Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Caught Skipping School (Part #7...After-thoughts)

Finally finished the series of stories from this role play.

My disciplinarian....Professor and I had been planning a double-role play with another brat for some time and my girlfriend Kristina (whom I get in plenty of real life trouble with) was a natural fit. Kristina actually put together this role play......making sure to include offenses similar to real-life things we have driven Professor crazy with (sassing cops, speeding, drinking, etc). So in a way.....though it was a role play.....Professor finally got his shot at Kristina's naughty bottom for all the real naughtiness we have put him through.

This was actually my *first* time being able to role play with Professor at all. We usually get together once or twice a month.....but I'm typically naughty enough that our meetings are used to address real life offenses and are therefor punishment sessions. So this was nice.....playing with him. And as I had long known......he is amazing and very convincing in scene. I enjoyed getting to play with him......a lot. :) The spankings were still hard but I kind of like that when the real emotional baggage & guilt isn't involved.

Perfect way to spend an afternoon....draped across my father's lap, being soundly spanked. :) Ah.....bliss. :)

Kristina and I actually did in deed skip school together quite a bit when we were teenagers. :) So this role play was a piece of cake as far as staying in our roles.

And I can quite confidently say that if I had Professor as my father back then.......*if* Kristina and I *ever* skipped wouldn't have happened more than once......and we sure as hell wouldn't have been hanging out at *my* house if we did. :)

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