Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Monday, July 15, 2013

*His* Collar


My Dom has given me *His* collar. 

I've been seeing Professor exclusively for over a year and a half. We've built an amazing relationship in that time that I couldn't possibly equate to anything else I've ever experienced. When we began on this journey, we described what we both sought as a disciplinary relationship. In quite honest terms, he enjoys teaching naughty girls discipline & punishing them when warranted. I lacked self-discipline and needed to "grow up" in several areas of my life. We are both born spankos. A disciplinary relationship was a natural fit for the two of us. 

Over time, we have bonded on a level I never could have foreseen. I truly, from day #1, sought simply a disciplinarian.......but I've found far more than that. I have my disciplinarian, I have my shoulder to cry on, my rock to lean on for support, my go-to parenting guru, personal advice columnist for all of life's troubles, my behavioral compass, my best Daddy. 

Though I never sought a Daddy Dom, I imagine a part of me (the little girl inside of me) had always needed or wanted that relationship dynamic.......I had never called him anything aside from 'Professor' or 'Sir' for the first 9 months of our relationship; but somehow in that time our relationship began to transform, we became closer, I had several instances where I *truly* needed him and he was there for me every time.......I now very endearingly call him 'Daddy' with an amount of respect & adoration that is impossible to put into mere words. 

Though D/s & spanking is definitely more "our thing" than the full BDSM spectrum, he has chosen to collar me and I truly could not be more proud to receive it. I'm not an overly emotional girl but I will say I began to tear up when I read his instructions & explanation of the collar he had chosen for me in an email this morning. It will be interesting to see how I react when it is around my neck. 

We had agreed within the first few months of our relationship that he was my Dom and I, his sub. I would not allow another Top to spank me. I am His and his alone. It does not please me to please simply pleases me to please Him. He has long called me "my little girl", "my daughter", "my brat"........the ownership facets of our dynamic are absolute & have been that way since early in our relationship........but now having a very outward & public display of his ownership just makes me melt. I can not wait for the collar to arrive. 

The picture in this post, is of my collar. I quite like the elegance of its' simplicity. It is black, leather, functional as well as ornate......a very clear sign of his possession. He expects me to wear it for our sessions and for scene parties/events so that other spank-happy Tops will know I am off limits. I smile just thinking about it. 

I crave his control, his strictness, his dominance and his approval. I always enjoy seeing his marks on my body post-punishment.......but this collar will serve as a more public symbol of what we share and who I truly do belong to. :)  I absolutely love it and the way I feel knowing my Daddy has chosen to 'mark me' as his own. Just when I think he has achieved perfection and couldn't possibly make me love him more.......something like this comes right out of the blue and makes me fall head over heels all over again. My Dom is amazing and I couldn't feel more loved than I do in this moment. 

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