Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Naughty With 99% Chance of Bad Girl

So this is the subject of the email I sent today to Professor: Naughty with a 99% Chance of Bad Girl. Lol...cute, right? I woke up in a sassy mood and then after a few interactions and reading some news that made me very angry....I was just downright naughty and headed quickly for bad. Professor was busy at work but saw my email and sent me an is our brief log of IMs:
HIM: Call me on the land line noon - 1:45pm
ME:  Good afternoon to you too Professor
ME:  Miss me that much? Or did you read my email?
ME:‎  Hmmm....silence.....Im guessing that the answer is the latter rather than the   former. Dang it...see what happens when Im a good girl and inform my disciplinarian...tsk tsk
HIM: I repeat: Call me on the land line noon - 1:45pm
ME:  Hooray, we both know how much you repeat yourself
ME:  Ok ok Ill stop. I think Ive got it all out of my system now.....if not may I plead insanity?
See??? Definitely NAUGHTY! :) I called him....even naughty isn't completely stupid. All my smart ass comments...witty, naughty remarks...sass and attitude   every bit of it dissipated the moment he spoke. "Wow, the IMs you sent while ignoring my request for you to call me were something're in quite a mood, aren't you?" He asked, still chuckling at me. I smiled, "Yes Sir." I could virtually 'hear' the smile on his face...see, even my strict Professor has a sense of humor and can tolerate a little innocent sass from his brat every once in a while.
We talked for less than 10 minutes....but it was long enough for me to fill him in on everything, and long enough for him to give me a warning to behave. Just hearing his deep voice....reset immediately. I could be in about any mood.....pissed off, annoyed, angry, bitchy, naughty, furious.....any mood at all and the second I hear that man's voice, POOF.....I am calm, relaxed, focused & happy. I love the effect he has on me. His voice can startle me, make me pout, make my heart race, make me cry but it much more often can make me smile, make me laugh, calm & focus me, reassure me and chase away any chance of naughtiness. :) L-O-V-E it! Happy Professor makes a very happy half-naughty good girl! :)

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