Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Friday, August 3, 2012

Speaking the Language

Though the title implies verbal communication, this post is actually more focused on the non-verbal communication of a scene. You all know the old adage, 'actions speak louder than words.' Well, it's true. In fact, 77% of all communication is non-verbal.....and to an over-analyzing girl like me, it is the source of many triggers throughout a session or scene.

I am lucky enough to have found an amazingly effective communicator in Professor. The man is a thorough lecturer, in and out of the classroom. His deep voice, of course grabs my attention and dependent on his tone, can calm me or render me panicky & nervous. But his non-verbal communication is what gets him inside of my head. It is his actions, not his words, that completes the mind fuck. Unspoken communication perhaps says more than his words and will elicit reactions from me on many levels. 

The body language, the facial expressions, the subtlety of it all. 

The unspoken ways that Professor asserts his dominance and leaves me breathless when I am with him. 

The times he doesn't speak, because he knows he doesn't have to. 

When his actions capture my attention, rather than his words.....that is when his dominance will often overwhelm me, surrounding me, consuming me, and ultimately owning me.....and I absolutely love that.

Professor fluently speaks discipline-ese. He has incredibly expressive, dark, chocolate brown eyes. They give away his mood immediately......when he is happy, they are bright, open, welcoming & I can't turn away from them.....when he is displeased they darken and seem to put up a wall; which makes me want to turn my eyes away from his intense stare......when he is challenged, they narrow as if gauging that challenge and then flash even darker with a steely determination and grim resolve; seeing this makes me immediately regret trying to hold onto control & challenging him. I, myself, am a stubborn and determined girl by nature, and a lot of the time I am also a control-freak.....but when I seek to maintain control in a session or scene, simply seeing that unnerving flash of irritation & resolve in Professors' eyes will instantly subdue my defiant tendencies and cast my eyes down and away from his in a silent expression of my submission to him.

Professors' jaw is much the same as his eyes......there is a discernible difference between his jaw being relaxed or clenched. I have not ever had to 'guess' when it comes to this mans' mood.

When I seem to be distracted in a scene, he can and often does easily reclaim my attention without verbalization. His touch is the simplest way to achieve this......whether he swats or rubs his strong hand across my bottom, tucks his hand under my chin to tilt my face to his, tugs my hair to turn an ear toward him before whispering. Even Professor walking up behind me, as I stand in the corner, his very presence encroaching upon me, can make my head spin. As he leans in or hovers over me, I feel suddenly surrounded and overwhelmed by his dominance.......and I love it.

Of course his touch is not the single, solitary way to regain control of my focus. He will utilize my own senses of sight and sound as well.

Slowly unbuttoning and rolling his sleeve, snapping his belt, tapping a hairbrush against his hand, extending his arm to point at the corner, snapping his fingers & then pointing to his face to tell me to maintain eye contact as he speaks to me, pointing one of his fingers down at the floor beside him to tell me where he wants me to stand, curling a finger in that 'come here' gesture. Seeing any one of these things from him, in my peripheral vision, captures and enslaves my complete focus.

Hearing the slow unzipping of his implement bag but not being able to see what implement he is selecting, because my face is pressed to the corner.......or hearing him move a chair across the room.......hearing that distinct jingle of the buckle on his belt as he wraps it in the strong palm of his large left hand, allowing the leather in a doubled-over loop to sway freely at his side.......hearing the sound the fabric of his pants makes as he sits on a wooden chair.......hearing him turning on the water in the and close a is a never-ending list of sounds that effectively draw my attention to Professor and make my stomach knot with anxious anticipation.

Even his posture speaks silently to me. Professor is a tall and athletically built man. His posture could easily be intimidating. Whether his hands are on his hips, his arms folded across his chest, his chin perched atop his fingers as he thinks (by the way, I love watching this man think....his intellect is a big turn-on for me). I am always aware of and alert to changes in Professors' stance or posture when I am with him. Where we are or who else is present has no bearing on my natural reactions to his posturing; I wrote about a public incident involving this unspoken communication between Professor & I back in May (Rational Mind VS Submissive Heart).

Whether it is Professors' eyes, jaw and facial expressions.....his body language & posturing.....sights.....sounds......regardless of what form of non-verbal communication he chooses to utilize, I respond to it all. I'm helpless and unable to maintain the control of a session or scene.....I simply react to him. I make no decisions; and I love that. It is not simply power-exchange....I totally relinquish all control and simply trust Professor to take care of me.....and he does an amazing job of that. He is in control of everything, all of the time and any defiance I have is quickly quieted. Professors' actions and my own pre-wired reactions to them and to him, all seem to push much deeper than simple communication or awareness......they pull at that secret, submissive core deep inside of me. With Professor, and him alone, I am captivated by his dominance and rendered docile, malleable, passive, pliable.......his words but more so his actions, encourage me to simply acquiesce, completely surrendering control and inspiring unquestioned obedience & wholehearted, steadfast submission.


  1. funny how much is said when not a word is spoken. i totally agree with you on all of the sights & sounds. my dom gets into my head like that all the time.


  2. Quiet but effective, can't ask for much more in your Dom. Beautifully written as always. Love reading your posts. I envy you and the level of,connection you seem to have with your Professor.


  3. girly ur dom has got it goin on :)

  4. Cece....Yes, you're so right, a lot said without a word spoken

    Lindsay....Thank you for your kind comments :)

    Anon....Thanks, I like to think so :)