Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Slow Down,Careless Mistakes&Blueberry Beer


All morning Ive been shifting back and forth behind the podium, hoping to my audience I still appear confident, educated, prepared. Gazing out into the pool of academics I can see that some of them may sense my uneasiness and I reassue myself that they likely think Im nervous about addressing them. My own mind obviously knows the root cause of this almost squeamish feeling. I have spoken publicly and taught numerous times, and it doesnt ever bother me. I finish speaking and open the floor for a brief Q & A session; my panic rising by the moment. Im nervous, and cant recall a time I have been this worked up inside. After finally exchanging pleasantries and contact information, I am walking out of the building to begin my drive.

I dont have to go far, less than 10 minutes actually. I arrive and go in to check into the hotel but am told that I can not until atleast 1130a; it is only 1015am. So knowing I have time to kill, I decide to go back a couple exits and try to silence my mind by shopping. I browse through the handbags, the jewelry, the clothes.....looking for any impulsive purchase I can make to calm myself. No such luck. Its a futile fight and I leave the store empty handed to return to the hotel.

Entering the room I am sick. I turn on the tv to CNN for background noise and send a text to confirm the room number with Professor. I pace back and forth. I sit on the bed and press a pillow to my face to scream into it. I am so scared. I knew when Professor told me to arrive first that Id be feeling this way. I wouldnt have the control of knocking on the door this time. I was here, he was on his way and I was scared. So scared.

We had planned a session to address my attitude but immediately after our last session, I got pulled over for speeding which was one topic of many driving lapses the previous punishment was to address. I cried when that cop pulled me over; I knew I was in big trouble. I confessed to him immediately on the phone and apologized profusely. He grounded me and said that we would address this little lapse at the start of our next session. Id sent him an email asking him on a ten scale, where he rated this offense. His answer was short.....8. Yep, I knew I was in for it this time. How could I have been so careless? Especially right after being spanked for it days before. I wouldve given anything in that moment to go back in time and have a do-over. I knew I was going to have to face him and answer for it.......soon....very soon.

I sat on the bed again, my legs underneath of me and a pillow pressed to my chest. The confidence long gone. Im sure I looked as pathetic as I felt. A very nervous girl waiting to hear her father's footsteps as he came to discipline his naughty daughter. That whole, "just wait til your father gets home" situation......prior to this day, Id never experienced it and actually laughed and thought my friends were over-reacting or being big babies when they were concerned about going home to face their dad when they'd done something wrong. Now, sitting here in that same position, I realized they werent being overly dramatic.....they were scared. And now, so was I. This sucked....alot.

Wondering why he hadnt texted yet or arrived, I stand up to grab my phone and see "error:message not delivered". 'Oh fuck!' I yell out as I dial his cell phone number as quickly as I possibly can. His voice unnerves me even more as I tell him of the error text and instruct him where to park, what door to enter and what room he can find his naughty little girl in. I wait about 5mins after the call ended and my phone rings again, it is Professor. I answer and hear the displeasure in his voice, "Door D is locked so come down and let me in." My heart is in my throat as I rush down to open the door for him. "I.....I um forgot something in my car, Ill be right back." I mumble as he steps inside the door, glaring at me.

"What did you need to get from your car?" he asks. I simply hold up the ticket to him and try to walk up the stairs but his hand outstretched stops me. "Did you not pay attention to this sign on the door?" he asks while tapping the plate on the door as I read it, 'All doors are secured for your safety. You will need your room key to re-enter the building.' I honestly hadnt even noticed it, big mistake. I look up at him hesitantly, "Im sorry Professor, I didnt see it." His stare intense, jaw set as he speaks again, "I see. You knew I would be here to punish you for your behavior and you didnt think it was important enough to pay attention to details and make sure nothing went wrong Natalie Lynn?" His voice is elevated and I can see housekeeping down the hall from where we stand in the staircase and my only thought is he did warn me that he wouldnt hesitate to spank me in public if it was warranted. My mind is in a panic. I look up at him pleadingly, determined that if I am ever going to maintain eye contact it has to be now. "Im so sorry Professor. I guess it just slipped my mind because I was so nervous. Im really sorry. I promise it wasnt intentional Sir." Scanning his face for any hint of softening. "I have no doubt it wasnt intentional Natalie Lynn. Thats not the point. You have to learn to slow down and not overlook small things that can cause big issues. Understood?" I nod my head and offer a, "Yes Sir." He sighs as he steps to the side so I can walk past him, "We will discuss this before our session even begins. Take me upstairs Natalie." I breath a sigh of relief that Ive escaped an impromptu stairwell spanking, and rush up the stairs with Professor on my heels.

