Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Monday, August 13, 2012


Random, possibly useless but entertaining facts about me

1) I am a middle child
2) Because my sperm donor doesn't believe in contraception, I have many siblings but I am closest to my two older brothers.
3) I don't drink coffee....never have
4) Can't stand chocolate
5) I'm a speed reader....quick learner....and have very rarely studied
6) Aside from English, I speak 4 other languages
7) I've not ever seen a Star Wars film....but I hate them anyway :) 
8) I'm petrified of spiders
9) If my career in emergency medicine didn't tip you off, I am an adrenaline junkie.....roller coasters, sky diving, bungee jumping.....all the usual suspects
10) I'm addicted to Yankee Candles
11) Though I cook it often, I wont eat Italian food (pastas, pizzas, etc = yucky)
12) I prefer to read real books than my E-Reader
13) Growing up, I hated the fact that my brothers got blue eyes and mine were green
14) Addition to #13, I wore color changing contacts throughout high school
15) I've not come across a video game that I felt compelled to play
16) Though I was the one who tolerated this parasite for 9 months and suffered through labor and 4yr old son looks nothing like me....the kid is an exact replica of his daddy
17) I go nowhere without my phone & eye liner
18) My first pet was a dachshund my mother bought me when I was 3.....he lived until I was 19
19) Addition to #18, I now have 4 of the little wiener dogs running around and my son calls them his 'brothers & sisters' :)
20) I'm fascinated by history.....early colonial American is a favorite
21) I watch very little TV unless it's CNN
22) I've not ever seen an episode of "Sex In the City"
23) I believe Kim Kardashian is a sociopath 
24) I love to travel
25) Yes, I cover my eyes when the music in a horror film indicated impending doom 
26) I have a fan on in my bedroom year round....and often a window cracked open too
27) Addition to #26, doing this in Alaska in January *really* pissed my husband off :)
28) I was married in Alaska.....on Denali
29) Addition to #28, I love hiking & mountain climbing 
30) I love the smell of Gain laundry detergent
31) I swam competitively in high school and college...until tearing my meniscus landed me in knee surgery
32) I believe conspiracy theorists have far too much time on their hands....FYI conspiracy theorists: Yes we landed on the moon, Oswald shot JFK & No 9/11 was not an inside job....Now please get a damn life
33) I used to love MTV....until they began sensationalizing 14yr olds having babies
34) I've played classical piano since I was 4
35) I shaved my head when I lost a bet in 6th grade :)
36) Addition to #35, If I considered doing this now, I'd be in BIG trouble
37) I sleep with an insane amount of a lil cocoon....surrounded by wiener dogs :) 
38) I'm addicted to designer handbags....meeting Professor has been a rehab of sorts :) 
39) I have a ridiculous amount of beanie babies....they sit in rubbermaid totes in my basement and have for years
40) Addition to #39, Reading The Velveteen Rabbit as a child convinced me that stuffed animals have I wont get rid of them
41) I'm a die-hard New England Patriots fan....and I'm from the midwest.....FYI, the Bears suck 
42) I'm not an emotional girl but the Humane Society commercials make me cry
43) I think people who hurt animals should be shot
44) Addition to #43, I'd happily do the shooting & I promise I wouldn't miss
45) I wont even go fishing because I feel sorry for the worms
46) I have always wondered why the slowest dead lock traffic of the day is called 'Rush Hour'
47) Similarly, I'm confused as to why we sterilize a needle for a lethal injection 
48) I absolutely love Christmas time.....the lights, shopping, music, it all
49) I wont take medication unless I am dying.....if I accept a Tylenol, I should probably be on a morphine drip 
50) I collect rare coins 

There you go Blogger.....50 random things you didn't know and probably didn't care to know.....but I warned you people early on, I am an over-sharer  :)  


  1. Do you have perfect pitch? I ask because I have read that people who have perfect pitch are more likely to have a talent for learning languages than the rest of the population. The only other person I've known who spoke 4 or 5 languages had perfect pitch, played classical piano, and was an MD.

  2. No ma'am, I don't. I've always blamed my ability to pick up foreign language, sciences & math on the fact that I learned to read and play music so young in life. It also helps that my aunt, who was instrumental in my upbringing, was an educator and introduced foreign language early on as well. She now does the same with my son.....the kid may have gotten his fathers looks, but he got his mommy's brain :)