Both rushing to get ready for work, they constantly bump into each other in their master bathroom.  She’s using the mirror to apply her eye liner and feels a firm swat penetrate the towel she has tied around her otherwise naked body.  ‘Don’t start something that you know you can not finish dear.’ she warns. ‘Uh huh. Last time I checked little miss…that body belonged to me. So I’ll do as I wish with it.’ he jokes with her as he walks around her to share the mirror while he puts his tie on. ‘And anyway, what do you expect? You’re in nothing more than a towel…and I know exactly what is under that towel. And regardless of time of day, I want you. Whether I have the time to act on it or not is irrelevant.’ he adds. She finishes her lower lid and pauses for a moment just staring at him in the mirror. Smiling, admiring, imagining. She sets the liner down on the counter and turns to him, ‘Let me’ she offers while reaching up to finish tying his tie. Then, she lowers the collar of his dress shirt to his uniform and pats him on the chest, ‘There, perfect.’ she smiles. As she turns to leave he swats her again. As she turns to protest he wraps him left arm firmly around her waist and pulls her body in to his. His right hand entangled in her hair, twisting and pulling her head to the side, kissing her neck and whispering into her ear, ‘Were you starting to say something baby?’ he teases. ‘No sir.’ she smiles. His hands pull slightly and her towel drops to the floor, exposing her naked body to him. Still wet from her shower, she feels the cool air hitting her. His hands explore her body. Caressing, massaging, teasing. ‘Damn it Jason…stop!’ she squeals. He pinches her, now erect, left nipple between his thumb and index finger…’Excuse me?’ his voice soft, calm but not entirely pleased with her choice of wording. ‘Ouch!’ she yelps. Looking up, her eyes meeting his, she bites the inside of her bottom lip, pouting slightly. ‘Im sorry sir.’ He fights to keep from smiling; he has come to love her pout. Not that it works to get her out of trouble, but it is incredibly cute. ‘Now, get…’he begins…’before you make me late for work and I have to spank you!’ he says as he firmly swats her bottom a third time…this time without the protection of her towel. She starts to rub her bottom as she scurries out of the bathroom. He smiles again.
She walks into their closet, rolling her eyes at him, to decide what to wear to work today. She walks back into their bedroom just as he is grabbing his phone, laptop & keys to leave for work. She rushes over and walks in to his warm embrace. ‘Have a good day honey.’ she musters in her cutest lil girl voice. ‘You too baby girl. Be good!’ he warns as he kisses her forehead and walks out of the room. A minute later, she is leaving herself as she notices his wallet still sitting on the kitchen counter. She grabs her purse, keys & phone and rushes out the door. They almost run into each other. ‘I forgot…’he starts. ‘I know, here.’ She hands him his wallet. ‘What would you do without me?’ she asks rhetorically. ‘Be on time to work, even if I had forgot my wallet, because I wouldn’t have a naked woman to play with in the bathroom.’ He laughs as he kisses her again. ‘Oh baby, I almost forgot. I have a late call this evening so I wont be home until pretty late. So you’re on your own for dinner.’ he quickly says as he checks his watch yet again. ‘Um, Jason, since you’ll be working late…do you care if I go out tonight with Kim?’ she asks. ‘As long as the two of you behave, it’s fine. Im sorry baby but I have to go, Im late. I love you.’ he walks off and opens the door of his car to get in when his cell phone rings. A familiar ringtone, he looks and sure enough, it is her. He gets into the car and answers the phone, ’Yes dear?’ he asks, laughing to himself at the fact his wife is calling him from less than 20ft away. ‘I love you too sweetheart!’ she giggles like a child and hangs up. He smiles and pulls away, headed for formation.
That evening, after work, she meets up with her girlfriend and the two decide to go to a lil sports bar for drinks. Although, originally planning to stay only an hour or so for a couple drinks, they end up talking, laughing and drinking for almost 4 hours! Catching a glimpse of the time she decides they should pay their tab and leave. She has to take Kim back to her boyfriend’s apartment, where she had picked her up, and hurry home hoping to beat him there.
