Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Craving His Control to say I am craving his control and feeling a little too free of discipline in his absence. Being a good girl, I told him so via email......and being the perfect Disciplinarian he is, he was happy to oblige me with long-distance discipline. 

Sweet right?

Yeah, aside from the fact that I seemed clueless to the fact that Professor is an educator! So any guesses on what my 'connecting activities' consist of? I now have an essay to write....perhaps I should have spelled out what I wanted instead of leaving it to his creative mind? Lol.....yeah right, he is in control.....even from a distance. 

All I am saying is be careful what you wish for ladies! 

I think regardless of how much I whine about writing, that assignment along with the two other things he insisted on, will do exactly what I had asked for. I will feel more connected to him. I will be able to feel his control and that is exactly what I needed right now. 

I actually really do enjoy feeling his control over me even when we are not together. Strange? Maybe to some people, but for me, I love it. I smile at different times throughout my day because I can feel his hold on me. I smile driving the speed limit, because it is Professor who insists on it. When I go to get my hair done and refuse to let my hairdresser chop it off, I smile because I know it is Professor who decided I'm not to cut it. His power and control over me far transcends our time physically together. My language, patience, driving......all had been altered by Him.....and I love to feel his grasp on me, because I am *His*. 

I am more than happy being *His*. Just that thought can calm me as much as his voice does.

No person seeks to control what they do not truly care for. We tend to value control over what we seek to protect.....our family, our career, our life. So I suppose his control is also some sort of reassurance to me. 

Regardless of the all of the 'why'......I felt disconnected and missed feeling Professor's firm hold on me and my behavior. I asked him for increased control and he provided that for me. :) Even 'long-distance discipline' is possible with that man inside of my head. 


  1. I was trying to conceive of how your Disciplinarian might impose long distance control if he were in another profession. I suppose if he were a lawyer, he could have you read and brief cases on contract law. Not only would it take you time to wade through - I mean "read" - the cases, by the time you had finished you would be nearly unconscious from boredom. Comatose people don't tend to get into trouble, do they?

    I'm really not making fun of you because I know you need him and miss him.

  2. Susan.....LOL! You made me laugh so hard.....and then cringe at the very thought of reading contract law. Lol. Contractual crap and Estate Law is what turned me off of my legal ambitions early in my undergrad. The stuff is as interesting as watching paint dry....and that may be too generous. :) I dont know how you all do it every day.

    As for Professor....don't start giving him ideas! He doesn't have to be an attorney to assign some horrific task like that.....remember dear, he is my favorite *Sadist*. If he reads this idea he may utilize it for future punishment :(

    I do miss him....a lot. Kind of an unbalanced feeling not having him to call just But I am getting emails and he did try to call (though I missed it :( ). He works far too much so I am glad that he takes this time for himself each summer....its good for him and for his kiddos too. :)

  3. I don't. I never was involved with contracts. Other areas of law can be quite interesting. I retired years ago because my arthritis got so bad.

    I hadn't thought of his using it as future punishment. Maybe I can appeal to his better nature. (Note to self: research whether sadists have a better nature.)

    Please, Sir, don't make her read contract law. Or at least save it for when she does something really terrible like committing murder or burning down the state house.

    I think I'd better stop with that before he thinks (correctly) that I am whining.

    When you talk about all he does it reminds me of an old saying: If you want something done, ask a busy person.

  4. I had thought I'd enjoy prosecuting idiots.....and I love to argue (just a lil bit) so getting paid to do it sounded great.....the problem is to be able to prosecute idiots, I would have had to go through this whole law school requires being bored by contracts, torts, estate crap, etc.

    Hmm burning down the state house....I hadn't thought of that one before. :) Are you sure you want to stay out of practice girly? :)

    Yes, sadists have a better nature...well, the good ones anyway....i.e. MINE :)

    I tell Professor all the time that I have no idea how he does everything he does in a day. He is definitely a juggler.

  5. Funny how this works, right? I can easily get irritated by my Dom when we are together and it seems like he is being overly controlling. But then when we aren't together or he goes away on business for a week or whatever, then I actually get sulky missing his firmness and control. Until I read this post you wrote, Imp, I thought I was a bipolar brat! :) Lol!


  6. There are certain areas of law that are so basic, so much the foundation that you just need to learn them, boring or not. I think it is analogous to learning basic anatomy. I cannot imagine getting excited by memorizing all the bones, muscles, nerves and so on, but how can you practice medicine if you don't know a metacarpal from a metatarsal?

    I don't have to stay out of practice, but if you burn down the state house, it could get sticky since I brought it up in the first place.

    I think that some people secretly get an extra 6 or 10 hours shoved into the day.

  7., you aren't bipolar...I promise. :) I think we all have our moments when our Dom gets under our skin or we don't agree with them but the old adage "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" is soooo true :) I can't wait to see Professor when he gets back. :), well we could get a 2 for 1 deal on legal fees and you could defend us both :) I will warn you in advance though, that Professor is *not* a very lenient judge....he isn't much for capital punishment, but he is VERY fond of corporal punishment....which at the times, especially if he applies his belt or our strap to a wet bottom, can seem worse than capital punishment :) lol