Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dear Mr. Stalker

Mr. Stalker,

I do not mind that crazy creeps read my blog.....I am not exactly 'normal' myself....well whatever normal is anyway. You know who you are and I hope you listen very carefully to the content of this message to you.

I have gotten all of the 113 emails you have sent to me in the last 2 weeks......first of all, you need a hobby. I have refused to respond to any of the emails but some of your comments and questions had to be addressed. So I am going to attempt to respond in a polite, respectful, good girl fashion because as much as I'd like to verbally assault you for your harassment, I belong to a man who expects appropriate conduct from his little girl and you are certainly not worth me upsetting him over. :)

Question #1: Will you marry me Natalie?
Answer: I'd love to say I am flattered, but I'm not.....I'm a bit weirded out by the question actually and concerned for your sanity. So first of all......N-O......I don't believe I'll ever marry again but just in case I lost my mind & decided to, it is safe to say that you would certainly NOT be the man I chose. NO

Question #2: Can I spank you?
Answer: Do piglets fly? Does the depths of hell routinely have blizzards? Would Gronkowski look good in a floor length satin gown with 6 inch stiletto heels?  NO! There are only 4 men in my life who have ever even been able to swat my bottom playfully one time and live to tell about are not on that list. Of those select men, I have only been truly spanked by those to whom I have belonged. I belong to ONE man.....UNO.....UN.....HANA.....EINS......O-N-E! That one man in my Professor. I am HIS girl....HIS naughty girl....HIS good girl.....His and His alone....period. My bottom, though I'm sure many people would like to spank it or at the very least see it spanked by ONE Professor. My submission is HIS.....he earned it, protects it and deserves it. My bottom is his property and no other man would have a hand left if he smacked it. I hope that clears it up for you.......N-O!

Question #3: Can I be your disciplinarian? I could spank you better than your Professor.
Answer: Just a minute.....let me stop choking on my laughter......okay, I'll answer this now......looks like I am on a streak here......N-O! First of all creepy stalker dude, no one is assigned the title or responsibility of being a is a job (at times a full time job.....sorry Professor :) ) and it is achieved through a lot of hard work and a deep trust. It is earned, not given. As with the answer to question #2......ONE man disciplines me and that one man is my Professor. I am not the kind of girl to run from lap to lap being spanked by every spanko man out there.....sorry, not for me. This is not some sort of game for me, it is an important part of my life. It is a very difficult thing to find a true compatibility in and I am amazed every day at my good fortune....or perhaps pure finding Professor. I do not trust easily and this man earned that trust and inspires me every day to please him through my unquestioned submission to his authority in my life. As for your laughable commentary about you being able to "spank you better than Professor".......I somehow doubt that. A spanko relationship with a discipline base is a very intimate bond. It is as much emotional and psychological as it is physical. I'm also reminded of something my mother used to tell me as a child when I'd over-analyze....."You don't need to fix what is not broken"......I don't need "better" and honestly, I am rather confident that there is NO better. My Disciplinarian is perfect.....for me. He is incredibly skilled in his abilities to correct his little girl. You read my blog enough that you should see the following: Professor & I connected on a level that I had not ever previously experienced.....ever, not even with my husband, The Marine, did I have a connection so solid in this. Everything from the way he looks at me, the way he speaks to me, the way he corrects & spanks me, the way he advises me, his body language, facial expressions, the man's commanding presence, his overwhelming dominance.......EVERYTHING about him speaks to my inner submissive core. It is not possible to improve on perfection. I have what I want, I have what I need and I am damn lucky to have found both in one intelligent, demanding, caring, bestest spanker, Disciplinarian & friend in the whole world, perfectly strict package. I am HIS. So, again, NO crazy stalker man.....the answer is NO.

Question #4: Will you send me a picture Natalie?
Answer: I'm in a generous mood today so I suppose I will give you at least one YES. I will absolutely send you a picture. However, being that you are a crazy, obsessed, stalker freak with no hobbies and unlimited time to flood my inbox with email......I have a feeling that if I sent you a picture of myself, my Professor would likely beat me to death......I'd rather not force him to do ;)  So, yes I will send you a picture......which would you prefer.......a tombstone? a pair of handcuffs? a cyber crimes information booklet? You let me know which picture will work best for you......I obviously have my favorite, but I promised to write this reply as a good girl. :)

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