As the two walk out of the sports bar, the cool autumn air hits them both equally as hard. She hadn’t realized they had drank so much. Perhaps they should have eaten before beginning to drink. They joke with each other and giggle as they stumble towards her car. As they maneuver through traffic headed for the on-ramp, they are cut off by a couple in a black sedan. Irritated, she whips into the other lane and passes them. They again start talking and after a minute or so are shocked to see the same car passing them a second time. Once passing them, the driver of the car slams on the brakes. Natalie immediately follows suit and hits the brakes. ‘Oh my fucking God! What the hell is wrong with this idiot?’ she yells. ‘I don’t know Natalie, but don’t do anything stupid.’ Kim cautions, knowing her friends’ temper. The man continues to accelerate and then quickly brake and after about 3 minutes Natalie is fed up. She races around the car, flipping the driver off as she pulls ahead of them. Finally the two reach the on-ramp.
After driving for about 10 minutes on the freeway, the ladies are lost in conversation when Kim notices a trooper behind them, red & blues flashing. ‘Natalie, I think the trooper needs to get around us. Pull over for him.’ she points out. Immediately both of them stop laughing and reminiscing as the trooper pulls in behind them on the shoulder. ‘Oh my God! Oh my God! He’s going to kill me Kim. What do I do?’ Natalie is clearly freaking out. ‘Ssshhh. Calm down Natalie. Maybe he is just doing random stops. Be cool and put a damn mint in your mouth.’ she suggests handing Natalie a roll of BreathSavers.
The trooper approaches the car as she lowers the window. ‘Do you know why I stopped you this evening ma’am?’ he asks. ‘I have absolutely no idea.’ She answers honestly. ‘We got a report regarding an altercation on the freeway matching your tag number. As I pulled in behind you tonight ma’am, I also noticed your increased speed and your driving appeared to be somewhat erratic. Have you been drinking this evening?’ he questions while shining his flashlight in the window. ‘Um, I had a drink earlier but I’m not drunk.’ She offers as she searches her friends face for advice. ‘License, registration and proof of insurance ma’am…I’ll be right back with you. Sit tight.’ He walks off back toward his cruiser.
‘Kimmie! What the hell am I going to do? Driving drunk? I mean Im not drunk…but if Im arrested for DUI…oh my God. He’s going to kill me! Oh my God…what do I do?’ she is clearly panicking. ‘He wont kill you…he’ll understand…I hope.’ She’s unsure of her answers and not overly convincing; she knows her friends husband. She knows he is a great guy and he makes Natalie happy; but she also knows that he would never let something as serious as drunk driving just slip by. ‘Calm down…if we go to jail, I’ll call my mom, she’ll come get us out and we wont tell him…..or my father. Okay?’ Kim tries to reassure her friend. ‘I cant lie to him Kim. He’ll know.’ She cries.
The trooper returns to the car and taps on the window. ‘I need you to put the car in park and call for someone to come and pick it up ma’am. I need both of you to please exit the vehicle and walk back toward my cruiser. You’re both being placed under arrest right now for disorderly conduct and you ma’am for driving while impaired as well.’ He orders. They both comply and walk back toward the rear of the car. Kim grabs her cell phone and dials her mother’s number. ‘Damn it; I got her voicemail.’ She sighs. She has no idea who else she could call, so she leaves a voicemail. ‘Hey Mommy, its Kim. Um, I need you to come down to the Fairbanks jail and pick up Natalie & I please. It’s a long story, but please hurry up….and please don’t tell Daddy! Love you. Bye.’ She hangs up. Another state police cruiser pulls in behind the first and the two are carted off to the jail to be booked.
Waiting for what seems like hours in a holding cell, they are left to wonder when they will ever get out. Still intoxicated they begin to find the humor in their predicament. How dare the other driver call the police? He started it! What were they going to tell Jack? Did Kim’s mom pick up her car or do they now have to bail the car out of ‘jail’ too? Finally, the bailiff opens the cell door and calls their names. They both collect their personal property and are escorted to the waiting area by the bailiff who had been particularly angry toward the two of them for giggling in the cell. They cant wait to see Angel and get the hell out of this place! As the last locked door clicks open the bailiff sarcastically says ‘Thanks ladies! Come again!’ Irritated with his attitude, Natalie blurts out, ‘Thanks but the accommodations fucking sucked asshole! Have a great day!’ They both laugh as the two walk down the long corridor toward an impatiently waiting Mrs. Veach who can not believe that she just heard these two idiots swearing at jail staff.
