Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Thursday, August 16, 2012

So Close, Yet So Far

3 freaking weeks since my last spanking and now just days before my Professor returns from his vacation and this was the *last* thing I wanted to see in my rear view mirror this evening!!! I swear to God there is no serious crime in Vermont or New Hampshire.....the police are always more than happy to become preoccupied with minor traffic offenses. Ughh. 

Professor has been gone 2 1/2 weeks now and will be home on Monday......I certainly hope a 3 week vacation returns him in a loving, forgiving mood. :) 

I *almost* behaved completely in his absence. I made it through week #1 without incident. Week #2 I had a late assignment issue and a hard-to-explain-but-I-was-sooo-wrong incident at work. Now here we are in week #3 and hooray, I've somehow managed to accumulate more trouble than I think I want. It really was my intent to behave perfectly so when he came home, I wouldn't be in I have tried very hard to be good and avoided a few certain catastrophes by disengaging in stressful I *almost* behaved like an angel. 

I wonder if Disciplinarians believe that 'almost' or 'close' only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades?!?!  :) 

Worse still, I think I may have dwarfed the actual offense that initiated this traffic stop with my freaking mouth. I swear to God, the second I rolled down my window, my filter broke. That little "shut up NOW Natalie" is totally defective.....if it is operable, its news to me because I did everything *but* shut my mouth. Why can't I learn to regret in advance......then as soon as a stupid idea came to my mind, I'd toss it aside instead of doing, or in this case saying, something completely mind-numbingly ignorant that is going to get me into trouble. Ughhh. Sure, it is amusing in the moment....get a little rush of adrenaline defying authority......but it literally takes like less than an hour for that to wear off before I really realize what it is I just got myself into. I think I need a muzzle! 


  1. I think that you have shown a lot of improvement. Don't Professors usually look at that?

  2. If I was not in the vehicle last night and hadn't heard what you said to that teenage trooper,id almost feel sorry for you.lmao. yepper youre screwed when ur proffy finds out the dialogue.but its worth a spanking cuz it was flippin hysterical.lov ya and good luck.oh and Mr strict professor sir please dont kill her,it really WAS hilarious,youd of died laughing if you were in the car with us :)


  3. uh oh.sounds like the imp is gonna have a sore butt when Professor gets back within reaching distance.oh wait hasnt he spanked you for traffic instances and your mouth toward authority before?like at least a couple times a piece?if i remember my reading correctly your Dom is about as fond of repeating himself as mine dont learn easy huh imp?girl i feel for you now,looked back to your last punishment for driving mishaps and defying authority and you got strapped good on your bare WET butt.doesn't a repeat lesson mean a more severe punishment spanking?ow and ouch is all that comes to mind.what can be worse than a hard strapping on a wet butt??maybe a loop strapping on a wet butt?i guess we will see when your professor gets his paws on you.good luck girl.and maybe you should tell your smart mouth to stop writing checks your ass has to cash.


  4. Susan....yes ma'am, improvement is good and is always noted. Actually, even when I am in trouble and about to get punished, Professor will often run through the list of improvements before lecturing me for recent offenses. Which actually is enough to make me *ask* to be spanked because the more I improve, the more I realize that I *do* know better and *chose* to do something wrong when I am capable of doing what I know is right. *sighs* I have no doubt this time will be similar in that Professor will tell me the things he is proud of me for doing right....right before I am upended across his lap and have to pay for this tiny instance of blatant ignorance.

  5. Kristina....FYI, Professor does occasionally read this blog sweetheart and since you're going to be role playing with He & I soon, watch what you say or it might come back to bite YOU in the butt! :)

    Now after warning you, I'm pretty brave to say this, but sshhh I still kind of think what I said was pretty damn hilarious too....but then again, I haven't yet had to tell Professor exactly what I said & my opinion may change on the humor of the situation....but yes, as of right now this moment, it was hilarious :)

    Next, don't worry, he wont 'kill' me....I belong to Him so he sort of values my :)

    Last Kristina, you are SO *wrong*....if Professor had been in the car, he most certainly would NOT have been laughing. If for some reason I had lost my mind and started to say any of it....he would have stopped it as quickly as it began. I can very easily see him pulling me out of the car & spanking me right there on the side of the road....and if because of the police presence, he chose not to spank me at that moment, I'm certain the first comment I made would have gotten: A)my thigh pinched , B)a very low,stern "Natalie Lynn" or C)got me slapped....regardless, the first comment would have been the last & I would have had to apologize to the trooper too.

    Honestly, if he had been in the car Kristina, I wouldn't have gotten pulled over because I would have been driving *extremely* carefully. And if for some reason I had gotten stopped, being a smart ass to the cop would have been the *last* thing on my mind....I probably would have started crying as soon as I saw the lights in the rear view mirror.

