Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Not Recommended

A few tips to share.......unfortunately for me, I have found out the outcome of these lapses in judgement first being helpful here. When you are in trouble with your Dominant/Top.....Do NOT do the following:

  • Hands on your hips, arms folded over your chest, or any other naturally defensive stance or posturing when you're being lectured.......apparently these dominant men find that unappealing :)
  • Rolling your eyes.......oh and when they catch you doing it, telling them they are blind is not going to help you out any either.
  • Plugging your ears mid-lecture........not smart
  • Throwing your hands back to protect your bottom.......only going to get your thighs swatted
  • Refusing to answer the phone when your Top is calling you
  • Addition to above.....Hanging up on your Top is far worse than not answering at all.......and no matter how hard you try, blaming Verizon is not going to save your ass
  • Flipping your Top off.......unless you do not value your middle finger or your bottom, in which case, have fun
  • Throwing something at your Top.....or kicking something in his direction.....slamming a door in his face......yep, all likely going to result in the same less than enjoyable experience

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