Kim stops dead in her tracks about 7 feet from her mother, she sees a familiar face seated in the chair behind her mom. She grabs Natalie’s wrist, ‘Oh my God! I thought you didn’t call him! He’s here. Holy shit Natalie.’ She whispers. ‘I didn’t.’ Natalie searches her mind, trying to figure out how he could have known. She hadn’t called anyone. They don’t have to wait long to figure it out. A very pissed off Angel blurts out, ‘I cant believe the two of you think this is funny! I went and got the car and thank God your husband was home to come with me because I sure didn’t have $1800 to bail Natalie out for driving drunk….my God, the $400 for Kim was insane enough! What the hell is wrong with the two of you?’ she yells at them. ‘It’s a long story Mom, its not as bad as you think. I’ll fill you in on the way home. Come on. Call me later Natalie.’ Kim says as she quickly rounds the corner to leave with her mother, walking straight into her father’s solid body standing just around the corner.
Kim looks up to meet her father’s stern gaze. He quickly takes his daughter by the wrist and turns toward Jason. “I’ll see you in the morning Muse. I need to go home and teach my daughter a lesson in appropriate conduct, and I suggest you do the same with your wife.” His voice deep and clearly agitated.  Kim looks as if she is going to cry. 10 minutes ago she was a calm , cool, confident 23yr old young woman laughing with her girlfriend about the predicament they had found themselves in. Now she hangs her head and nervously chews on her bottom lip like a 7yr old child.
“Yes Sir. See you a o’ six hundred.” Jason replies and nods to his commanding officer.
Natalie stands there at the end of the corridor, unsure of what to do or say. She suddenly feels sick, like she may vomit. She knows its not the alcohol, it’s the sinking feeling in her stomach. He makes eye contact with her as he stands. She immediately looks down to the floor to escape his gaze. ‘Are you okay?’ he asks in his typical quiet tone. She nods her head and mutters a very soft ‘yes sir.’ He walks over to her and takes her by the wrist and they both exit the building.
The drive home is quiet, too quiet, eerily quiet. She cant stand the silence any longer and asks, ‘How was your day honey?’ He sighs, but answers, ‘My day was busy. Productive at work. Relaxing when I got home; until I was told I needed to come down to the state police barracks because my wife had driven drunk.’ As he continues, she regrets asking the question, she can hear the anger in his voice. ‘I was scared sick that something had happened to you Natalie. But then I was filled in on the schedule of events from road rage to driving drunk to speeding. And as I waited for you to come out, I heard my wife swear. Not once, but twice. At a police officer. And then laugh about it!’ he pauses and she quickly speaks, ‘He wasn’t a cop, he’s a jailer and a jerk.’ As soon as the words escape her lips, she wishes she could retract them. He is disappointed in her choices but he is so very angry at her arrogance. He sighs, wanting to think about what he is going to say before speaking. He places his right hand on her thigh and squeezes. ‘I wasn’t drunk Jason…really I wasn’t. And I didn’t mean to worry you. It’s all a big misunderstanding, that’s all. Okay?’ she tries to sound confident as she speaks to him, but she doesn’t even believe it herself and knows he wont either. ‘Well, since you aren’t drunk, I suppose we can discuss this tonight when we get home instead of waiting until tomorrow as I had originally planned to.’ He answers back as he squeezes her thigh again. She kicks herself for opening her mouth and pouts the remainder of the trip home.
When they arrive home, she exits the car quickly and slams the door shut behind her. He says nothing but makes a mental note of this little display. As they enter the house she takes off toward their bedroom and he isn’t far behind her. She grabs her pajamas and walks into the bathroom and goes to shut the door, but his foot prevents it from closing. ‘I need to take a shower.’ She states, clutching her pjs close to her chest. ‘You have ten minutes.’ He decides that will give him ample time to prepare for their ‘talk.’ As he turns to walk away, she cant help but open her mouth again inserting her foot…’Ten minutes huh? Then what? I’ll turn into a pumpkin?’ she slams the door closed behind her, but forgets to lock it.
