Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Daddy Dom

October  2013

When my sister showed me this today, I simply had to share it. I've read it time and again, and am so amazed at how completely true this statement is. 

I had *never* sought out a 'Daddy Dom'.....never. Ageplay isn't my thing and I just assumed that as a grown woman, I didn't need a 'Daddy.' It is something I had never had in my life anyway, a father; and I figured if I had made it to 26 without one, then I certainly didn't need one now. Right? 

When I met the man I now very endearingly refer to as my Daddy, I sought simply a disciplinarian. I am a spanko girl and craved that need to again be met. I also realized that I had several aspects of my life and bad habits that I truly needed and wanted to change but I lacked the self discipline to make those changes on my own. I knew I needed a strict, unwavering man to set boundaries for me, hold me accountable and harshly punish me with tangible consequences when I fell short. I wanted, needed and sought a disciplinarian. 

I had hoped that if I found such a man, that he would become a friend over time. And in my greedy little mind, I hoped he was a naturally Dominant man who would not only spank me but could also captivate me with an amazing mindfuck because I have a submissive streak inside of me that longed to relinquish control & power to a capable man. In my life I wear many hats & in most every facet of life I am the one in absolute control......but the freedom that I crave, lies in complete power exchange. Developing the level of trust required for power exchange is no easy feat, so I didn't hold my breath thinking I'd find that connection. 

Enter February 2012. By chance I found a man that at first glance seemed to fit the bill of what I was seeking in a partner for D/s and discipline spanking.

Professor met every single one of the 'wants' on my wish list. He very quickly earned my respect, my trust and my absolute submission. He became a very close friend to me. As time went on, I grew even closer to him and truly admired the man for everything he was, everything he was not and everything he was helping me to become. He made me happy on a level I hadn't ever experienced before. He met needs that I either had never consciously realized I had or perhaps had just refused to accept I had. 

I had never had a father. And insisted I never needed or wanted one. But as our relationship continued to strengthen, it began to morph into what we have now. I realized that I did and do need a father. The little girl inside of me longed for a Daddy. The guidance, the discipline, the support, the genuine care, the unconditional love. I *needed* a Daddy and I had found him in the man entrusted with my discipline; my Professor *is* my Daddy. 

I have had prior D/s or spanking relationships; but I had never experienced the depth of connection with a partner that I have with my Daddy. Some prior spanking partners & I still talk to one another as friends, but our relationships were never at the level of intimacy, openness and true love that I have now with my Daddy Dom. It is hard to explain but I have come to love this man on a level I could never have dreamed possible. In every way aside from biology, this man is my Daddy and I am *His* little girl....and I love that. 

I had never sought out or even contemplated having a 'Daddy Dom'. I've had some satisfying spanking relationships before; but nothing that could compare to this level of intimacy, trust, compatibility, respect, adoration & love. Our dynamic is absolutely phenomenal. 

I am now a very happy & very well-spanked Daddy's girl.......and I wouldn't change that for anything in the world.......I am incredibly happy belonging to my Daddy........Forever!

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