Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Sunday, April 1, 2012


As with most naughty girl Spanko's.....I've felt a variety of implements applied to my bared bottom. Each with an individual sensation, sound effect, after-burn. Asked by some readers to 'rank' them, I've decided to list and elaborate on my thoughts on a number of them. Feel free to comment on any or all of them.

1.) Hand---Obviously the most personal and always available when the need arises :) The hand is probably my favorite implement for beginning and ending a session. Though obviously not enough to do the job itself when punishment is the occasion, it is especially dear to my heart during those spankings. The skin to skin contact combined with the closeness of the typical OTK position used with the hand, helps me to feel close to my Disciplinarian and very much loved & cared for when I am being disciplined.

2.) Belt---This one is BY FAR the most psychologically effective for me. Whether it is the sight of it constantly around the waist of the dominant man in charge of my discipline, the knowledge accompanying that sight that it is always available, or the dreadful sound of it clearing belt loops at record-speed and being doubled-up and/or snapped before its use.......BY FAR the most effective psychologically.........and since both of my Disciplinarians have possessed well-worn, thick, leather belts with the sole purpose of punishing my naughty bottom......quite effective physically as well.

3.) Hairbrush---Perfect domestic implement that is always available and travels easily. :) I had actually broken my last one that was used with my Marine.......and just recently, a friend of mine gave my Professor & I a gift that just so happened to be a new heavy wooden hairbrush.......ironically named:The Enforcer. Yep.....a Spanko definitely named that brush. Oh and as for my friend.......yep, payback is a b%tch! :)

4.) Switch---Living in New England, these darn things are ALWAYS close at hand.......and unfortunately, close at bottom. I *hate* having to cut and/or clean my own and most often will select the puniest little switch I can find.......though that always seems to backfire on me. Apparently a naughty girl selecting a tiny switch is 'defiance'......I've argued that is not The Webster Dictionary's definition of defiance but that has never worked out well either. Perhaps my Professor will appreciate that argument since he is an academic. ;) I'll update on how this works out for me.

5.) Bathbrush---Ughhh. These implements SUCK. Solid, heavy, polished wood that packs an enormous punch. You want sting??? Get a bathbrush and then start regretting the purchase.

6.) Cane---Amazing how something so light can cause such an intense burn. If applied correctly, these little whippy implements can make for one very sorry little girl in just a dozen or so well-placed strokes.

7.) Paddles---Ouch! It doesnt seem to particularly matter for me whether it is a small paddle or a large one.....whether it has holes or not.....whether it is oak, or maple, or cedar, or bamboo......this implement immediately tells me my Disciplinarian means business and I'm not going to be sitting very comfortably after he is done with my bottom.

8.) Wooden Spoon---Have a few of these too and ought to throw them in the next fire. These little things are absolutely unforgiving on unprotected sit-spots and can make even a stubborn girl wiggle and squirm under its quick, stinging swats.

9.) Straps---Heavier than their belt siblings and equally as effective. Dependent on the thickness and the material (leather or rubber) these guys can apply anything from a sting to a deep ache. Regardless, they catch my attention very quickly and leave my bottom very tender.

10.) Rubber Implements---The paddles are miserable little implements that cause an immediate burn that lingers......thankfully I fed the paddle to the pups. :) The above at #9. The one rubber implement I hate the most is the double-looped rubber strap that I acquired many years ago from an online friend. This thing is absolutely unforgiving and by far the most physically painful. It causes an intense burn that only seems to radiate and immediately will raise welts on unprotected skin all while emitting nothing more than a barely-audible popping sound. *Hate* it and if a line is drawn with the implication that crossing it will earn me this implement, I'll do anything I can to avoid a lesson with it.

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