Once inside the room, I sit down on the bed and clutch a pillow to my chest and try to slow my breathing. "Put it down" he barks. I continue to blink, trying to force back the tears welling up in my eyes as I sit it down on the bed. "Stand up" he orders and I quickly do as I was told. Standing infront of him I feel incredibly small and incredibly nervous. My hands fidgeting at my sides, my eyes on the floor. "Look at me Natalie. Who is over there? Not there, not over there.....right here. You will look at me when Im speaking to you. Clear?" I take a deep breath and raise my eyes to meet his as I whisper, "Yes Sir." I *hate* seeing that look on his face and I know he knows this. I am regretting my speeding and now my rushing and being forgetful. Small...very small.

"I told you to be here in this room, on that bed waiting for me to come and punish you at noon young lady. I would think you would have done everything possible to make sure you didnt add anything to this punishment. Instead I get here and you not only are careless in forgetting how I couldnt enter the building but then you brush past me to go to your car to get the ticket. You knew that ticket was the first thing we would discuss so I dont know how you forgot it. You need to slow down Natalie and pay attention to small details." I know he is right and Im pretty irritated with myself for being so forgetful. "I know youre sorry Natalie but I can not let this go. So now you're going to be punished for all of these little careless mistakes before we begin our session as planned. Come here. Pants down and over my lap now."

Seconds later I am upended across his strong lap and he is expressing his displeasure in the way I learn the best. He only swats a couple times with his hand and then begins to apply a brush quickly. It stings, alot. The last session he spent quite a while spanking me otk with his hand and though it stung like crazy, it almost prepared my bottom for the wooden implements to come. This time, no such luck. My breathing is as rapid as his swatting. "Im sorry Sir. Im sorry." The swats continue to fall down another minute or so before he directs me to the corner, my pants tangled around my ankles.

"Come here young lady." I turn, expecting to see him in the chair but instead, find him standing infront of the window. I slowly walk over and stand next to him.....feeling incredibly small. His strong arm reaches across me and pulls the drapes back so we are now standing looking out at the interstate. He standing tall, confident, his arms folded across his chest as he looks out. I, right next to him, my pants enttangled around my ankles, my eyeliner smudged, my long hair in disarray, my head lowered as I remain quietly standing next to small. "In your profession Natalie it is vital that you pay attention to even the smallest detail. Imagine the doctors you spoke to this morning, driving on that freeway. If they happened to glance up and see you standing here, next to me, pants around your ankles, like a naughty girl who just got her bare bottom spanked by her father.....what do you think they would think? What would they say? What would you say?" Im unsure if his question is rhetorical so I remain tight-lipped as he continues. "Oh he was coming to discuss my stupid misbehavior with me and I just ignored all the small stuff and then the best part, I made him wait for me in the stairwell while I had to go to my car to get the ticket I had forgotten too." he mocks. His tone of voice attempting to impersonate me is kind of funny but I know better than to laugh at him right now. "Im sorry Sir. I didnt mean to do it. I just wasnt thinking. I promise it wont happen again Sir."

"I want you to come sit up here for a minute so we can talk Natalie." he says as he walks acros the room to the dresser and pats its solid top. I follow him and sit on top of the dresser as he sits on the foot of the bed and looks at me. "Natalie I am not unreasonable. I dont expect perfection. What I do expect is effort. Clear?" I look at him and answer, "Yes Sir." His look stern but not angry as he continues, "If this speeding had happened 6 months from now, I would probably take it uch more seriously and personally and be very disappointed. I am not happy about it Natalie but I can see the effort youre making to improve so while I may be upset about it, I am not disappointed because I see the effort. Does that make sense to you?" Fighting back the urge to cry because that has been my biggest concern since the lights were flashing in my rear view mirror. I *hate* to disappoint and Professor is starting to mean more and more to me each day. I truly respect this man. I look up to him, admire him, want to please him. "Yes Sir. Thank you Professor." His eyes soften for a second in acceptance of my gratitude, then just as quickly his face returns to that of a determined, agitated disciplinarian intent on teaching his naughty daughter an important lesson.

