Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Exactly What This Naughty Girl Did

And that is exactly what this naughty little girl did.
I've been out of sorts lately. Stressed. Angry without a credible target, per se. I saw my Daddy for a punishment session just 2 weeks ago but my mood has sucked since 4 days after that spanking and I just needed another. Daddy discovered a few things he decided I deserved to be punished for, I disagreed. I simply wanted an intense "just because" spanking.
We arranged to get together this past Friday and my wonderful Daddy even gave me the option to choose: be spanked just because or be spanked for the new offenses he added to my Punishment List. He knew the answer before asking the question; I truly believe he just wanted to hear me say it since he had given me several days to contemplate my predicament.
I *wanted* a "just because" spanking, but I *needed* and *deserved* a punishment spanking. I'm not the kind of girl to avoid consequences, whether or not I agree with them, within my D/s relationship. He knew, given the option to choose, I would ask to be punished so there were no unresolved issues between the two of us.
And that is exactly what this naughty little girl did.
I stood quietly in the corner, lost deep in thought, contemplating whether or not I truly felt this punishment was warranted. And before even the first of many, many harsh swats found their mark...I agreed with my Daddy that I did in deed deserve to be punished. I apologized for my misbehavior and I asked him to punish me. He held my glance for several moments, searching my eyes for sincerity and his handsome face softened into a smile momentarily. He was proud of his little girl. Not long after, his jaw tightened, his eyes darkened and he went back to focusing on the task at hand...punishing his errant little girl.
It may not have been the spanking I initially wanted but it absolutely was the spanking that I needed and the spanking that I deserved. And at the end of the day, as I drifted off to the first restful sleep in days, I slowly traced my fingertips across my fresh welts and smiled...this man rocks my world.

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