Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Sunday, April 1, 2012

SOOO Embarassing


So yesterday I had a punishment spanking session with Professor. Somehow when scheduling this appointment, I either forgot or didnt care, that I had a gynecological procedure today! Less than 24 hours after being spanked good and hard, I was going to be laying half naked on a table being poked and prodded. How did this slip my mind????

So I am completely oblivious laying there making small talk and my doctor says, "Natalie, what happened to your bottom?" I'm still oblivious and say, "Why what do you mean?" She says, "It looks like you got your butt beat." Ok.....that snaps me back to reality. OMG! I have to be turning every shade of red right now and say, "Yep, well there is your answer."

She seems to reassure herself by saying, "Oh, rough sex?" I laugh for a moment and correct her, "Nope, just a spanking." She is perplexed but can not seem to let this go. "God, why? What for?" I'm fighting the urge to laugh now at the concern in her tone of voice. "Well because I deserved it and I needed it." She is speechless. The other physician in the room isnt and chimes in now, more than a bit surprised, "You? Really? I can see for sure how you would deserve it, but I would have never imagined you would accept a spanking." I laugh again, praying someone changes the subject......I mean this situation is already embarrassing enough.....even if I am a nurse and do know these two personally......this is just awkward! He adds a "Wow......just never would have guessed." I laughed and replied, "Learn something new everyday. How bout them Bruins?" :)

Thanks Professor!!!


  1. That is hilarious. Only because it sprt of happened to me, though my dr didn't ask. We had a session about a week before a surgical procedure that would put me out of commission for at least a month, if not longer. He used those lovely pants hangar that the hotel provided as nipple clamps. Needless to say, I had scabs by the time I saw my ob/gyn for my preop appt. When he did the breast exam he paused, looked at, and just shook his head. So glad no questions were asked. Lol


  2. H.S..........I have STILL (more than a year later) not lived this down. My co-workers love to remind me of this....and a few have asked for his number. Lol. :) Love it