Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Friday, September 26, 2014

Gentle And Rough


Oh yesss!

How incredibly accurate a statement. :)

I am the kind of girl who can appreciate both his gentle and rough sides.

The contrast between the two is quite mesmerizing.

On one hand I have my loving, tender, doting Daddy who can envelop me in an embrace that I long to stay in forever. The amazingly warm man with a sense of humor and the most amazing smile who softly tussles my hair, opens the door for me, and calls daily just because he knows it puts a smile on his little girl's face.

On the other hand I have the strict, stern, rigid disciplinarian. The formidable Top that holds me to the highest standards and accepts no excuses. The physically imposing Dom who will pin me to a wall, yank my face up to meet his by a firm fistful of my hair, and strap my naughty ass raw for hours on end. The man with the dark, steely eyes and penetrating glare that stops me in my tracks. The man whose voice, regardless of volume, causes my heart to race and my eyes to well with tears.

Such polar opposites. But both equally important sides of the man I love, adore and offer my submission to. Simply intoxicating. Mmmm.

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