Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Friday, August 31, 2012

My Favorite Things

No, not raindrops on roses ~ or whiskers on kittens ~ not bright copper kettles ~ nor warm woolen mittens  :)  

Cute little catchy song & a great musical to watch on a rainy day... but nothing to do with this post.....well other than the fact that I am going to compose my *own* list of favorite things. Each partner in any relationship, whether romance or friendship or D/s, has a list of things about the other that they love. Physical characteristics, personality traits, cute lil quirks....all sorts of things that combine to make that person unique, desirable, and perfect for you. 

A friend recently asked me what it is I love about Professor and why I am so connected to my Top. So I started thinking and analyzing and here is the product of that internal dialogue.

My favorite things about my Dom......and not necessarily in any particular order. Enjoy!

#1: Intelligence: This particular trait is critical for me. There is nothing I hate more than a weak or ignorant man. I'm an intelligent girl and that often intimidates the men in my life and while I may enjoy that intimidation in my professional life, the last thing I want is for my Dom to be ignorant & intimidated by my intelligence. I enjoy picking my Professor's brain and love that he can challenge me intellectually. 

#2: His Career: Yes, you all know that he is an educator....but what he teaches is intriguing to me. Dr. Uber Geek is an affectionate pet-name I use from time to time, typically when I am giving him a hard time because I am oh so sweet :) Honestly, I've visited Professor on his campus and toured his building...and while my favorite memory of that day remains my good girl caning in his office :) ....I loved seeing what he has built professionally over the last 20 years. My Professor is a genius and I love that about him.

#3: Creativity: My personal favorite example of Professor's creativity was converted to a post here on my blog (Naughty Girl's Bill of Rights).....if you haven't yet read it, please do, you'll laugh. :) Professor is diabolically creative and though my innocent bottom has been victim to his creativity a time or is a character trait that I absolutely love in him.

#4: Intuitive: I've said it dozens of times, Professor always seems to know exactly what I need, whether or not I even know myself or can articulate it. His intuition went a long way in the beginning to solidify my trust in him and continues to reassure me today.

#5: His Voice: I l-o-v-e Professor's voice. It is deep, steady, silky-smooth. I'm confident I could pick the man from a line-up by simply hearing that voice. Dependent on his tone, his voice can elicit a response from calming to nervous panic. I actually have several voicemails that he has left me that I saved and can listen to when I'm having a bad day :) And of course, one particular message in a not-so-comforting tone that is set as my mobile ringtone to prevent my texting & driving. 

#6: His Eyes: Professor has gorgeous chocolate brown eyes and they are extremely expressive. He can easily communicate with me through his eyes alone, not a word spoken. Looking into his eyes is by far the simplest way to gauge his mood. In scene or when he is displeased, they are dark, set, piercing....when he is happy and content, they are warm, bright and inviting. It shouldn't be difficult for you to guess which I prefer.

#7: Dominant: I believe early on I coined the phrase "overwhelming dominance" to refer to is a spot-on description. In scene and out, he has a very commanding presence. Everything from his tone of voice, body language, measured reactions....everything about Professor is dominance in motion and it leaves me breathless when I am with him. Very seldom is he forceful, though he certainly can be & that could be fun in the right circumstance :) , he isn't an overbearing prick....he knows he doesn't have to be....I don't believe the man has ever had to *try* to be dominant....he just IS....and I love it. Simply being in the same room with Professor throws me into that submissive, 'naughty lil girl', 'young lady' mindset. 

#8: His Hands: Professor has very large "spanker's hands". He is a lefty, though he reassured me early on that he is 'ambispankstrous' When he spanks me, his hands are hard, strong, stinging implements of bratty bottom destruction. When they're entwined in my hair or stroking my arm they are gentle, loving and reassuring. When he snaps his fingers to grab my attention, it makes me jump. When he completely encircles my wrist or arm in his hand to pull me to my impending fate, I am aware of his strength, quickly transformed into a 'small' mindset and though nervous, reminded and comforted by the fact that I am *His*. 

#9: Sense of Humor: When I am not in trouble, Professor is actually *very* easy to talk to and he has a great sense of humor. We can talk and laugh about any number of things from our kids, careers, sports, politics, etc. He has a beautiful smile and infectious laugh. 

#10: Sadist: I have referred to Professor a few times on here as my favorite sadist. :)  He is a very caring man but I am transfixed when his inner sadist comes out to play. I actually enjoy watching this man transform from the calm, kind, loving man that the world sees into that demanding, intense & overwhelmingly dominant Disciplinarian that only I have the privilege of 'playing with' who truly enjoys punishing his girl for my own good and his pleasure. His tone of voice is deeper but soft, his eyes flash and darken as they focus on his naughty girl, he folds his strong arms across his broad chest and his entire body seems rigid, his lips set in a hard line......I feel absolutely helpless as I watch this but I can't seem to turn pulls at every fiber of my submissive core and I am swept up and lost in the moment with this man.....without a doubt, my Professor is my favorite sadist. :) 

So there you go Blogger.....10 things, in somewhat random order, that I absolutely love about Professor. I could go on and list even more......there are dozens of amazing things about my Dom that I have come to love, but this list of 10 are certainly my *favorite* things. 


  1. Any man who is intimidated by your intelligence could not BE your Dom. That would be a contradiction in terms, I think.

    I'm rather glad your Dom has a sense of humor, too. Make that really glad.

  2. I am glad he has a sense of humor as well Susan....not that it will help you and I out of trouble that we happen to cause together....but he will at least enjoy laughing *AFTER* he beats my ass. :)

  3. Do you think he would be amused if I pointed out that he said that you may not cut your hair, but never said that you could not dye it? Black hair with your green eyes would be striking. We could get you a new Goth wardrobe, too.

  4. I think I have mentioned that I am Cherokee Indian & Irish....I obviously got my hair color from my Irish roots....but my mother had very long black hair from the Indian side. :) Oh and one of my brothers wears only freaking black unless he is in his military I am sooo a no-go on the goth look. Lol.

    However, since I am all ears when it comes to naughty ideas....I think we could find temporary hair coloring right? Oh and some clip-on piercings to add an even more ridiculous touch to my new goth-wardrobe.....I have always wanted an excuse to wear chains on my

    I'd need someone to record this for me....I wouldn't forewarn him at all, Id just show up and 'run in' to him on campus. LMAO! I'd have to have it taped for two reasons: #1: In case he killed me, youd all have closure and know & #2: If by chance he let me live, once my poor bottom recovered, I'd want to re-live that shock on his face again and again.

    Susans' go-goth plan has been approved :)

  5. Temporary hair color isn't quite so temporary when you go a lot darker than your natural color (ask me how I know), so maybe a wig would be better. Are your ears pierced? We want to make it look like a lot of piercings. Maybe use ear cuffs. A nose ring, you gotta add a nose ring. Maybe a chain from the earring to the nose ring. Black lipstick and nail polish - I already have the nail polish (don't ask). Skull earrings, I think, and a ring, too.

    And I think it would be good to hire a professional photographer to ensure a high quality recording. And to ensure that you don't ask me to record it because I don't really think that I want to be too close when the Professor sees you. (That is not cowardice; it is enlightened self-interest.)