Once in the shower, she replays the evening’s events in her mind. Trying to find some reasoning she can give to him that might sway things in her favor. If only he could see things through her eyes, even if it may be a bit of a fuzzy, alcohol-distorted view right now. She knows she was wrong, but it really wasn’t as bad as he made it sound. She did know that she shouldn’t have talked back to him like she just had…..it was disrespectful. She regretted that more than most anything else that had occurred tonight. She lingered in the shower, hoping he would simply fall asleep and she would have more time to prepare her defense.
 In this house…..he had long been judge, jury and executioner. She felt very safe and loved and cared for. He was never mean to her. He was very fair. But, there were certain things that he absolutely would not accept out of his wife…and she had broke nearly all of those rules in just one night. The big one to him would most likely be the drunk driving. He could be lenient on some things if his mood was right….but not once, in their entire relationship, had he ever backed down when it came to her safety. She meant too much to him; he simply couldn’t allow her to endanger her life or the lives of others. He had only had to punish her for this particular offense a handful of times, and each time the punishment seemed to increase in intensity. He had to make sure that this message, of all others, stuck with her and became self-sustaining.
After exactly ten minutes he knocked on the door. ‘I’m not done yet.’ She called out to him. ‘I said ten minutes Natalie. Rinse your hair and stop stalling.’ He warned. She continued with her shower and finally she had nothing left to clean. She had washed her hair three times now just trying to buy more time. She stood beneath the running water, hoping he had fallen asleep. Another knock at the door. ‘Oh my fucking God. I’ll be out when Im done Jason!’ she answered before even thinking. He didn’t respond, she prayed that he hadn’t heard her first comment. She listened but heard nothing over the water beating down around her. She leaned her head back once again to enjoy what few minutes she had left before having to face him. She closed her eyes and let the water run over her face for a moment. She felt an incredibly cold breeze hit her warm, wet body. She stepped slightly forward and wiped the water from her face. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw him standing there. He had pulled the shower curtain opened and was standing just a foot from her, tapping her large solid oak bathbrush against his upper thigh. The look on his face immediately made her stomach turn. She was frozen still and couldn’t turn away. His stare was so intense. She could see the disappointment, the worry and the outright anger in his eyes. She was dreading what was to come. She wanted to listen to him, to take it all back, to change every bit of it. But she couldn’t. And as she stood there she couldn’t move, she couldn’t speak….she just looked at him.
After the rest of her behavior tonight, he saw this as defiance….simple as that. He reached in and turned the water off and almost as quickly grabbed his errant wife and pulled her soaking wet out of the shower. He propped his leg up on the edge of the tub and immediately flipped her body across his knee. She was completely caught off guard by this and lost her balance before she could even react. She was staring at the tub, dripping wet, kicking her legs, hoping to stop the inevitable.
WHACK! The first swat echoed throughout their entire master suite like a gun shot! WHACK! The second fell just as quickly but even harder than the first. It took her breath away. WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK! He was holding her firmly in place while he paddled her soaking wet bottom with that horrible brush! WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK! He was so very angry with her! He swung hard and fast. Making sure to connect several time with her upper thighs. Each swat brought a yelp from her but nothing more. WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK! He made sure to punish every square inch of her poor bottom. Bright red circles began to appear a second or two after each swat. It hurt so bad but with her bottom wet……the pain was unimaginable. She was sorry……so very sorry. He always spoke with her before he disciplined her; this time was different. That hadn’t happened. And he looked much more angry than she had seen him before. She was scared now. She wanted to fix this. Her actions tonight were bad enough…….she didn’t need to add to it by being disrespectful. WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK! She stopped kicking her legs, praying he would see this as an act of submission. She would be good, she would listen, she would accept her punishment…..if only he wouldn’t ignore her, just speak to her. Finally he broke the silence, ‘Don’t you ever talk to me in the manner you just did again Lynn. Do you understand me?’ She was still upturned over his knee. She managed a, ‘Yes sir.’ He lifted her from across his leg and began to walk her into their bedroom.
