Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Which part/phase of a spanking is your favorite and why? Before, during or after? mean I have to pick *just* ONE?
Personally, I have an obsession with each phase of the process and all of the little sub-phases that exist within them. I am, obviously, a true spanko at heart. So I couldn't possibly select *just* ONE. But since the question was posed, I will divulge some of what I find appealing about each.
I am *very* rarely spanked immediately for an infraction. As my Daddy Dom and I do not reside together and both manage to juggle our relationship alongside busy family and professional lives. So, most often, I misbehave and am scolded and sentenced to a punishment spanking to take place at a later date and time. From the moment my sentence is passed down, I am acutely aware of one bottom!
From the time I have transgressed until the time I am held accountable can vary from days to months, schedules depending. I always confess immediately, and Daddy often calls me relatively soon after to begin the first phase of my punishment.....scolding. My Dom is a professor, so the man is a verbose lecturer, both inside and outside of his lecture halls. I always hesitate in even answering his call when I know I am in trouble. His deep, steely voice has a way of invading every essence of my being. Many times, his tone alone has rendered me breathless.....and we could well be miles apart.
A metallic tasting lump will appear at the back of my throat causing me to meekly whimper out any response he may solicit. My heart will race almost as much at this time as it will when I am about to go over his strong, capable lap. I will listen closely as he chastises me and nervously chew the corner of my bottom lip. My eyes will inevitably swell with unshed tears if I detect even a hint of disappointment in his voice. And throughout it all, my bottom will tingle in anticipation.
When the day finally arrives that I am to be held accountable for my actions, I will be a mess of emotion. Ecstatic that I am to spend my day with my father, nervous about the looming punishment, guilt-ridden about whatever offense I may have committed, anxious to pay for my mistakes and be forgiven.
I always arrive hours ahead of time and prepare.....myself, the room, the implements. I pace nervously and will cry several times before his arrival ensuring I apply my eyeliner at least 4 times that morning. My bottom is centered in my mind as I drift back to my last punishment session. I will replay a broken record of self lecture in my head for whatever misdeed earned me this sorting out. And I will wait.......a nervous, anxious, emotional stomach turning, my heart fluttering and my bottom tingling. It is a deliciously mixed feeling of anticipation combined with pending doom that literally seeps into my very pores and pulls at my inner submissive core.
Though my initial lecture has taken place some time ago, when Daddy arrives, I will not be spared having to endure it again, this time.....face to face. He will insist on eye contact and immediately reprimand any attempt by me to look away from his penetrating glare. My Daddy is a physically imposing man and he will utilize this to pin me to a corner, his body now mere inches from my own as he whispers his discontent in my ear, his breath hot on my neck rendering me again breathless. His voice, his eyes, his body language all project his overwhelming dominance and I am awestruck and helpless in his presence. This feeling of helplessness and complete adoration consumes me and turns me on like nothing else.
He will pace around the room as I watch helplessly. He will scan my list of offenses and test the sting of waiting implements. Though I am a ball of nervous energy teetering on panic right now, I will not be able to look away. He is absolutely intoxicating to me when he is all-business and at his sadistic best. I am but a moth to a flickering candle in these moments. He is incredibly attractive but put a strap in his hand and he is mesmerizing. I am still anxious and nervous but a sudden inner calm has come over me now, I know I am safe, and I can not resist taking in every sight, sound and sensation of this moment in time with this man to whom I belong.
I could and have lost my train of thought or purpose behind motion many times when I catch a glimpse of Daddy preparing to blister my naughty bottom. All of the little triggers for me like his removing his belt, flexing a cane or switch, folding a cord, running his large hand over a paddle, slowly unbuttoning and rolling his sleeve neatly to his elbow on his left arm.......they quite literally stop me in my tracks and hold my attention captive.
I dread the coming punishment and welcome it at the same time. To me this is a part of "us" and there is little in this world that I treasure more than "us." Every nerve ending in my body is in over-drive as I await my well-deserved punishment. I am focused on Him and nothing else during this time. I anxiously await the intense pain I know is on the horizon as much as I long for the resolution it will bring and the tenderness that will surely follow.
For all of the aforementioned reasons........BEFORE is one of my 3 favorite phases.  :) 

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