He rises from the bed and calls me over to the chair again. "I want you to bend over the back of this chair, feet shoulder width apart, hands flat on the seat. Do not make the mistake of moving out of position Natalie Lynn." I do as instructed and offer a, "Yes Sir." I know from reading the blog of his last naughty girl that he is going to paddle me.....hard. The only thing I do not yet know is which paddle he will select for the job. "Stay there and dont move" he barks as I hear the door open and close. My mind is spinning.....where is he going? is only March, surely he cant be going to cut a switch......oh God please dont let him be cutting a switch. The door opens and closes again, he says nothing but continues to seach through bags and items. "Have you misplaced something Sir?" I ask, hoping to be helpful. WHAAACK WHAAACK WHAAACK. Im surprised by the rapid placement of 3 heavy swats on my bottom. "Natalie Lynn, what is the rule about speaking when you're being punished?" I cant believe how forgetful Im being today, I know this rule and it isnt a new rule to me. "Speak only when spoken to. Answer Yes Sir and No Sir unless you ask for elaboration and if that is the case then I am to answer immediately Sir." I ramble off and shift from foot to foot trying unsuccessfully to ease the intense burn in my bottom.

His large hand slaps down a paddle infront of my face on the chair and he places a piece of paper on top of it. "I want you to number this page when I tell you to begin and each swat I apply I want you to count and then alternate, odds and evens, between I will not make my disciplinarian repeat his lessons and I will take steps to improve my behavior. Understood? And you better write neatly. Understood?"  I sigh and answer a quick, "Yes Sir." Im still unsure of which paddle he is using on my it his or is it mine? Whichever it is, oh my God does it burn. He pauses after each swat for me to write. After 8 heavy, hard swats I begin to write slower, hoping for more time to recover in anticipation of the next swat. After 15 very firm swats have found their mark he takes the paper and instructs me to go back to the corner.

I stand in the corner and try desperately to ignore the awful burn in my bottom. I press my forehead against the cool plaster and wish hard that I could place my punished cheeks against its cool surface. "Come here Natalie Lynn." his voice so deep, so calm, so piercing. I walk over to the table where he is standing and has pulled the end table up to it and tells me to sit on it. "I am going to give you 15 minutes to write a paragraph about the importance of each of those two sentences. You have very little space so you better think it through and make sure you get your point acrossed in that space or I will paddle you again. Understood?" I shake my head, "Yes Sir. Um Sir, do you want me to print it or write it in my lovely doctor scribbles?" I snicker slightly as I ask. "Stand up now." His voice echoed and was elevated, sharing his displeasure. I slowly rose to my feet, scared and regretting my witty remark. WHAAACK WHAAACK WHAAACK WHAAACK. I bite my lip to not squeal as his paddle again connects with my sore bottom and thighs. "The right time and place Natalie; and this is clearly not the right time for your wit. Clear?" he questions as he tucks his hand under my chin, raising my face up to his eyes. "Yes Sir. Im sorry." I pout slightly, hoping he sees the genuine regret on my face. "You have 15minutes young lady."

I finish writing and send him a text message and my phone rings. "The key wont work to open the door. You may pull up your pants and come open the door for me." I giggle slightly and hurry to let him in, wondering if he would have seriously made me come let him in without pulling my pants up. This man has been able to completely mind fuck me in such a short span of time. His dominance is almost overwhelming. With him I feel so small, but not in a bad or degraded sort of way. I feel a good small. A little girl in the presence of her father....being called on her coyness, her lack of discipline, her sass.....being cared for enough to be corrected, to be taught, to be punished. Trusting, safe, secure, cared for. Vulnerable but protected....if even from myself. Truly cared for and I love it.

As we return to the room he reads over my writing. "I want you to text these paragraphs to Lauren, she needs to learn from your mistakes too. While youre typing I want you to be thinking of someone you can call in a bit. I dont care if it is one of your friends, brothers, maybe Brad.....I dont care who it is but I think it is important for you to have to tell someone else that you are being punished for your behavior. For you to assure them that your irresponsible behavior is going to be changing and youre being held accountable. Clear?" Nervous but completely trusting in his judgements and determined to submit to any punishment he chooses to administer, I agree, "Yes Sir." After sending the texts I am sent back to the corner.

