Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Monday, July 15, 2013

His Girl


He's seen me fall apart and yet he somehow always puts me back together.

He's witnessed my worst behavior but stays to insist I learn to do my best.

His job is far more complex than my own. I simply had one paramount decision to make: trust him enough to submit........beyond that, every decision is truly his to make. I think I quite like the nervous anticipation of realizing the only thing I know about what will happen next, is I will have no say in it. The power exchange is a HUGE turn on for me. Getting completely lost in his overwhelming dominance can quiet my mind like nothing else. 

I am absolutely insatiable when it comes to a proper mind fuck......and my Dom is amazingly skilled at the art of mind fucking a naughty girl. Leaves me breathless every single time. A body submitting is not difficult to achieve, but a mind & heart willingly offering submission is an intoxicating experience. 

My personal favorite adjective now......"My" or "Mine." What term he chooses to use after that doesn't even matter, as long as I've heard that label of his ownership, he could call me a purple goose and I doubt I'd care. :)  I've always loved the possessive aspects of solid D/s relationships. 

I think it is next to impossible for a girl to submit fully to more than one Dom; it is simply too emotional an attachment. But I see that most Doms can (and many do) dominate more than one sub at once. This is never more apparent than seeing a Dom playing with others at a function. I personally enjoy seeing my Dom being 'Toppy' with another of my favorite sessions with Daddy was a roleplay in which he punished me & my best friend together. I love seeing the distinctive sadistic flash in his eyes when in scene and watching another girl's reaction to it. Most often submission is exclusive, but dominance is not. 

Having him dominate me, discipline me & guide me was a phenomenal experience in and of itself......but it is receiving the label of his ownership that meant so much more to me. He can play with & dominate dozens of brats.......but his making the conscious decision that I belong to him, am his girl, my mind & my body his property.......such a deep level of fulfillment. A man can dominate or discipline without emotional is when he chooses to call you his own, that you've truly won the prize. 

Looking at the aftermath of a punishment session and seeing his visible marks on my body puts a smile on my face and as I trace my fingertips over the welts, my smile broadens as I audibly say "I am His." Saying it myself and seeing it are nice, but nothing quite solidifies it in my head & my heart as hearing the words from his lips....."You are MINE."........"My daughter"........"My little girl"........"My brat". Love it, love it, love it. Speaking recently about upcoming spanko events this summer/fall, I was told he plans to incorporate a visible sign of his ownership.....a collar or perhaps a collar-ring.....just the thought makes me smile & beam with pride.

I am *His* and I absolutely adore belonging to this man. 


  1. Really? It doesn't matter what follows "my"?

    Sir, perhaps you could call her "my little cabbage" like the French term of endearment. (That somehow does sound better in French.)

  2. If he starts calling me his "little cabbage" in ANY language......I'm absolutely blaming you!!! And since you hear me complain via phone, I'd think you would have suggested something so much more naturally fitting like "my little darling"....."my sweet, precious angel"....."my innocent lil girl". :)

  3. But you said, "What term he chooses to use after that doesn't even matter...." so I was just wondering if you were really serious.

    I suspect that if I were to suggest something "more naturally fitting like 'my little darling'.....'my sweet, precious angel'.....'my innocent lil girl' " your dad would want a word in private with me.