Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Horrible Mood :(


My mood absolutely sucks right now. That is probably even an understatement. I've had a lot going on the last couple, family, health, etc.....just a lot to deal with all at once and much of it very emotionally exhausting. I've felt overwhelmed a lot and somehow Professor's been able to pull me back from that every time......except this one. Nothing seems to be improving my mood this time. I just feel.....blah, oh well, who cares, etc. I hate feeling like this but cant seem to shake it right now.
I have several big things coming up quickly that I need to be preparing for.....but Im not. I'm procrastinating on everything that is not life or death right now.....which will only end up stressing me out more late on because I'll have to rush through things to complete them on time. I know this, but even that isnt enough to motivate me to snap out of this mood. And my finding time to blog while refusing to study will certainly be coming back to bite me in the ass as soon as Professor puts 2 and 2 together with the dates of these entries....ughhh.
Compound all of this nonsense with Professor & I not really being able to talk much in the last 7-10 all, no phone, no IM chats, nothing but email tag.....yeah, it sucks. Its not for a lack of trying......I've wanted to call him several times and he has called me 3 or 4 times and left me voicemails.......some how my shcedule is conflicting with his so it just hasnt happened......which is not our 'normal.' Then typical over-analyzing me decided since this inconvenience of conflicting schedules seems to be happening when I have been really well-behaved for almost 2 weeks now since I last saw Professor for a session......well my typical over-analytical mind almost convinced myself that we arent talking because of my good behavior......yep, almost fell into that trap the other night and almost did something incredibly ignorant and it would have definitely gotten me Professor's attention, but it wouldnt have at all been the attention I wanted. **Sighs**  Pissy mood, lack in communication and time to think.....not a good combination. Thankfully for his sanity & my bottom, my rational good'girl side won out and reassured myself that our communication has nothing to do with and is certainly not based on how well I am behaving......we both have careers, we both have families, we both have real lives and unfortunately at times our real lives will conflict with one anothers and that's okay and nothing to get upset about and certainly not a good enough reason to do something ignorant. So......glad I didnt go through with that nonsense.
But ughhhhh, my mood is really horrible. I've tried different things to improve it.....went to the firing range for a while, got to blow off some steam but didnt improve my overall mood. Spent time with my son, but even he was frustrating me. Talked to my wiener dogs......yes, I told you all Im not normal, if I cant talk to my Professor, then I'll settle for a dachshund, they listen well and never talk back :).......didnt help. Went to the luck. Went for a run with a friend.....not any better. Even tried shopping for designer handbags, which I absolutely L-O-V-E......even that didnt help. Yep, Im in a tough spot right now and nothing is helping.
Then, two nights ago, the same night I contemplated acting out ignorantly, well I made an even more ridiculous decision. Professor was lecturing me through email about my being confrontational again......and I didnt care to hear it, or read it.....and I really didnt care to admit he was right, I was wrong and should have behaved better. So instead of waiting until I had calmed down and could reply respectfully......I chose to reply immediately. Not such a good idea.
He asked how I could have handled the situation reply to him: "I dont know Professor, you're the rocket scientist, you tell me."  I can not believe I said that to him in a non-joking manner. Want worse? Oh it gets even better......he made a comment about my being overly-confrontational and I copied his words and then added my thoughts on what he said......only those thoughts included cursing not just to him, but directed at him.....I said....."nice touch smartass." I sent the email and then literally 5 minutes later I started to panic. I sent him IMs, I sent an apology via email.....I could not believe I had actually sent that email to him and I knew he wouldn't be pleased.
Here is the issue now though.....he had originally thought that message was me joking with him, so if my guilty conscious hadnt made me apologize immediately, I could have played it off as a joke and escaped any punishment for it. **sighs** But I cant ever lie to him, even if it will get me out of trouble, I just cant. He means so much to me and I respect him enough to tell him the truth.....even when the truth is going get my bottom beat.
My issue now.......Im still in an absolutely horrible mood and cant just snap out of it. But now Im pissed off at myself for lashing out at the one person who only wants to help me. Yes, I mean that.....even when he is lecturing me, he is doing it for my own good and I know that. I wasn't really angry at him.....I didnt really disagree with what he had said to me.....honestly, I knew he was right. So why on Earth did I send that reply to him? Why did I lash out at him? Why curse at him? Why call him a name? I just dont get it. I did the same thing at times with my Marine, and he called it "transferred aggression"........he used to tell me that I could take any emotion and turn it into anger because I felt most comfortable expressing anger.......and I feel most comfortable showing that anger to those I am closest to, so even if it has absolutely nothing to do with them, I will lash out at them anyway. Makes absolutely no sense to do it, but I do it anyway.
He was certainly right about the turning any emotion to anger.....I do that often. If Im hurt or sad......I wont ever say it, I just channel it to anger. If Im stressed or overwhelmed.....I will occassionally tell those closest to me, but most often just transfer that into aggression and anger as well. I wonder why I do it though? Was I just wired this way? Can I change it? It never seems to bother me when I am doing it, but afterward......when I reflect about what I said, especially to someone who didnt deserve it......I feel really horrible.
I respect Professor so much and I knew he was right in what he said to me but I still resisted and attacked him for doing his job and caring enough to tell me I was out of line. I would have never said those things to his face, or even by phone so why did I do it in text? As if I thought I wouldnt have to answer for it eventually in person. I just dont understand my own trains of thought some days. So Im certain I'll get a punishment list entry for this one and Im even more certain he will have no problem re-teaching me self-restraint and respect......regardless of bad moods. **sighs**

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