She had been hopeful that maybe that was the end of her punishment. Oh how wrong she was. He sat her on the bed and paced in front of her. Trying to understand her ‘logic’, trying to calm himself down, trying to find his words. ‘Why Natalie why? I don’t care that you go out with friends. I don’t care that you have a good time. I don’t care if you have a drink or two. But what you did tonight was stupid! No other way to put it…..STUPID.’ he raised his voice emphasizing that last word. She held her hands in her lap, looking down, remaining quiet. ‘You scared me to death! What if you would have had an accident? What if you would have killed yourself or someone else? And the road rage? We’ve discussed this before! My opinion has not changed! It is stupid and you know it!’ he continued ‘And your language??? Do you speak this way all the time when Im not around? Because you seemed to use it freely tonight! Im ashamed right now and you should be too! The disrespect you have shown is appalling and not only to me but to police???’ his breathing was quick, his pace steady, his voice so angry. She said nothing, there was nothing to say….he was right and she knew it. She absorbed everything he said like a sponge and replayed it to herself again and again as he continued to scold her. ‘What is wrong with you? You’re better than this. I can not believe this happened tonight. I never thought I would have to bond my wife out of jail! This is irresponsible, unfathomable behavior! And what sort of example does this set for our children?’ He watched her closely, he could see she was sorry. She didn’t have fight left in her. She had accepted she was wrong.
‘Stand up.’ He barked at her. She quickly rose to her feet, folded her hands in front of her naked body and stood very still. ‘Look at me Lynn.’ He ordered. ‘I cant.’ She whispered her barely audible response. ‘Natalie Lynn…..I will not ask you again.’ His voice stern. She slowly lifted her face to meet his unwavering stare. She hurt to see the look in his eyes. She wanted to turn away, but she knew better than to disobey him, especially now. ‘Do you have anything to say regarding your behavior tonight? And please think very carefully before you speak…..I’d hate to repeat the lesson you just learned in the bathroom, pumpkin.’ She didn’t care for his last comment, but she knew better than to question it. ‘No sir. I promise none of this will happen again. I’m sorry.’ She whispered again. ‘Well, in that my dear, you can rest assured. This behavior will never be repeated again…..and I am going to see to that. It is my responsibility as your husband to show you the error of your ways. I promise this lesson will not be one you will forget. Alright, then the talking phase is over and I don’t care to hear another word out of you. Is that clear?’ he asked, still staring at her. ‘Yes sir.’ She replied and slowly lowered her eyes in an attempt to display her complete submission to his authority over her.
‘Bend over the foot of the bed Lynn.’ He instructed. She slowly turned and did as she was told. He walked over to her and fired a rapid volley of swats directly to her upper thighs with the bathbrush. WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK! Not giving her time to react, he applied 20 swats to each tender ‘sit spot.’ WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK ! She tried so hard to stand still but it hurt like hell. Her thighs felt as if they were on fire! He sat the brush down on the bed in front of her. She sobbed and glared at it, wanting to throw the damn thing, but she knew better.
She stayed very still as he paced behind her. She heard the unnerving sound of his belt buckle and then the belt as it slid through the loops of his pants. She knew what was next and buried her face into the blanket, trying to muffle her cries. CRACK! Her knees wobbling, she drew in a quick breath and sobbed into the bed. This was going to hurt….alot! CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRAK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK! He absolutely hated to have to punish her like this; but if she gave him reason, and tonight was more than enough reason, he wouldn’t do it half heartedly. If she deserved to be punished, he would make sure that she learned her lesson…..and learned it well. He was shocked at her behavior. Stunned at her lack of respect. Angered by her arrogance even as she spoke to him. This was not going to be a lesson that she would soon forget……and he was going to make sure of that! The belt fell again and again and again on her bare bottom. She tried very hard to stay still and take her punishment like a good girl. He could see her effort, but it wasn’t yet time to acknowledge that. Right now his focus was on the task at hand. CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK!