"Come here. What is this word above my pen?" I walk out of the corner over to him at the table and look down at my writing. S-p-a-k-e-d. I giggle as I realize I forgot the 'n' in of all words, the word spanked. He grabs hold of my wrist and sits in a chair, pulling me down across his lap. SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT His hand rapidly spanking my hot bottom. "Another careless mistake caused by youre not slowing down and paying attention. Spell the word Natalie Lynn." he commands as he continues his assault on my bottom. "S p a n k e d spells spanked. S p a n k e d spells spanked." He accentuates each letter with a swat. My face has to be as red as my bottom. "Back to the corner, now." I rise off of his lap and again scurry to the corner. I hear him moving around behind me, the water running in the bathroom. Pressing my face to the wall again I feel his touch. He is inspecting my bottom and thighs and softly runs a cool, wet washcloth across my left sit spot and thigh where my skin had broken during my paddling. I had noticed it when I got up to go let him back into the building but didnt say anything to him because I didnt think it was a big deal and I know some men will freak out about such things and end a session. He said nothing to me, just gently wiped my tender skin as I closed my eyes and remained quiet. He stepped away but then returned handing me my cell phone. "Have you decided who to call?" I think but havent chosen so ask, "Do you have a preference Sir?" He answers, "It is up to you Natalie. Do you want to call Brad?" I scan my contact list for his number and call but get his voicemail and leave a message for him letting him know I am being punished today and will be changing my behaviors. As I hang up and hand my phone to Professor, he says, "Good girl." I hearing that from him.

"Turn around." his voice close behind me as I stand facing the corner. I slowly turn and see in his hand is the rubber looped strap. I swallow hard and blink back my tears. I look hesitantly up at him, pleading with my eyes, begging for anything but this implement. Im scared. "Your sister told me you joked with her about leaving this implement at home today so you can thank her for what youre about to get." Im mad.....furious.....pissed off. "Oh that little bitch." The words escape before I can stop them and I can hardly believe what Ive just hear myself say. My fear is ten fold now. I begin to shake. "WHAT?" his voice a commanding yell. "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?" I swallow several times, eyes locked on the floor, too scared to speak, to move, forgetting to breath. Not knowing what to expect and shocked that I could let that slip infront of him. My mind is in a he going to slap me?.....wash my mouth out with soap?.....paddle me again?......Id deserve any one of the three right now, actually probably deserved all of the 3. I am surprised at myself and as remorseful as I am nervous. "I heard what you said." the volume of his voice lowering as he takes the loop and walks past the table. I remain quiet but follow.

"Place your palms on the wall and bend slightly at your hips to push your bottom out." I do as I am told, too scared to disobey him now even if I do hate this implement. I know I deserve this and would be willing to accept anything to be back in his good graces after that incredibly ignorant slip up. "What did you say Natalie Lynn?" I speak, concentrating so my voice doesnt crack, "I said the b word Sir." He sighs audibly, "SAY THE WORD" the volume of his voice making me jump and leaving no doubt as to his anger in my choice of words. "bitch" I whisper barely audibly. CRACK! The first swat catching my upper thighs, below my sit spots and penetrating deeply. The burn is immediate. "Say it AGAIN." he orders. I fight back the tears and urge to apologize profusely and beg him not to use this implement, "bitch". CRACK CRAACK CRAACK. Three well placed and quick swats with the loop fall one right after the next. I bite my lip to prevent my crying out. My head dizzy with the pain. This implement is absolutely unforgiving. Id prefer hundreds of strokes with a cane than even 2 with this loop strap. The belt is by far the most psychologically effective and is physically intense but this loop strap is absolutely the most physically painful. The welts rise instantaneously. CRAAACK CRAAACK CRAAACK CRAAACK CRAAACK CRAAACK CRAAACK CRAAACK. I pull my hands away from the wall as 8 more very rapid swats descend on my angry bottom and thighs. Quickly realizing Ive moved, I immediately return to my position and hope this act of submission will work in my favor. The pain is incredible and Im quickly losing my battle to remain a "tough girl" and refuse to cry. Another 7 swats bite into my skin and I whimper audibly but remain in position, determined to submit and accept my well-deserved punishment. Each searing swat inflicting such an intense pain immediately and wrapping around and biting into the side of my hip. A few tears escape my eyes and Im shaking, whimpering. CRAAACK CRAAACK CRAAACK CRAAACK Finally, after applying four more harsh, unforgiving swats he sits the loop down and called me over to the chair and Im back over his knee.

His hands slowly and gently massaging a cool ointment onto my bottom. I steady my breathing and praise myself for being a good girl and accepting my punishment when his voice shakes me again. "I am only doing this to prepare your bottom for my belt Natalie Lynn. The belt has an impact on you and right now, you need a belt whipping. Understood?" I hang my head and another tear falls as I whisper, "Yes Sir." He finished massaging and softly pats my aching bottom...."Up". I slide off of his lap and follow him over toward the bathroom where I see his well-worn belt draped across the luggage rack. Im atleast relieved that he doesnt wear this belt, part of the panic caused inside of me by the belt is the unnerving sound it makes as it is unbuckled and pulled through its loops.

