Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Walking Contradiction


Strong women do not *need* to be taken care of; but at times, we *want* to be.

We are not helpless or weak, we have a mind and a voice.......we simply want a man who can stand up to us. 

There is nothing as reassuring to me as knowing that in a world where men are my equals, there is one man who can control my mind, my heart, my body. 

Days when I have to analyze & get caught up in the chaos of life.......nothing quiets my racing mind quicker than hearing his voice, searching his eyes and savoring his touch. 

It takes a very special man to make me weak in the knees when I am about to be pulled across his. 

The freedom and beauty of my submission lies not in the act, but in the will.

Natural & measured dominance has a very primal appeal. As does the possession and ownership aspects of this D/s dynamic......I do not care what he chooses to call me, as long as it begins with "My."

It takes strength to lead and strength to follow. I am not typically submissive, but with this one amazing man I long to submit to his will. It pleases me to please him. 

Submission is a gift earned through compassion, respect & trust. It can be given, but never taken. 

Most men can easily dominate a woman's body.......the key to connecting on this level of intense intimacy lies in your Dom's ability to render your breathless with his mind fuck. His innate ability to take a strong, defiant, naughty girl on willingly and to work his way inside of her head. Find out what makes her tick. Break down your barriers and truly meet his girl underneath of it all. It's a rare phenomenal experience...........but once acquired, absolutely breath taking. I had never allowed another person  unedited access to the "real me" until I took that chance with my Dom. 

Life is all about the experience. I simply prefer to partake in my own rather than live life watching others take theirs. 


  1. Brava! This should be required reading for, well, everyone :)

  2. Hit the nail on the head with this one girl.