Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Role Play....mmmm :)

Some people outlet their creativity through self expression in the form of a tattoo.......others through art, music, literature or some other means. Mine? Well I am a Spanko so do the math......Naughty Spanko Girl + Creativity = ROLE PLAY! :) 

I'm kind of a control freak so maybe my fondness toward role play spankings is seeded in my need for control. Obviously when I have been naughty and need to be punished I have no control.....well none past admitting my shortcomings and trusting my Disciplinarian to administer a proper punishment. So given the opportunity to make those decisions.......scene, background, implements, dialogue.......yep I'm a happy girl. Whether fun and light-hearted or intense and overwhelming.........a girl can definitely lose herself in a good role play.

I've got some girlfriends whose partner can cover the discipline aspect of a spanking relationship but can not role play any better than a fish can wear heels. Shame really. I'm not sure I could tolerate that. I'm glad at least I wont ever need to test that tolerance. :) The Marine could do it quite well. The Professor.....well he's been a bit preoccupied with disciplining his new naughty we haven't gotten to attempt this yet. Hey Professor.....ANOTHER deterrent for my misbehavior to add to your ever growing list of reasons I should behave. :) 

Other friends who have partners willing to role play but one or both of them cant seem to take it seriously or get into it. I've not ever had the issue of getting into it; but then again, I suppose I may have been lucky with a convincing partner. And Professor......I highly doubt there is any circumstance in which I wouldn't be able to take him seriously. Yep......overwhelming dominance.......and I wouldn't have it any other way! L-O-V-E it! :)  

So haven't yet gotten to play with this one but there is definitely some potential here. He is pretty darn close to a perfect replica of my ultimate fantasy spanker. Yep I can write some amazing roles for this one. Actually, I am not the ONLY one with a control fixation in this relationship ;) I may not need to script him out......I imagine he could create and portray a convincing character all on his own. Now ordinarily I might not allow this and may argue my need to create and control the role play solitarily but something tells me whether in scene or not, I'm not going to be the one determining what is allowed.....and I already know better than to argue with him. So I suppose we will see how this turns out. Who knows.......the man might be remarkably creative all on his own. 

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