Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sweet Surprise


I stood in line fumbling with our lunch orders at Subway. Daddy 12in Italian BMT on Italian Herb & Cheddar bread with lettuce, tomatoes & light mayo.......with sun chips. Mine: philly steak whole grain wrap with lettuce, onion & green peppers. I kept checking my phone, silently wondering if these people could move any slower. I had 30 minutes before I had to meet Daddy. 

He's been gone on his vacation and found a hole in which to fit in some us time. His annual family vacation is 3 weeks at the end of the summer and when he is vacationing, our contact is limited, compared to our "normal". I struggled a lot last year with the separation, though he isn't geographically far from me, I miss the constant contact. This year has been easier, I still miss him incredibly, but I haven't felt the disconnect that seemed to paralyze me last summer. We are closer now, far more emotionally invested in 'us' might think that being the case, that I would struggle more with the separation now, but it's been the opposite. I know he needs his down time, I know he is enjoying time away with his children. Emails have been far more consistent this year than they were last; I can almost guarantee each morning when I wake that I will have an email from my favorite man in the world over 3 foot tall. :)  He has also called me several times this year......I had more calls week #1 this year than I had the entire duration of his vaca last year. It puts a smile on my face because I know that my Daddy is missing me just as much as I miss him; and no matter where he may be or how busy he is, he always makes me a high priority. I'm sort of spoiled in that aspect......and I l-o-v-e it.  :)

So when Daddy called to tell me he was going to return home for 2 days in the middle of his vacation, just to see me.......I was a happy little girl. :) He emailed on Wednesday to tell me he was leaving his vacation home Thursday afternoon, arriving home late Thursday night and would be seeing me first thing Friday morning. This made me all sorts of giddy until I began remembering the reasons inspiring this impromptu visit. 

You *really* don't want to know......

Nope, nope......

My lips are sealed........

OH ALRIGHT! It might have included phrases like:

"Shut up"
"They'll get the hell over it & so will you."
"Hey asshole! I AM YOURS! AKA my opinion matters more than random retards."
"Call back in 15min, I don't have time to ignore you now."
"Whether or not I defy you is entirely up to you, stop mandating stupid shit and we wont have to worry about defiance, now will we?"
"Hey Captain Obvious, I fix people, you fix software, capice?"

I know, I're astounded by my mouth. Stop laughing now! This is super serious........or so it is about to become for me. 



  1. My ass hurts thinking of what is coming based on this information. Good luck! Can you claim a hormonal imbalance?

  2. H.S.........Unfortunately I can NEVER use PMS or the sort as an excuse......he had my schedule down well and while he may be a tad more understanding during that week each month, he still holds me to high standards particularly with regards to respect for Him.

    I am *soooo* SORE :(

    1. Men just do not understand that sometimes we need to let out our frustration, and be a little bratty. Ha! Hopefully, this was a lesson you needed to guide you back down the right path. ((Hugs))