    Oh and as for your comment about it being funny enough to be 'worth the spanking'....I hope so but I'm not overly optimistic....I'm pretty sure once I tell him, he will make sure my smart ass tirade & that moment of humor is nowhere near being 'worth' the spanking he will surely give me.

  6. Cece....yes ma'am, I have been punished for both offenses multiple times. :(

    yes ma'am, my Dom 'loves' repeating himself as much as Rick does to you...which is *very* little.

    yes ma'am, when I make Professor repeat his lessons to me the subsequent punishment is always notably more severe. :(

    I actually *do* learn quickly in about anything aside from discipline...I don't think learning is the issue...Professor is a skilled educator, he very quickly taught me what is/isn't acceptable I learned early on...I guess I just occasionally *choose* to do what I know is *not* right because it is humorous in the moment...stupid, I know. *sighs*

    Yes ma'am, my last punishment repeat for driving & defiance was the wet strapping :( "ow" & "ouch" doesn't even begin to cover it! :(

    Last...Professor does read this blog at times...PLEASE remember that! Stop giving him ideas...he is creative all on his own...he *really* didn't need your suggestion of what possibility for punishment would be more severe than the wet strapping for making him repeat this *again*...I've been worried enough about what I did, just reading "maybe a loop strapping on a wet butt" like instantly turned my stomach. :( You better hope & pray that Professor does *NOT* see and/or consider that suggestion or I swear I'll kick you ass

  7. I was reading some of the questions on the US citizenship test for who-knows-what reason, and came across this one:

    What are two rights of everyone living in the United States?
    a) freedom to petition the government and freedom to disobey traffic laws
    b) freedom of worship and freedom to make treaties with other countries
    c) freedom of speech and freedom of worship
    d) freedom of speech and freedom to run for president

    Sorry, but "a" is NOT the correct answer. I don't know who wrote the test, but he must have had a sense of humor.

  8. Lol Susan....that's awesome. I unfortunately have a very different bill of rights than the rest of this country...and my diabolically creative Disciplinarian has the "right to be right." :)

    However, Professor isn't unreasonable....he has even given me permission to disobey traffic laws....lots of them, without consequence....within reason....that's the part that's going to get me into trouble, because I am *not* the one who gets to define "within reason"....He is.

    At least he does allow me to break them though, he could be an asshole and make me follow them to a tee....oh wait, he did that once when I was grounded and it soooo sucked and I whined and you've read enough of my blog to know how much my dear Professor loves Thankfully for me, he has only used that driving restriction punishment once....I really don't care to ever repeat it.

  9. Well, under the usual bill of rights, "c" would be correct. As I recall, the Professor's version does grant you freedom of speech as long as there are no naughty words. He did not address freedom of worship, but I doubt that he would object if you prayed for forgiveness, so I think that "c" would be correct under your revised bill of rights, too.

  10. Susan....I think I may call and put you on speaker phone so you can defend my naughty outburst....and I promise you can do so safely, I don't believe Professor is planning to travel west any time soon. :)

    He does grant me freedom of speech....minus the obscenities....which was one small error of many the other night. And no, I don't think he would care if I prayed for I might be more apt to pray for leniency and mercy than forgiveness at this point

  11. You are sure it is safe? Because a Top of my acquaintance is of the belief that an attorney (at least the female ones) should be subject to the same consequences as the actual offender. I'd be surprised if the Professor did not share that belief because they all seem to use the same handbook.

    Okay, let's plan our defense strategy. The devil made you do it? Maybe not - the Professor would likely turn out to be an exorcist, and I suspect we can guess what form of exorcism he would use. Kristina is a ventriloquist who was using you as her dummy - she was the one actually doing the talking. Blame someone else, a tried and true defense plan. Of course, it doesn't work too well if the client insists on telling the truth. That's out. Wait! I have it! Swallow the cranberry juice first, there you go. You have a newly identified form of dissociative disorder. Seeing the lights of a police vehicle and someone in a militaristic uniform calls forth a highly aggressive personality (let's call her Brunhilda) to do battle to protect your true angelic, shy, and retiring self. (I did warn you about cranberry juice.) I am sure that I will have no trouble finding a psychiatrist to testify to the existence of the Brunhilda personality - lawyers seldom have trouble finding experts to support a position. With this plan, YOU don't have to say a thing, thus no lies on your part. Of course, this plan still has the flaw we keep running up against - the Professor is still judge, jury, and executioner. But it might at least delay the inevitable for a time.

    Yep, after I wrote the last post, I thought praying for mercy, rather than forgiveness, would be more appropriate.

  12. Look what I just came across (entirely by accident) on YouTube.