"There is one of these in almost every hotel room and after today you will not ever look at one the same again. This is a luggage rack but it makes a wonderful tool to have a naughty girl lie across to get her bare bottom whipped soundly with a belt. Lie across it Natalie." he instructs as he lifts his belt and snaps it. The sound makes me flinch and I quickly move and lie across the rack and try to steady my breathing. His strong hand slaps down a court transcript infront of me. The transcript has Professor's writing on it in several spots he has circled or underlined words or phrases I used in court that were not at all appropriate. I am kicking myself for ever speaking so disrespectfully in court and Im actually really ashamed of what I am reading. I dont want to have to read this to him. I respect him far too much to say any of this in his presence. I know these things will disappoint him and I hate that. "Read what is circled Natalie Lynn." I begin to do as I was told and after each word or phrase he stops me and unleashes his disgust on my bare bottom with his belt. The swats stinging already very sore skin but his words, his lecturing stinging my heart.

As I near the end of my reading, he hones in on one word the judge used to describe my attitude: Arrogance. Professor lectures extremely well and extremely thoroughly. The arroagnce lecture is one he has given me before. And one I have received many times in life. It was one of the 3 deadly sins in my husband's opinion and he wouldnt ever tolerate it from me or his children. Professor seems to share that opinion. "Your attitude, your attire, your language at this court date was all incredibly arrogant Natalie Lynn." he says as he straps my bottom and thighs. "You are educated and intelligent and capable of getting your point across or debating without being disrespectful and arrogant. Arent you young lady?" I answer through my gasping, "Yes Sir, I am." The well worn leather blistering every inch of my sore bottom, my thighs, my tender sit spots. "I will *not* ever accept, allow or overlook arrogance out of MY daughter." That hit its mark, I couldnt hold back my tears anymore. They began to fall freely onto the carpet below me as he continued to whip my bottom. There is something about that statement of ownership, belonging to someone that has always melted my heart and made me feel incredibly guilty and ashamed of my behavior when I have let down a man I *belong* to. If I am introuble, have really screwed up and you dont think youve yet gotten through, think Im still quietly being defiant, just add those two little words to the lecture ("my wife" or "my daughter" or "my little girl") and Im immediately a different girl. Receptive, apologetic, ashamed, contrite, and eager to accept my punishment so I can work my way back into your good graces. "Arrogance gets the belt Natalie Lynn. Repeat that." his voice firm, still unwavering. I whisper and repeat his words while trying to hide the obvious fact that I am crying. "Arrogance gets the belt" CRAAACK CRAAACK CRAAACK CRAAACK CRAAACK CRAAACK Everytime I repeat it, another dozen or so searing swats sting my flesh. After 4 or 5 times of repeating this statement, he stops. My bottom is ablaze but my heart somehow lighter.

I rise and follow him to the chair and am draped again across his capable knee. He slowly, methodically, gently massages a cool lotion into my very sore and properly punished cheeks and thighs. I lay completely still and close my eyes, re-thinking every message of this session and promising myself to do better. "Okay go lay on the bad on your stomach so your bottom can dry." his voice no longer rigid. I lay on the bed still analyzing and taking the time to truly feel the ache in my bottom. I am facing away from where Professor is sitting in the chair but I can feel his gaze on me. Admiring his handy work.....his naughty little girl now properly punished and contrite.

"Come here" his voice pulls me from my lulled daydreaming state. I slowly rise to my feet, feeling my skin tighten with each movement. I look up at him and he takes me in his arms and hugs me. I linger a moment in his embrace and again look up at him, his face relaxed now and say, "thank you Sir." He smiles down at me and pats my bottom, "Youre welcome Natalie. Go get yourself cleaned up so we can go find a beer." I return his smile, "Yes Sir."

We spent the rest of the afternoon together talking in the car on the way to the island to find a bar, drinking blueberry beer, discussing everything from kids, family, life. And he kept his promise....a dissertation over a beer on his thoughts of using technology to teach. :) So nice to talk with a man over a beer and not have the topic be sports related. A very intense session made much worse by my carelessness. A much deserved punishment and reminder that I am cared for by a strong man more than willing to take me in hand when warranted. A beer and a chat on an incredibly sore bottom for a girl who had always wondered what it would be like to have a, she knows. 

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