about my Dom (and most any dominant man I know): they tend to be possessive of what they claim as their property. 

AKA: I'm kind of His, He is kind of mine and we both kind of like it this way. 

And someone with intelligence, please explain to me what "Pro" even means in TTWD? People get PAID for Dominance and/or submission? Daddy......quit your day job! :) 

A small amount of further information: I suppose to an idiot, gaining submission could seem rather simple. And I imagine, if you were physically imposing enough & wore kevlar, you *may* be able to overpower me physically......or most women, for that matter.......physically. Funny thing about true submission, it's only really about 25% physical. The more difficult task lies in not dominating a woman's body, but her mind. 

If you have really read a post on this blog, you've heard & should understand the term "mindfuck".......he can dominate me because he worked his way into my head and has spent the last year & a half in there figuring out what makes me tick and mastering those controls. It is the mind and the heart that holds back & requires far more than a capable hand to conquer. Trust and respect are sort of essential to acquiescence. Submission is not's not given without prerequisite......IT IS EARNED. 

I am cutting the lecture short for now.......but simply for good measure, I have to add just one more:



  1. You are having fun with this one!..Maybe its a Madam looking for a bite on the internet. I think a pro sub or Dom can earn quite good money...hmmm there is that electric bill coming due. :)

  2. little.....I couldn't *not* have fun with this one. I almost literally spit juice on the screen when I opened & read it. :) We must've all missed the Pro-Dom/sub information all Career Day in high school....I mean I never would've paid tuition if I had only gotten this email before college apps. Lol. And I saw your post about your non-Dom....I will reply soon, promise.