He lay the belt down alongside the brush, directly in front of her face, where she could clearly see them on their bed. He walked into their closet and disappears for a minute while she cried into the blankets. She raises her face and sees the brush and belt directly in front of her and wonders to herself why he left them there…..surely he cant plan to use them each again?! She feels horrible for everything she has done. She wishes she could go back and do this entire day over. Go back to the bathroom this morning. When he loved her. When he was happy. When he only playfully swatted her bottom. How could a day that started out so wonderfully have ended up with this hurt, this anger, this pain? She is still so angry with herself. She can not remember the last time he had to spank her like this. In the beginning, she had messed up a lot and he had disciplined her quite frequently then. But as time went on, as his effect on her became even stronger, he rarely had to punish her for anything this serious. He was a patient man, a loving man, a gentle man. But she had the power to turn him into a much more firm, serious, unwavering disciplinarian with her behavior. She tried to behave. She wanted only to please him. She hated to feel she had let him down. But on occasion her rationale would go completely out the window and she would act like an irresponsible 18 year old child. And on those occasions, no matter how rare they may be, he would not overlook certain behaviors. He would not hesitate to punish her. And he did not play around when it was discipline. No warm-ups, no soft swats, no giving in to her pleading & pouting……each and every swat was with purpose, not one inch of her bottom would escape unscathed.
She has merely cried into the blankets, trying to hide even her sobs. She wasn’t resisting or kicking her legs. She hadn’t begged or pleaded with him not to use the belt, which she clearly hated. She knew it was of no use anyway. She had messed up this time beyond imagination. She was trying so very hard to show him how truly remorseful she was and that she would submit to him completely and accept any punishment he decided was necessary. As determined as he was to teach her a lesson……she was equally so, determined, to learn this lesson and earn her way back to his good graces.
She waited for what seemed like an eternity for him to return from their closet. She wondered silently to herself what was going to happen next. Would he forgive her? Was he going to fuck her in the ass? Was he getting a paddle? A strap that would be heavier than his belt? The thoughts all flooded her head and brought fresh tears to her eyes. She took a deep breath and lied her head on the bed, looking slightly to the side so she could see him when he emerged. He walked back into the bedroom with canes in his hand. Her heart sank. Her husband could certainly apply cane strokes…….extremely effectively. She quickly turned away and tried to calm herself. Her knees felt as if they may give out from under her. Her poor bottom was so very very sore. She had no idea how much more she could take. She knew she deserved to be punished……but she couldn’t imagine being caned now after the brush and the belt. She finally worked up the courage to address him.
‘Please not the cane sir. Im so sorry. I don’t know how much more I can take sir. Please.’ She spit the words out as quickly as she clearly could. As soon as she finished the last syllable, she realized that she had just made a huge mistake. She buried her face in the bed yet again and said not another word. He knew that she had caught herself, but as commendable as it was, it wasn’t the point. She knew the rules and these weren’t new rules to her. He picked up his belt and applied 20 very fast and very hard swats to her aching bottom. CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK! She was still standing still, but breathing very fast and her body was shaking.
He again laid the belt next to the brush on the bed and walked up to stand behind her. ‘Look at me.’ He directed. She hesitated, unsure if she could stand to see the disappointment again on his face. His patience was wearing very thin. He grabbed her left earlobe and turned her face up to meet his. ‘You need to listen to me. I’d hate to start this all over again, but I will. Stop listening to yourself, and listen to me. Understood?’ he glared down at her. His expression hadn’t softened. He still had a very rigid, grim, angered look on his face. ‘Yes sir.’ She mumbled as she looked at him. ‘Now, I plan to give you 12 strokes with each of these 2 canes. And I expect you to remain still and quiet because you’ve earned each and every single one of them.’ He spoke softly but with a very stern tone. ‘But….’she began. ‘I could give you a stroke for every dollar I just paid to bond you out of jail; if you think that is more appropriate Natalie Lynn?’ his intense glare went straight through her. She somehow knew that he was more than serious on that last threat. A tear escaped her and rolled down her cheek. ‘And as far as how much more you can take? You know the answer to that too Lynn. You can and will take what I tell you to, understand?’ he asked. ‘Yes sir.’ She knew better than to question him further. ‘Position.’ He uttered only one word, she again rested her head on their bed, spaced her legs to a shoulders width apart and raised her angry, red and purple bottom.
