Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Monday, April 2, 2012

One Born Every Minute :)


Wow! OMG! What a night. Me and several of my girlfriends went out for drinks, as we do most weeks, after getting off of work just past midnight. Just time to socialize, unwind from the day, vent our stresses, meet each other's significant others, etc.
So anyway, a new girl joined us tonight and her boy-toy met us at the bar we frequent. She is a relatively new co-worker to us, has been working with us about 4 months now and we have decided she is 'normal' enough to join our little clique. :) Yes, we can be pretty picky bitches. :) We just work with enough psychos that we dont want to socialize with them after
So 'Cara' heads straight from the hospital to The Cave with all of us; her man Josh is supposed to meet us there. We get there all about the same time as the few significant others who are accompaning us and get a few tables pushed together, place our orders, etc. We have our usual 'bitch fit' session about the jerks we work with, frustrating patients, etc. We are all having a decent time, enjoying the company, ordering a second round of drinks and then a third.
Out of like nowhere Cara decides she is pissed at Josh. No one knows why at first, but everyone can see her glaring at him and the sarcasm in her voice when she says 'honey' is pretty darn evident. We all attempt to mind our own business and ignore their little lover's spat.....but they are at our table so it is a bit hard. Cara is raising her voice now, practically screaming at Josh for "undressing the waitress with his eyes". Other patrons are staring, as is security staff. She continues berrating him and cursing him and attacking everything personally about this man. We are all surprised.
This girl is like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde! Then she starts to attempt to get us to join in with this male-bashing. "Dont you guys think he is being disrespectful to me?" I fight back my urge to laugh at that.....him???? Josh is sitting there......apologizing to this girl.....and taking all of her attacking like this is normal! Im not sure who had the bigger issue. Thank God we were all close to ready to leave anyway and this only hurried our efforts.
A few colleagues and I rode together when leaving and we were just dumbfounded. "What is wrong with her?" Sheryl asks rhetorically. "What is wrong with him?" I add. Sheryl asks, "What do you mean?" A good amount of my good friends and colleagues know I am a spanko girl, but not all of them and at times like this, I usually dont think through my responses or maybe I just dont care because I know Im right.
"What do I mean? What is wrong with him? Why would any man sit there like a dog and let his girl talk at him like that? In public no less! How can anyone be so demeaning to someone they love? But how can he allow her to act like that and not only allow it but accept it?" Im fuming. "Well she wasn't exactly giving him much option to shut her up. Poor guy, everytime he tried to speak she just cut him off." Sheryl adds sounding so concerned for poor Josh having to go home with Cara. "Option? Everyone has the option to refuse to allow another person to attack them. You know what he should have done? He should have taken her by the arm and brought her out to the parking lot and whipped her pretty little butt.....thats what he should have done.....that would have been a nice option Sheryl."
"She isnt a child Natalie. He cant just spank her or he would go to jail for domestic violence." I laughed again. "Oh he cant? God I wish someone would have sent that 'cant spank your wife' memo to my husband. I would have *never* even contemplated speaking to him like that, in public or not. I would have probably gotten 2 words out of my mouth and the discussion would have been over. Josh needs to stand up for himself and teach Cara a lesson in respect." Sheryl starts to laugh now too and says, "You know, maybe you should email him your thoughts. Serves her right."
One born every minute ;)

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