Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Halloween Musings

October 17th, 2015

Two weeks from today and it is Halloween already!

Where did the year go?

The holiday season is quickly approaching, whether we like it or not. Ughh.

I am ignoring the looming fat elf and his materialistically-driven holiday.....for now.....because long before I put up the tree, I must decide what to be for Halloween. :)  

Now, shopping in the brick and mortar stores, as well as online, I can see there is no shortage of ideas. But now I must decide which route to go this year. Oh the possibilities. :)

There are the traditional, Halloween-esque costumes:

The witch is always a favorite. But I have been a witch before, I need something different this year. Besides, I don't want to be wearing the same costume as thousands of other women. I like standing out.
Then there is the very Halloween-like black cat! I am loving the tail and the thigh-highs, but perhaps I might get cold trick-or-treating in this costume in New England? Hmmm.
Naturally there are the super-hero/heroine costumes to choose from as well. Only if history has taught me anything, it is to never wear a cape and pretend to have super-powers on a holiday you intend to drink on. Bad things happen.......I.E. thinking you truly can fly.
Next, please!
Occupation inspired costumes are kind of cute. Which shall I choose this year?
I could always go the realistic route and select a naughty doctor/nurse costume. :)  I mean I do love my profession, and I never get to wear something this umm cute to work. Hmmm, then again, Halloween is for pretending to be something you are not. Time to shelf this idea.
Ooh la la. A French maid is another great idea. And, I can even speak the language! :) I would insist on a higher heel with this costume, but it is definitely a contender.

Freeze! Oh yes, I could definitely do the naughty police officer and I already have the boots in my closet! I have a penchant for control and for handcuffs. And authority turns me on. :) Oh wait, never mind, this is all backwards. I don't want to be the one cuffing someone else. Hmmmmmm.
Next please!
Ahh the traditionally 'good girl' costumes, with a little naughty flare!
Ding dong! Cookies anyone? I could totally rock those knee socks! Who doesn't love a cute, naughty, impish, little girl scout?!  :)
Now this is right up my alley! Love, love, love those thigh-high tights, the heels and the impossibly short skirt. Daddy would love this! Only one problem with this one.......I am no angel (and my Daddy Dom has this whole honesty rule). See Mr. Dom man, you are ruining my costume pool.....and you would have loved this outfit as much as I do! Hmph!
Now this one is sure to be a Daddy Dom favorite! And I have just the perfect skirt for this outfit! I think we may have a winner here. The naughty school girl.
Only one question left:
What lesson will we be learning today, Professor?

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  1. Obviously, darling, the lesson will be how to stay warm in that outfit in New England. At least, I suppose part of you will be warm.