Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Disciplinarians

**I have had my share of one-time encounters or short-term arrangements along my Spanko journey, as most of us have. But only two of them were ever the 'right fit' and solid match and connection with me in our shared interest. The stories of real life sessions on this blog are the accounts of my spankings with one of the two following men.**

#1: The Marine. Jason was my husband. We met through my older brother; the two served together in the military and were best friends. After a whirlwind courtship we were married in Alaska. He was a career military man and 9 years older than I was. He was a very disciplined man and held me to the same standards. A wonderful man and amazing friend. Sweet and loving mixed with strict and demanding. Exactly what I needed....exactly when I needed it. When we married, I was a young college student (20) and way out of line.....let's just say the man had his work cut out for him. :) Domestic discipline was the foundation of our marriage and helped me to grow immensely in the time I was privileged enough to be his wife. His hands had to have been created for me......from the way my own fit so perfectly inside of his, the softness of him cradling my face in them, the firmness of them rapidly spanking my bared bottom.....definitely created for me. He also was Irish, so his determination rivaled my own stubborn temperament. Patient, strong, confident......firm but fair. A wonderful husband and doting father.

#2: The Professor. I met this man by accident actually, helping to find a suitable Disciplinarian for my younger sister. I selected his profile for her and he ended up taking me on....yes, he may well be crazy. :) He is in fact, a Professor in real life. This of course makes for some very thorough lecturing. He is, like me, a born Spanko. Experienced, older than I am, intelligent, intellectual, very well-spoken. In scene, his dominance is almost overwhelming and I am quickly transformed from a confident, strong, out-spoken woman to a nervous, contrite, naughty little girl. The way this man walks, speaks, glares and of course spanks......completely captivating. His voice deep, his stare penetrating, his resolve & determination intense and unwavering. I have never, before this man, had a Disciplinarian so intuitive. His passion for administering hard, sound, punishment spankings is quite evident when I am upended across his capable lap. Out of scene.....he is equally amazing. Easy to talk to, a source of sound advice, a friendly smile, a light-hearted laugh. He is a very strict, demanding, ever-watchful Disciplinarian who keeps a tight hold on my behavior, helps make decisions in my personal & professional lives, sets guidelines to help curb my attitude & temper, and of course holds me accountable when I misbehave by properly punishing my naughty bottom. More than just my Disciplinarian.....this man has quickly become a close, valued friend.

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