He took the first of the two canes and tested its flexibility in the air behind her. She tensed every time she heard it whistle through the air; not knowing which time it would connect. SWISH! The first stroke seared her bottom……oh how it hurt! She bit the blanket to prevent herself from yelling out. SWISH  SWISH  SWISH  SWISH  SWISH  SWISH  SWISH  SWISH  SWISH  SWISH  SWISH  SWISH! He had spaced them out at about 5 second intervals but they seemed to rain down much quicker than that. Her knees almost gave out on more than one occasion. She couldn’t take any more but she knew better than to utter a word. He looked grimly at her bottom……soft, ivory skin now something far worse. It was dark red, purple ovals randomly placed from the last of the brush swats, criss-crossed welts from his belt, now 12 evenly spaced perfect lines from his first cane. Her body was shaking and her sobbing was constant now. She wanted so badly to reach back and rub the sting out of her bottom……but again, she knew better. She was trying so hard to be obedient and comply with everything he was telling her. He sat the first cane down and picked up the second. This one was thicker than the first and she could hear when he flexed it that this one was one of the heavier canes they had. He placed a little more time between these strokes, to give her a few seconds to really experience the deep burn it caused. Again, to her, they all ran together. SWISH SWISH SWISH SWISH SWISH SWISH SWISH SWISH SWISH SWISH SWISH SWISH !
It felt as if she had been stung by a thousand fire ants…….she needed to rub the sting out, to get away from the barrage of swats. She cried hard into her hands but stood up raising her bottom for each stroke. She hated this but she knew she deserved it. She wanted to please him now more than anything else.. He hated to hurt her; but at times it was necessary. And if him spanking her like this would keep her alive…..keep her from killing herself or someone else……he would spank her all night long. He took a deep breath and again stepped to her side. He touched the small of her back gently.
Only after he had laid down the cane did her knees finally buckle. She laid bent over the foot of their bed crying uncontrollably. She hurt. She hurt so bad. Not just her bottom, her heart hurt. She was so ashamed of her actions tonight. She knew she had not only angered the man she loves, she had disappointed him. To her, the pain in that knowledge was a thousand times worse than any spanking he could give to her. He knew she was hurting…..more emotionally than physically. Her bottom looked absolutely awful. His arm was so tired. He could see his wife was still beating herself up, still feeling such hurt and shame and guilt. He had done his job, he had punished her for her ridiculous behavior, he had made sure that she learnt this lesson and was truly remorseful. But his job was not over. Now it was his responsibility to comfort and care for his wife. To hold the woman he loves so much. To help her through her own emotional turmoil, to make sure she forgives herself, to let her know that she means just as much to him now as she did this morning.
He lifted her limp, shaking body onto their bed and sat down as she lay crying into her pillow. He rubbed his hands across her back and shoulders, lying next to her and stroking her hair, kissing the side of her neck. ‘Ssssshhhhh baby. Calm down.’ His voice much softer than it had been before. It only made her cry more. She could hear that he was no longer mad at her. He had forgiven her. The hands who only moments before had been so firm and rigid, were now completely opposite……comforting and reassuring. He lifted her head from her pillow to his chest; her favorite place to be. She sobbed hard and nuzzled against him. ‘I’m so sorry sir. Im so very sorry’ she cried. ‘I know you are baby girl….ssssshhhhh……it’s over now sweetheart. I knew you were sorry before I even touched you.’ He smiled down at her. Holding her close to him, reassuring her that things were back to ‘normal.’ He had forgiven her. He loved her, she loved him……everything was going to be okay. She lingered in his embrace, apologizing again and again. She had paid for her lapses in judgment but she did still feel so guilty, especially for disrespecting him. She loved and respected him more than she could ever hope to convey to him. She always was hard on herself if she had been in any way rude, curt, disrespectful toward him for any reason.
He held her tightly and rocked her in his loving arms. She slowly stopped sobbing  as he very gently caressed her bottom, he could still feel the heat radiating from her freshly punished cheeks. She rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes. ‘I really am sorry Jason. I promise I’ll be a good girl for you from now on. I love you.’ She whispered to him. ‘I know you will be. I love you baby girl.’ He kissed her forehead and held her tightly as they both drifted off to sleep.