Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Only ONE

I've been thinking.....well about a lot of things, but specific to this post........Rules. 

Just about every D/s relationship has a list of rules, agreed upon by both parties, for a myriad of reasons. Professor and I, also have a list of rules to govern my behavior. Ours is far shorter than most, as my Disciplinarian is not a micro-manager. Whether I am home and in bed at 10pm or 3am, Professor doesn't have a preference. My rules are relatively simple.......until I break them, then not so simple. What I mean is that Professor's rules like "do what you know is right" is not at all specific, and easily applies to just about every decision I could possibly make. I have always liked this part of our relationship......the simplicity of the rules. 

Professor hasn't had to sit and think of every possible offense under every dreamable circumstance to make my rules for me. Having a rule for something I wouldn't do in the first place would be unnecessary. I can assure you that Professor has never had to tell me, "do not rob a bank" or "do not start smoking crack"......he knows better and so do I. 

Anyway, thinking today about what a waste of time it would be to make unnecessary rules.......I wondered if actually, any more than one rule is necessary? I am not at all saying that the handful of rules Professor has set are useless.......I am just wondering if the specificity is necessary at all? A lot of my rules are probably different ways of all saying the same thing. I wonder if just one rule would be a better operating base for us. I know what Professor expects from all times and in all situations......the mans voice is inside of my head.......quite literally. So maybe exchanging our short rule list for just one simple rule would be a more efficient solution.

Be honest, respectful and obedient to your Disciplinarian.  

One simple rule........but I can not for the life of me think of any possible circumstance in which is wouldn't apply. It simply covers everything.......every interaction, every decision, every situation......everything. I have been Professor's girl for a whole year now so his expectations of me are crystal clear. Maybe the only rule I need is this one. It would certainly still encompass all of our specific rules because those are things I see as expectations of his and thus following them would be obedient.'s certainly enough to make a girl think. I haven't yet mentioned this to Professor.....but I think I might. Thoughts ladies??

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  1. Natalie, if you adopted "do what's right" as your only rule, could you cut your hair? I'm sure that the Professor would agree that there is nothing inherently wrong with a hair cut. And since you know he likes your hair long, you will likely keep wearing it long. But that is not really the issue, the issue is would a haircut constitute disobedience?

    I think the problem with only one rule, is that reasonable people can differ on what's right. Is killing right? It depends on the circumstances. That is why criminal laws make some killings murder with severe penalties, but others, those done in self defense, no crime at all.

    If you really know all that he expects, then whether you call something a specific rule or not, would not seem to matter, in my view. But I think that you only know some of his expectations, because he established rules.

    Micromanaging invites one to try to skirt the rules, I think. If the Professor tells you not to have ice cream for dinner because he wants you to have a healthier diet, you technically would not be violating the rule by eating frozen yogurt, would you? But frozen yogurt is not nutritionally complete, either. On the other hand, were he to tell you to eat more vegetable, candy corn would clearly be disobedient. ;)