Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Are You Kidding Me???


Okay so I am in Wal-Mart with my almost 4yr old son today and he sees other kids throwing tantrums to get their way and their ignorant parents (who BTW shouldn't have ever been allowed to reproduce in the first place) are totally feeding into this nonsense and rewarding their bratty behavior. So, seeing the success, my son decides he will too, be a brat in public. Ummm.....NOPE.....Not gonna happen kid.

I tell him to knock it off, he continues. I use his full name, he pauses but continues. After the third time, I'm fed up and swat his butt.....he knocks it off and starts to behave like a civilized child. This woman, who by the way has her brat cursing her in public, scolds me!!! She tells me I am lucky someone hasn't called the police on me!!! Are you freaking kidding me??? I tell her, "Go ahead. It's not illegal to spank your child, it is illegal to beat them. And if it were illegal to smack his butt.....I'd rather go to jail for spanking him than have him go to jail because I didn't."

The tone of my voice and look on my face would have told most people they weren't going to win this argument......but not this woman. I'll give her props for courage.....remember my comment about IGNORANT parents?? Yep, this one falls into that category. She snaps back at me, "Well you can't just beat your kid in a store." Now......ordinarily I would have lost it and attacked this idiot verbally.......but.......luckily for HER.....just 4 days ago I had a session with Professor. A punishment spanking session.......a very thorough session and my bottom is still tender enough to make me think twice. So I smiled at her and walked away.......thinking the entire time "Beat????? Are you kidding me????? I swatted him once! If that is being beaten, good God you should have seen what happened to my poor bottom Friday!!!"  :)

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