Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Sunday, September 21, 2014



Which part/phase of a spanking is your favorite and why? Before, during or after? mean I have to pick *just* ONE?
Personally, I have an obsession with each phase of the process and all of the little sub-phases that exist within them. I am, obviously, a true spanko at heart. So I couldn't possibly select *just* ONE. But since the question was posed, I will divulge some of what I find appealing about each.
Immediately following my spanking I will be sent back to the corner. I am not allowed to rub or soothe my burning bottom during this time. I will stand there crying softly, shifting my weight from foot to foot as my Daddy watches me intently. I can literally feel his eyes on me and it makes my head spin and my heart skip a beat.
As I slow my breathing, I am to be thinking through each offense I was just held accountable for and how I will correct that undesirable behavior going forward. Daddy will question me during this time and failure to answer him audibly, immediately or to his satisfaction will result in swift, harsh paddle swats to my bruised, battered bottom.
Thinking of anything aside from the pain is incredibly difficult right now. I have been punished, harshly and thoroughly. Being a pain slut comes to my detriment when it is time for true punishment because in order to insure it is a deterrent, it must be severe.
My body hurts, my mind is in free fall somewhere between subspace and reality. My bottom and thighs are throbbing and begging to be soothed. The skin stretches taut with even the slightest movement causing me to wince.......a precursor of the days to come.
I was a bad girl. I displeased my Dom and he punished his errant girl. He tested my limits, he pushed past my threshold and made his point.......and now he spends his time ushering me back from that place safely, securely to him.
He will call me to him and scoop me up into his strong arms, pulling me close to his chest. I will rest my head against him and listen to the rhythmic beat of his heart as I sob softly and express my remorse. His touch is tender now and it completely melts me. The same rigid hands that mere minutes ago were so harshly assaulting my naughty bottom will now cup it gently and massage some of the residual sting away. The guilt, anger, frustration and doubt are gone now and for a moment in time I feel whole again. Complete. Content.
My punishments are long, harsh events and even the slightest touch to my bruised bottom or thighs hurts insanely now, despite that I will press back to meet his touch. He will hold me tightly and assure me of his forgiveness as he runs his fingers through my flowing red hair. If it was an especially severe session, he will slowly guide me down across his lap again and gently apply lotion to my bottom. His touch during the aftercare absolutely melts me. I love the way he loves me.
We will spend the next hour or so together like this. A daddy holding his little girl and reassuring her that the slate is now clean, all is forgiven. There is not a place in this world where I feel more safe and secure and loved than in my Daddy's strong arms. It is an amazing sort of small feeling that I have absolutely come to love and adore.
The next several days will be memorable. The pain will radiate and remain a constant reminder of my chastisement. I will sit, walk, lay very gingerly for the next week. Daddy and I talk daily and he will inquire about the state of my bottom often.
The marks....oooh the marks  :)  I truly adore wearing my Dom's marks upon my flesh. I have spanko girlfriends who will want pictures within the week now that I have been punished. And I, myself, will look at the welts and bruises several times a day and beam from ear to ear with pride. At night as I curl up in bed, I will gently trace my fingertips across the very prominent welts and smile as I think back to how intoxicating my Daddy was in scene.
Though I know my misbehavior or lapses in judgment precipitated the spanking, now that it is over I can smile looking back on it. Naturally I would prefer a harsh spanking for absolutely no reason at all so the emotional baggage was not present. Even so, my punishment spankings are truly a gift from my Daddy to me. I hate to let him down or disappoint him and having a way to pay for those errors rather than having unresolved issues between us is a beautiful thing. The pain is incredible but the true deterrent will remain the knowledge that I let him down. I will move forward now knowing I have been held accountable, my Daddy has forgiven me and I am still his good little girl. I know the spankings and the discipline fuel our kink but they also are helping to improve my life and happiness. At the end of the day, even the worst punishment, is still an amazingly wonderful experience.
Ahhh.......the minutes, hours and days after a good, sound spanking. From the immediate aftercare that transforms my sadist into a doting father once more to the fading marks & tenderness but long-lasting lessons......there are too many reasons NOT to love the after phase of a spanking. All of the aforementioned are simply a handful of the reasons that the After Phase is one of my 3 favorite parts of a spanking.  :) 

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