Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Q&A's and Useless Information

Indulging my reader's curiosities in this post......aren't I sweet? :) Answers below to some frequently asked questions and some added useless information. Enjoy!
  • Natalie is not my first name, Lynn IS my middle name. I am very careful to protect my & my partner's identity online. We are both professionals and work closely with the public, one in education & the other in medicine so discretion is important. My real first name is rather unique and using it in my posts would immediately 'give us away.'
  • I am not an emotional girl by nature. Dont often whine to get my way, would much rather fight to get it.....with the exception of being grounded & forced to drive the speed limit, that *will* make me whine....ALOT....which will end up getting my bottom spanked.....ALOT. **Sighs**
  • Expanding on the previous statement....I have/will rarely cry from the physical pain of a spanking.....punishment spankings are supposed to hurt and they do....ALOT. But I've always had a high tolerance to pain and Im stubborn to a fault so the spanking will rarely be the cause of my tears. *If* I cry at all, it will be from the raw emotion....the knowledge that I have disappointed my Disciplinarian. Those things have before and can again bring me to tears long before I am ever touched. 
  • Expanding on the physical pain....there are only 2 implements (that I have found so far) that are intense enough, if applied correctly, to bring me to tears. My Professor has found one of them....unfortunately....the double-looped strap I have. The 2nd? Sorry guys.....Professor reads this blog and informed me yesterday that he has found 'ammunition' to use later I am not naming the 2nd implement because he has yet to discover it, and Im planning to keep it that way. See? Very smart naughty imp. :) 
  • I am deathly afraid of petrified....paralyzing fear. Aside from those 8-legged bastards......not a thing in the world scares me......well other than the day leading up to a serious punishment session.
  • Professor has utilized other forms of punishment to correct me at times. Writing lines, essays, grounding, phone restrictions, mouth-soaping, etc. The couple hour distance between the two of us has obviously not decreased his ability to provide me an immediate consequence. 
  • I love animals.....all animals.....but have an especially sweet spot for wiener dogs (dachshunds) :) I have my own little herd of them at home. I cant wait to see the look on Professor's face the first time he spanks me around my definitely follw this one up with an update.....hell, might even record it :)
  • Both Professor & I have children......thankfully he is always available to give me advice so I know I wont screw my son up too 
  • I 'lol' about that last half is actually a HUGE help to me to have a 'normal' person with similar values and parenting techniques to my own to give me advice, ask questions, etc. I do not have my parents anymore and I also no longer have my son's father (the Marine) to help me I am really kind of 'winging it' and praying I can teach this kid everything he needs to know & raise a happy & successful human being here. Thank you Professor :)
  • On my playlists you'd find an eclectic mix.....everything from piano pieces I have composed & play myself --- Bon Jovi --- Chicago --- Toby Keith --- Alanis Morissette --- Dido --- Firehouse --- Default --- Celine Dion --- Shinedown --- ICP --- Gaga --- Foreigner ---on and on and on :)
  • 2-Letter Phrases that will make my heart jump every single time: "Natalie Lynn" ; "Little Girl" ; "Excuse Me???" ; "Young Lady" ; "Got It???"
  • You'll notice in several of my stories from past sessions that I have a really hard time maintaining direct eye contact when I am being punished. I'll stare anyone down all freaking day and it wont phase me the least bit.....but when Im being punished, when I am in trouble, when I have to face the man I belong to and answer for doing something I know is less than pleasing to him.....I want to look anywhere but in his eyes. I *hate* to disappoint him. I'd only heard that word a handful of times out of my Marine.....and have only heard it once from my broke my heart.....I cried, alot. I can deal with my Disciplinarian being upset with me, angry, pissed off, irritated, frustrated, agitated, furious, enraged, livid even......but disappointed? I will *never* be ok with that. 
  • I do not and will not call my Professor by his name....ever. I just cant do it.....far too casual for me. 
  • I am annoyed by ignorance, weak men, traffic laws :)
  • I am enraged by people who harm animals or children, Westboro Baptist Church and their anti-America hate-filled messages 
  • I actually have a relatively dominant, type A takes a very unique make-up to create a man who's dominance can challenge mine......and my 'must have' list for a partner in this interest is a mile Irish lineage made me lucky enough to have found 1 and after no longer having him, I was somehow blessed to find a 2nd man that could & would stand up to me and who's overwhelmingly dominant personality made me *want* to submit to him. Yep, a lucky girl.
  • Die-hard New England Patriots fan :) F%CK OFF NY GIANTS
  • I have far more male friends than female friends.....really dont have much tolerance for the gossipy, catty, over-dramatic nonsense
  • Hobbies-----hiking, travel, cooking, shopping, Pats & Bruins games
  • I could *not* live without: smart phone & eyeliner
  • Favorite drink? Long Island Iced Tea (but Im not allowed to drink them anymore :( )
  • Color------blue
  • Lucky numbers-----7, 13, 23, 28, 31.....obviously they werent lucky enough to be drawn for Friday's
  • I collect designer handbags, rare coins, speeding tickets & wiener dogs :)
  • Favorite vaca spot-------Alaska
  • Love the outdoors
  • Have not and will not ever eat seafood....yuck!!!

Okee dokee.......there you go.......a post of useless information! :)

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